New Year Eve 2012 UFO Sightings : Global Report


January 1, 2012They lingered for a while then seemed to fade away. That was the craziest thing I have ever seen…then to Google UFO new years eve 2012…and find this site where what I saw was also seen all over the world…It just puts it into stone for me that we are not alone. And that’s exciting! Maybe we have hope to get off this planet if we can learn to get along and stop wasting resources!!2012 UFO in Melbourne sky overlooking the Firework of New Year 2012 

2012 UFO in the first seconds of 2012 over Roumania sky

UFO New Years 2012 Hollywood Florida

UFO Descends Over Taipei, Taiwan Fireworks Reader UFO Sighting Reports:

Washington DC, USA
I saw 3 bright orange orbs in a triangle position about 12:10am new years in Washington DC.Houston, TX, USA
We had a party of five out on our patio when an object started spinning and zipping around in Houston, TX within 20 minutes of midnight 2012. It had about 6 lights in the shape of a large circle. The lights were changing colors from blue, green, gold, white, red. It also had a spotlight that had a cone of light shooting out from it about 20 feet. It was staying in one place and spinning around left to right and then would spin up and down and every which way. I thought it was something remote controlled but it went up to the clouds and hovered there as well and back down and would go back and forth from one area to another in the distance very fast. I’ve been living here with this view for almost 3 years and never seen anything like this here or in my life. We had also grabbed a pair of binoculars and I decided to quickly grab my 8″ Dob scope and was following this object with my viewfinder. I couldn’t see anything in the middle of this round shape of lights. It obviously was dark outside but we also have a lot of light pollution. I couldn’t see anything between the round large lights that were changing colors. I tried searching online for a remote controlled UFO type vehicle and nothing compares to this amazing thing we were seeing flying around. It was out for several minutes and then left and came back again for several minutes shortly after disappearing down the horizon. It didn’t come back even after midnight and we were out there till around 2am. My girlfriend called one of her friends who also witnessed it and they were amazed and video recorded it as well so I’m looking forward to seeing that video now. I’ve been searching online to see if anyone saw this object last night as well. So far nothing but I see that many others around the world saw orbs and UFO’s in the sky.Athens, Texas, USA
I saw the same thing in Athens, Texas at approximately 11:40 pm on 12/31/2011. There was a very large red/orange orb that traveled from approximately North/Northwest to South/Southeast. It had no flashing lights on it and no tail. It addition, another light followed it and then seemed to be traveling straight up.

Texas, USA
Yes i saw the same thing in Texas around midnigh.

Abita Springs , Louisiana, USA
We had a group of about 15 people who saw 2 round orange objects flying south to north at about 12:45 am . These two objects looked as though they were following each other . We caught only 1 pic of it . This was in Abita Springs , Louisiana . About 45 from New Orleans .
New Orleans, USA
We seen the same thing around 11:30 central time right outside of New Orleans! It was crazy!!

Scottsdale, Az, USA
We just saw an object in Scottsdale, Az. Blue tail . A meteor? A ufo ? A comet ?
passing in the north from east to west,moving really fast!

Apache Junction, AZ , USA
Last night at about 8-8:30 in Apache Junction, AZ , USA , my mom, daughter, granddaughter &my self saw a ‘rocket-like missile type? It went across half the east sky for about 20 seconds then just disappeared. Left us speech-less.

Scottsdale, AZ, USA
To the people in Scottsdale, AZ. I’m in Apache Junction and we saw it too. It was right over Superstion Mountain, It was Blue, white and red with a tail behind it, just like you said, a comet? missile? rocket?, we did not know what, but it went a good mile across then just disparate?

Broward county, Florida, USA
I saw it over broward county Florida Jan 1 2012….!

Broward County Florida
I saw the orange orbs in Broward County Florida. I was driving home at 10:30pm (Jan 1st 2012) on I-75 north towards Miramar parkway. It was about 5-6 of these orbs, I pulled over and saw them fly over my SUV then disappeared.

Broward County, Florida, USA
1/1/12 @ 12:15 a.m. 20 to 30 orange orbs in a line following same path. Silently and slowly they traveled SW and disappeared. Broward County Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA
Last night at about 10pm at St. Pete Beach, about 5 of us saw a bright red (changed to purple, back to red) object toward the east, almost directly overhead. It was about the size of a visible planet and was perfectly still for 1-2 minutes while we all pointed and looked, wondering what it could be. Definitely not an airplane or such. Someone pulled out the sky-map app on their phone & when we pointed it at the sky, the orb was gone. Nobody witnessed it disappear, it was just gone!!!

Burlington, Vermont
At around 12:15am I saw 2 orange orbs moving northwards from Burlington VT

Seattle, USA
Just saw the same thing in Seattle!! at approx 12:01am not a plane , not fireworks, not a helicopter but it was followed by one.

Beaverton, Oregon
Holy Shit we just saw what looked like 5 of these at midnight in Beaverton Or! Happy New Year!

Georgia, USA
In Georgia we saw 6 of the orange-red orbs spaced out from 8 to midnight, going up all in the same direction. Two at first around 8 then 4 more a few minutes after midnight.

Chicago, USA
Saw orange orb in Chicago last night at approximately 12:10am, just like videos

North Carolina, USA
I saw the same thing about 12:30am… I live in north Carolina… I saw three different aircraft’s… They looked as if they were coming up from the ground into the sky… Looked as if they was a triangle shape… Each one had three orange orb looking lights around it… each one came up slowly turned in the sky and kinda did this hover thing and it looked as if they faded away into the sky… I know wt i saw and it was simply amazing…

Salem Oregon, USA
My friends and I saw 5 objects in the sky in Salem Oregon on Jan 1 2012 at about 12:45 a.m. Really, they were lights in the sky, maintaining altitude and distance from each other. We watched for 3-5 min. Each faded away at different times while maintaining the “flight path”.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Shortly after 12:00 am 1-1-2012 my neighbor knocked on my door and said “Come out here you got to see this.” There was an orange-ish – red light with what appeared as a solid mass moving south bound (coming from the north) Then it just stopped slightly north of where we were standing. We just stood there in awe wondering what the hell it was then it started moving north (slowly), then upwardly at a much higher speed till it vanished. Have no explanation for what it was but it was the most convincing thing as to a UFO I have ever seen. Salt Lake City, Utah

Northern Nevada, USA
We saw the same orange/red orbs last night around 8:30pm here in Northern Nevada. At one point there were five in the sky at the same time and then they kept coming up big and fast from the same spot on the southeastern horizon and headed east til they disappeared. Went on for at least an hour.

Cleveland Ohio, USA
I saw one in the SW sky over Cleveland Ohio area all evening after the new year began. I wasn’t paying much attention to the sky before then, but I was at work and watched it very slowly move away. This happened in 2010 over Lake Erie. The lights were here for 9 straight days. The first day it was just one, then more gathered over the days. I plan to return tonight and see if it’s there again.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
SLC Utah, noticed about 11:55pm, red orange orb in the sky, we had been drinking, and at first thought it was mars, then it started moving, seemed to be ”emitting” small red/orange lights that would fade, before it vanished.. Not a firework, not a plane, not a copter, almost identical in color to the Hollywood Florida video.. krassy!!

New Orleans, USA
Saw about a dozen lights at about midnight on New years of 2012 over New Orleans. All in the same path but a few shifted from side to side then back to follow the others.

Hilo, Hawaii
At 10:10pm, pacific standard time, my daughter and I saw two moving objects, orange-red in color, triangular in shape, in Hilo, Hawaii, traveling South-West.

Kauai, Hawaii
We saw about two dozen of them flying in front of the moon on Kauai, Hawaii at 12:01 am, 1/1/12…

Oahu, Hawaii
Me and my husband counted 31 of the same things at 12:01 am 1/1/12! All during the fireworks coming from the mountains of Oahu, Hawaii. Very weird because they would move slow then fast up then down like playing tag with each sometime, Then just vanish.

Butler Pennsylvania, USA
Happy New Year! As we were setting off some little fireworks at perhaps 12:05AM, my wife spotted 2 gold lights crossing over Butler Pennsylvania, South to North. I said “I see them”, but it was 2 different ones. So 4 total, following each other in a line South to North, in 2 sets of 2. The first 2 simply vanished together. Then the 3rd. And then the 4th faded out slowly. Low heavy cloud cover so they couldn’t have been at high altitude and perhaps disappeared into them. No noise. Single non-flashing lights, so not small planes.

McHenry, Mississippi, USA
I was at my cousin house shooting fireworks in mchenry Mississippi and at the stoke of midnight in the far north east sky there where 3 strange orange orbs traveling in the sky in a triangle form one looked like it vanished in the distance then the other two lined up and disappeared in the same place as the first one i am glad to see i am not the only one who saw this there was 3 other people with me who saw this it was real i don’t know of any fire work the lasts for minutes contact me at i have never really believed in stuff like this and that freaked me out

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
45 min west of Atlanta, Georgia around 9 PM two friends and I witnessed an orange pulsating orb floating silently through the air. Other locals say they saw multiple orbs around midnight.

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
We live just outside Birmingham, AL and just after Midnight Central time on year’s we saw a rather large orange glowing light to the Southeast of our location. When first seeing it I thought it was a military flare that float slowly to the groung, but this object moved in straight line across the sky like an aircraft. It moved slowly across the sky to the Northeast and appeared to get smaller and smaller as it moved away from us until it disappeared in the distance.

North of Portland, USA
My daughter, my friend and I saw the exact same thing as the Florida video about 20 miles north of Portland OR in Washington state at about 9:40 pm on New Year’s Eve. The pair appeared to be hovering and were very bright & amber colored. They began to drift apart and fade the one on the left disappeared first. Maybe by gaining altitude as they seemed to travel away. The entire experience was about 30-40 seconds.

Sydney, Australia
I’m from Australia and today at 4am in the morning new years eve day in Sydney outer west we both witnessed a yellow/orange orb there was no sound at all. It move across the sky and disappeared then reappeared at another location we watched it till we could see it no more. Ive never doubted there could be something out there but ive never been a UFO fan but after what i and my brother saw was no plane I’ve watched all these videos and scary thing is that orb seen in USA look exact same. I will be staying up till 4am next new year and see if i can see it again. Ive got a theory as why so many i believe because of the new year think how many people were out n about across the world. Oh and i and my brother we straight when we see it.Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia, between 12 to 12:05. Watching the new years fireworks, i look s/sw my wife and i spot this massive orange orb, with feint touches of flashing green. it flies silently n/ne over us. large but silent.. stops. then flies directly upward toward the Orion constellation.. it eventually looked like a star, to fathom how high in the atmosphere it traveled.Busselton WA, Australia
Last night (31/12/2011) at approximately 2300 I was at a pub in Busselton WA Australia when I saw a bright object in the sky (high in the eastern arc of the sky) traveling a north/north-westerly direction. It was solid orange in colour and appeared to have a small tail, making the object appear as a ‘Teardrop’ shape. Its movement and speed was consistent with an aircraft at altitude, yet the colour and size of the object leads me to believe this was not an aircraft. Does anyone know if the ISS was visible from Western Australia last night? Has anyone read anything on similar sightings on the same date or saw something similar themselves?

Newcastle, NSW, Australia
2 red orbs, the same seen in the footage from florida. viewed looking south from Newcastle, NSW, Australia around 1am.

South Australia
I have been watching white orbs fly across the sky almost every night for weeks. They have sometimes been accompanied by very bright flashes. I am in South Australia

Yorke Peninsula – South Australia
New years eve – York Peninsula Sth Aust, between 11pm – 11.30pm 2 of us saw what can only be described as a flashing light similar to a photo flash . It was just under Orion’s belt and to the left a little. It started as a brilliant white flash every 45 seconds or so and by the 12th flash was dimmer and more of an orange/red color. It flashed a total of 12 times (that I saw) and in exactly the same position.

I’m from west Romania and right at 00:00 i saw 2 orange bright points, very strange!Romania
I’ve seen the ones over the Romanian sky last night as well : CristinaNetherlands
O my god i also saw an orange orb i thought it was firework. But it stood there for 30 minutes.


I saw the same thing last night in Sweden, saw over 200 passing by at the same direction. Got it on tape.


And I saw three to four ones with my dad in the car, driving through the Northern parts of Sweden, Europe, last night; a few minutes past the New Year Shift (00:00/12:00AM).

Hi. I’m from the Netherlands. I thought i was the only one that saw it. AFTER ALL THE WHOLE WORLD SAW IT. I want to see it from close ;/ and when are they going to make contact? we know now they ar ehere. government must also know by now.

Tijuana, Mexico
I am from Tijuana, Mexico and I also saw the same thing, at 12.40 am Jan 1 2012, they were 6 of them, follow by the same direction, 6 yellow/orange/ red orbs, there was no sound at all, the same seen in the footage from Florida,

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
A group of 9 of us, also saw the strange golden/orange orbs in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Just after midnight on New Years, we witness a group of 3 orbs flying in a straight line. The orbs maintained the space between them and flew in a southwest to northeast direction. We saw them for about 3 or 4 mins, then they appeared to stop and fade away. About 5 mins later we witnessed another orb, flying southeast to northwest. Then a few hours later, at about 2:45 am, we saw another orb flying the same flightpath as the first 3. This orb faded away after a few minutes also. So strange. What’s weird is these orbs were seen all over the world (Canada, Europe, US, Australia etc) at about the same time (midnight on New Years) but with different timezones!
Camrose, Albera, Canada
Saw the same thing here in Camrose, Albera, Canada. at about 12:30am. One large red orb moving from east to west, looked low in the sky, maybe the height of a passenger plane, lasted about 4 mins. This is very interesting indeed, so many sightings.

Unknown, City
Me and my boyfriend saw the same two orange-red orbs last night just after midnight. We were looking up at the fireworks, and we were facing the west. Just under Pluto in the night sky, two red looking lights appeared out of nowhere. They didn’t shoot up into the sky and they were not blinking, there was no sound, but they seemed to stay the same distance apart, and turned at some point as it got closer. The orbs grew farther apart that’s why i think it was getting closer, the orbs were close together when they first appeared in the sky.

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  1. I saw about 8 bright glowing orange balls in st. cloud fla about 7pm they came out of the east flying west then took a turn to the north. They came at intervals except once two flew close together. heard no sound

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