Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 2-March-2012


Laura: Please read all channeled messages with discernment, all messages can be interfered with by the channelers’ mind or by lower dimension entities.

Message channeled by Mike Quinsey


Live each day as it comes, as you never know what to  expect when so many changes are on the verge of taking place. There can be  little doubt that our allies are achieving great progress on many fronts, and  that soon you can look forward to a period of explosive happenings. Already you  are seeing how extensive our probes have been to remove corrupt individuals form  the banking fraternity, and that has not yet finished. So as you can see, not  only has the corruption been uncovered, but also those responsible. Once these  disclosures gather steam, you would be surprised at how many people are coming  forward with more information. The breakthrough has uncovered plots that have  involved trillions of dollars, and the most outrageous and audacious acts to  steal from their rightful owners. We intend that such monies are returned to  them providing they were legally acquired in the first place. Much money that  has been misused has come from the public purse, and in fact astronomical  amounts are involved.


Is it no wonder that  you have been denied sufficient for your needs when it has been diverted to  private accounts, and black operations. We have been putting an end to such  criminal acts so that wars can be considered something of the past, and world  peace declared. To do all of this we must have the backing of the major  governments, but only when they have been purged of those who do not have your  full interests at heart. That is being worked upon and the case against them is  being prepared. It is often a matter of whether each member has been true to  their oath, and regretfully very few have.


So Dear Ones, we  obviously know what is required to push on, but sometimes the task is so big it  does take a great deal of negotiations. When we and our allies strike, you can  be certain that we have covered all of the possibilities and are going to be  successful. For some years we have planned well for this time, and our plentiful  resources will ensure we achieve our goal. One of our biggest assets is our  ability to go wherever we wish without being detected. It means we know the dark  Ones plan, but does not mean we can always interfere. There are Universal Laws  that govern all acts, and we have to observe your right to make your own  freewill decisions. Although that may be hard to understand, that also includes  the dark Ones. What often happens is that you give away your freewill, by not  opposing what they have indicated they are to do. Duality is more of a game than  you imagine, and quite a serious one at that. However, you can now begin to  relax as the cabal and their organization have suffered a great loss of power  due to our actions.


The Light which is  growing all of the time is touching the hearts of more and more souls, and the  awakening is spreading across the world. In every country without exception  people are insisting upon being told the truth, and demanding that their  representatives do so. Excuses or failure to respond is no longer being  accepted, and action is expected. As you have seen already in some countries, it  has resulted in massive demonstrations. The people have spoken and they will be  listened to in future. In fact, politics as you know them now will never return,  as in the New Age those who are of the Light will be identified and appointed  for their allegiance to the Creator and all life.


There will be a more  spiritual approach to all manner of things that affect the quality of life. Even  religion will have to re-appraise its methods and teachings, so that it can been  seen as unscrupulously honest and true to the Light. Many religions have set out  to use their position to have power and control over their followers, and  regretfully used fear to keep them in the fold. The fact is that you do not need  outside help to understand the truth, as it is all held within. However, you  follow your own path and sometimes it takes you to someone who has travelled  further than you have, who can give you guidance. All decisions made by you can  be checked out intuitively, so find a way of being able to take a quite moment  or two to do it. The problem is that sometimes people ignore their intuition if  it does not confirm what they would really like to do.


You will have a lot  to learn in the short space of time left before Ascension. However, it will be  most enjoyable as you absorb the new understanding of the purpose of life, and  realize that it is meant to be a happy and joyful experience. Not only that, you  will move onto a new path that introduces you to what you may expect after you  ascend. It is after all your intent to return to the higher realms, that you  have worked so hard to achieve. It comes quite naturally as it is familiar to  you from the time you travelled through it, to drop into the 3rd. dimension. You  are worthy souls that have proved yourselves powerful, and with the ability to  overcome the darkness.


The Galactic  Federation is so pleased that finally you are getting the evidence of change, in  such a way that there is no denying that it is taking place. With our intent to  allow you to see our craft more frequently, it has eased the suspicion that some  of you have held that we are potential invaders. We have shown for many years  that even when provoked, we are able to deal with it without any aggression or  wanton actions. Our approach has always been in recognition of the sacredness of  life which we honor and worship, as each one is a part of the Creator. The same  applies where the Illuminati are concerned, as for all of their wickedness we  are obliged to see them as souls of Light as everyone else. Their Light may be  dim, but nevertheless it is still possible to grow from that position back to  full Light. Their fate will be decided on Earth, but from a spiritual  perspective, and it means that they will be shown mercy and  compassion.


I am SaLuSa from  Sirius, and as we move into the next phase of your path to Ascension, we feel so  privileged to be the ones who are pledged to ensure you are fully prepared. It  will be a most wonderful time, and you will enjoy freedom such as you have not  really experienced in your present dimension. You do not have much longer living  under the present conditions, and soon you will be amazed at how quickly the  changes will occur. Be bold and be brave and walk your Light in the true love  you hold, and are.


Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Please send blessing of protection and strength to all who may be affected by this. I live in KwaZulu-Natal:

    Cyclone Irina could affect SA

    Phakamile Hlubi | 8 Hour(s) Ago

    The South African Weather Services have warned of a severe tropical storm due to hit Mozambique tonight.

    Cyclone Irina is expected to affect parts of South Africa.

    The storm is expected to cause heavy rain and flash flooding in Mozambique, while also causing torrential rains in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo.

    Earlier this year, six people died and hundreds more were displaced because of a similar storm system.

  2. If you love dolphins, please go and see these incredible pix and the story attached:

    Comment posted by a friend: PLEASE take a few moments to see this. Absolutely AMAZING!!!
    These huge breakers would put the fear of God into most surfers. But when you’re a dolphin, they can only mean one thing: Playtime.
    Gliding effortlessly through the ocean these masters of the ocean made light work of waves up to 25 feet high.
    In pods of up to 400, the creatures crowded into the swell of the water as it broke. And with seemingly little effort they tore through the surf, leaping high in the air as they went.

  3. Sending you much energy to help neutralize the storm Steffie. I really feel for the ones living in shacks near the river. These are the people i would hope the galactics think of first.
    Laura, yes I did meet Yumi in Japan and got married in japan. great and fun country but quite expensive.
    Steffie, awesome Dolphin pictures. I seen a show with them surfing years ago and was simply so amazed. They also surf the wakes of ships gliding in the ocean. Did you ever swim with them in SA. I know you also got a lot of great whites to think about. When I was in Somalia for 2 days on a navy relief mission, the beach was one of the nicest I have seen in my life. White sand with crystal clear water. I often wondered why the Somalians were so poor living right near the ocean with all the fishing commerce but I was told that the war lords control those people through the food supply.
    Well back to work for now.

  4. gunshefski
    March 2, 2012 @ 4:02 pm
    OMG My head is ready to come off of my head. I just spent most of the day inputting invoices and thank god i am done. i could never do a job where you just input certain info into a computer all day, I would go nuts. I only have to do it once a month and the rest of my job I get to use my brain and help people and also solve problems.
    Well, weekend almost here, cant wait to go home, relax and see who made the final cut on american Idol. this show I really like because anyone ever in the music industry knows how hard it is to make it . This show gives the little guy/girl a chance at being a star, gotta love it and most of them have very emotional stories as part of their lives.
    I will set my intention to meet up with all of you on saturday night again, so far no luck for me but who knows.
    Steffie, i sent you a message on the 2012 site. Our south east is getting bombarde with monster tornadoes.
    I remember a tornadoe 2 years ago that actually lifted a 3 month old baby out of her house and she got tossed into the top of a tree. the thing is she did not have a single scratch on her. I know the angels lifted her to safety, no doubt in my mind.
    In New Jersey, we have gotten the most enjoyable winter in a long time. I mean very warm and no snow although I do kind of miss the snow.
    DW gets about the same weather where he is so he knows what I mean.
    Well, my head is starting to drop so I am going out for some air, have a great weekend everyone, and I WILL be in work on monday, i have been a good boy this year so far. God bless you all.
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  5. Laura, thanks for a great laugh and I just had to let you know, that laugh really woke me up, just what I needed as I was starting to feel exhausted. “The man in d basement” You go girl.
    BTW he is Homeless Rich.

  6. Hope everyone is continuing to take in the Positive-Vibrations as Gaia continues to amp up her Chakra centers & Merkaba fields. ~Love the images of the Dolphins… Carpe Noctem LRC Massive :-)

    **Message from the Galactic Federation of Light**
    3/2/12 ~ As channeled through Greg Giles

    A very restricted plan is unfolding whereby our ships of the Galactic Commands will rendezvous with certain members of your societies as well as certain members of your media. You may construe this as ‘landings’, and you may not. The term ‘mass landings’ has been used from time to time by some of you, but what does a ‘mass landing’ signify precisely? We of the Galactic Federation of Light have a great deal of ships orbiting your world at this time and we also have many ships stationed and on patrol throughout this solar system. If we were to land all of our ships or even a large percentage of our ships at one time, this could be perceived as an invasion by those who are yet uninformed of our peaceful intent and by those of you who are allowing the emotion of fear to consume you.

    Our plans in the near future are to work personally with many selected individuals of your world to perform the necessary tasks to prepare your planet for ascension into the higher realms. We would not describe this part of the overall operation as ‘mass landings’, but it will be necessary to direct a number of our ships to ground-level. We do need to rendezvous with those that will be working with us, and we will also be required to navigate some of our ships close to ground-level in order to perform some of the tasks essential for the advancement of your world. Do you see the difference dear ones? Know that when we say to you that we will be working with many of you personally that we mean just that, and nothing or no one will interfere with this plan as it is a necessary step on your way to ascension.

    How many of our ships will be navigating throughout your skies is a question that will be answered in the days ahead, and you will not have to take anyone’s word on this as you will all be able to devise a rough estimate by totaling the number of sightings, and you will also be able to begin to recognize some of our ships according to size and shape as many of our ships are quite distinctive from some of the others.

    How many of you will be working with us is another question that will soon be answered, and we tell you today that we are already making our selections of who we feel would be positive additions to our teams and who have also earned their opportunity. How these opportunities are earned are up to you to answer for yourselves, although we will say to you that our workplace is not very different from many of your working environments in your world, only the nature of some of our work may not be what many of you have ever experienced.

    What a wonderful opportunity for the people of your world to see what we are really all about. They will see that we have family structures such as your own, and how we all work and play together no matter what our race or planetary origins. The people of your world will witness our organization working with you to repair the damages done to your world. How then will anyone be taken seriously any longer when they say that we are of evil intent and cannot be trusted?

    There are many of your world who believe this today, but they shall not believe this for very much longer, and this is one of our many goals. Those of you who will be working with us will share their stories of these experiences. We will allow you to bring back home with you evidence of your time spent with us, and you will be asked to share this evidence to those of your world. This is our disclosure plan, to announce to the people of your world that we are here, that we are a peaceful organization, and that we are only here to help, to assist you in the areas of your world that require care and attention. That is what we do, and that is all we do. We do not conquer, we do not pillage, and it will be soon that no one on your planet will be able to say otherwise and be taken seriously. This will be so.

    We see so many of you doing your best to spread this truth, and we thank you so very much for your hard work and determination. We do see others of your world not only buying into the lies about us, but also making efforts to spread these falsehoods to others. This is your right and your free will choice. We only ask you to learn more about the sources of this information you are spreading about us.
    We ask you to examine why it is you resonate with these fear peddlers, and try to use better your powers of intuition and feel the energy these individuals are giving off. Do they radiate with love? Do you feel that their words can be trusted? Do their messages radiate with truth or deception? Please ask yourself these questions before you take part in the sharing and dissemination of these lies that can be, at certain levels, very detrimental to our mission here and to the people of your world.

    We are not suggesting you follow our instructions or wishes. We wish to make it clear that we honor and respect your right to exercise your free will choice. We are only asking that those of you who choose to take part in this disinformation agenda choose carefully who you wish to trust as a source of your information. We feel that with a certain level of research and background checking, you may be surprised who and what is behind some of these individuals whose words you are accepting as truth and are passing on to others. That is all we ask of you. Is this fair enough dear ones?

    Much of our mission rides on the acceptance of us by certain number of your citizens. We feel we will reach this quota in due time and all of your world will benefit greatly upon this success. We ask you though, how much longer should the people of your world suffer because so many not only continue to buy into the fear-based lies about us, but who also willingly participate in the spreading of this disinformation? How much longer? This is what we ask.

    Allow us to prove to you who we are and what we have come here to do. Do you think you have so much to lose? Do you think you are free today? Do you think the Cabal does not have plans to enslave you? Many of you see clearly that the dark ones are losing their grip on you. What do you think is the cause of this, and why do you feel the Cabal does not implement their plan to completely enslave you? Why are their detainment centers they have built all over the world not being filled with those of the voices of dissent? Why do you think those who are quickly losing their power and control over you sit by idly and watch as this all happens without amassing any resistance? Ask yourself these questions dear ones, and you may begin to see us in a different light, the light we deserve and have earned.

    We wish to share with you what we have, not take. We have the power and the means to take at will if this is what we desired, yet we have undertaken a wide ranging campaign to awaken you and empower you. Why would we do that if we wish to conquer? Those of you helping to spread the lies about us, please ask yourself these questions. This is all we ask, and we thank you for taking the time to make a qualified decision as to which messages you choose to share about us.

    Moving on to recent developments in and around your world, we have turned up the pressure on the remaining space forces of the dark Cabal and we can safely report that their forces are dwindling down quickly in size and the end for their once sizable array of space fighters is soon at hand. As we have made clear on many occasions, we do everything in our power to see that no physical harm comes to those soldiers manning these space fighters and other space related systems, and those taken into custody are removed from this area and relocated to safe zones where they can begin their reeducation programs where the first thing they will learn is the reality of who they were fighting for. As we have said, this comes as quite a surprise to many of them. We also see this information coming as quite a surprise to many of your world as well, and we will back up what we share with you with undeniable evidence, as we possess great technology that can offer irrefutable proof of what we offer as fact.

    Many of you will be quite astonished of the crimes committed against you, and we say to you to look beyond anger and any need for revenge and instead focus on adequate justice and rehabilitation for these souls. Many souls today who are very positive members of their Galactic communities were once aligned with the dark and fought against the forces of light, but there is always an opportunity for one to find their way back to the light and every soul deserves this chance. You are all children of your Creator, and as such all deserve all the guidance and nurturing required to bring you up into the light. We suggest to you that you find a way to allow these lost souls to receive the restructuring that will allow them this chance. There may even be some of you that were given just this opportunity and a chance to find your way back to the path into the light.

    We see the heat beginning to be turned up on the members of the Cabal and we see they now have no place to turn, with no alternatives but complete surrender. No more are they plotting and scheming as now their days are filled with conference calls with legal teams in an attempt to construct some sort of defense when they are inevitably brought before a court of justice. Once a tight brotherhood of criminals devoted to their dark agenda, today they seek to blame one another and offer some of their pawns as scapegoats and patsies.

    Some of these individuals today are attempting to run and to hide from the justice that will surely find them, as we have means to locate them where ever it is they shall try to hide. Each of those who have plotted and schemed against your people will be brought to justice; there will be no other way as their fate has already been chosen by they themselves. These names will be many, and the list will grow as arrests are made. Justice will be had by the people of your world, and you will not have very much longer to begin to witness this for yourselves.

    Turning towards your new financial system, there are many men and women who have been working on your new system tirelessly for months, and for some, even years now. Your old system has already crumbled, it is not crumbling. It is being held up by smoke and mirrors at this time. Your World Bank and the US Federal Reserve are bankrupt. They are not being permitted to pass the worthless pieces of paper they print at will, as these notes have no intrinsic value. They are just paper, nothing more.

    The people of your world have a new system waiting in the wings that will carry you to your ascension. This is the plan, and has been the plan for far longer than many of you may realize at this time. Many dedicated men and women have offer their services towards this new system and much of their labors have been of a strictly volunteer nature. Much appreciation for their efforts is called for, and upon the unveiling of your new system many of these courageous men and women will be made known to you, and they and the story of the creation of your new system will also be made known to you throughout many of your media outlets.
    You can be assured of this. Do not allow yourselves to lose hope for your new system as it is very real do ones, and it is nearly ready for its historical launch.

    Your new system will alleviate many of the inherent flaws and limitations of your old system, namely in the way money is created and circulated. Your new system will supply a currency backed by genuine precious metals, in contrast to your old system that held relatively miniscule amounts of gold reserve. This has been the problem at the center of your economic woes, and will not be a factor in your new system as one hundred percent of your new currency will be backed by real and tangible value. Your new system will relieve the strains that have been unduly placed upon you due to the old system that created wealth for a few out of debt of the many. Your new system will not be based on debt, and will allow every member of your human family to prosper the way your journey has always been intended.

    Upon the launch of your new system, your people will be released from their shackles of debt, and we see great relief and joy sweeping all across your world. This will be a tremendous boost as you head down the home stretch towards your ascension, and we see your collective vibration jumping at the news that your old system is dead and your new system has now been born.

    This day will surely be a most triumphant day for humanity, and will be one of the most significant days in the entire history of your world. This day is coming; you can be assured of this. We ask you to do your part and help this day manifest. Bringing the members of your Cabal to justice is the triggering point of your new system, and we ask you to continue to spread the news of the arrests that will soon be broadcast through your media.

    We have shared with you how important it is that you set the table for this event, as we wish for as many of your world to benefit as greatly as possible from this breaking news. Please do your part to give others some idea of what these proceedings mean to them. This is your task at this time. As we have said, you will not be left looking foolish, as these arrests will happen and already we see related legal proceedings finding their way to the people of your world through many of your media outlets. Other major media outlets will begin their coverage of these events in time as well, and the mass arrests of members of the Cabal will make headlines, you will not have to dig deep to locate this coverage.

    From our vantage point we see all the different areas of our mission proceeding smoothly, and all remains perfectly on schedule. We again thank you, our agents in the field, and we say to you to continue to persevere as you are fastly approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. You do not have long to wait until we can begin working personally with you and this difficult area of your assignment will be finally behind you. You are all doing a truly wonderful job, and we thank each and every one of you for your tremendous efforts and your courage to stand up for what you believe in.

    This is one of the reasons you have been chosen for this assignment, as to act as a Wayshower for your fellow man, as courage and conviction are traits well worth the pursuit to obtain them. It is hoped that many of your brothers and sisters will take notice and respond to this vibration. Continue to do your best and lead by example, as your actions and not words are always the best teacher.

    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

  7. I’ve just heard about all the devastating tornadoes in the US on the news – makes me feel a little silly asking for help from this cyclone, but in their own ways, these things are equally devastating to so many lives… let’s all just send love and healing to the entire planet, especially the areas that are now being purged. Regardless of whether this is man-made, or natural, the effect is the same – our job is to support and assist those Souls who need it, no matter where they may be. Bless you all for the love sent to my area. Namaste ~*❤*~~*❤*~~*❤*~

    She was consulting Soviet KGB on the future timelines, Baba Vanga prophesied: 44th US president would be black and bring crises and he would be “the last one.”

    According to research Vanga’s prophecies are about eighty percent accurate.” She was blessed with supernatural abilities for accurate psychic predictions of the future. Here are some predictions she made:

    Vanga predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, when she said that American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel. Vanga prophesied the perestroika in the USSR, the death of Princess Diana and thousands of happenings in people’s personal life.

    She became very popular in Russia since her prophesy about Kursk became true. Vanga prophesied the sinking of the Kursk submarine, “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.” (1980) And in August 2000 the kursk submarine sank in an accident everyone on board died.

    “Black President election will destroy USA”
    Baba Vanga prophesied even that the 44th US president would be black and he would be “the last one.” She went on, saying that at the time of his stepping into office, there would be a spectacular economic crisis. Everyone will put their hopes in him to end it, but the opposite will happen; he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate.

    Propheses about the future for the world and role of Russia: Video 10:15 http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=Vqrps7JpQS4

  9. Good Morning Cap’n Tyco and Steffiebears. Well, not morning for you two. I think I’ll do some more Astrological forecasting for this month and next – it should prove to be a very interesting time. Wish me luck! Have a great Saturday!

  10. Love & Respect my ‘Sistas of the Light’. Hope you ALL are enjoying you Saturdays & nights. Keep up the good works. 😉

    Check the lyrics LRC…

    “Positively clear
    The people inna di world keep forgetting them past
    so dem gone astray
    So mi bun dem everyday
    Dat dem nuh love, conspiracers a talk and never fail
    Positively clear,
    Di people in di world a lust fi dem top class
    Think yuh are actually there
    Yuh toe yuh guh bruck cause you a snake in da grass

    Mi an di youths a tro one away
    Melchizedek way…”


  11. SaLuSa ~ 5-March-2012

    The good news about the changes cannot be held back for much longer, as it will be seen as too important for the whole world not to share the knowledge. The Internet is alive with information, and more people than ever are coming forward. After months and years of preparation, a sudden push has started a whole series of arrests and resignations, that is sending fear through the ranks of the dark Ones. Having felt that they were safe and beyond reproach, they are shocked to find that they are now vulnerable. There will be no let up until the Illuminati are removed from their positions of power, and that is proceeding with all speed. It is enabling other missions to also move faster, and the way is being opened for the governmental changes to be lined up. It is all part of the continuing collapse of the old system, and no matter what is done to prop it up it will never be the same again.

    You Dear Ones have achieved a most remarkable victory, inasmuch that using the power of thought you have brought the energy into being that has fulfilled them. You have sent out powerful prayers and thoughts calling for an end to the wars that have continually brought countries to their knees. Wars that have killed millions and caused widespread destruction. You let it be known that you have had enough of the violation of Mother Earth, and decimation of the Human Race. With love in your hearts you have caused the changes to come about, and it shows that when you strongly focus on what you want, it is possible to bring about its manifestation.

    Indeed, it is you who have overcome extreme obstacles, that not long ago looked as if they would engulf you and take away your freedom. You have brought the Light and Love back to Earth, and it has become so strong that it has fired the grids around it. Now it acts as your protection, and is your guarantee of a successful conclusion to your journey through duality. Never forget how powerful you are, and by keeping your sights on what it is you desire to create you will do so. In the future you will reach a stage when you will experience creation instantaneously. However, by then you will have reached a higher dimension and your thoughts will only center upon all that is pure. As individuals you may not be so aware of your present creative powers, but as the Human Race it is you who are continually creating and re-creating your reality. With nothing else but the energy of love, you have overcome all that the dark Ones have done to keep you in their control.

    You are in transition throwing off the energies that will have no place in your future, and are rising up out of the morass of the old vibrations that have held back. Now you can feel the beautiful energy that is replacing them, and it is carrying you along on a tidal wave of happiness. Not only will you gain your freedom, but be free to enjoy all of God’s gifts as it was originally intended. Everything in its perfect state will be enjoyed and appreciated, and understood to be part of the whole. All will interact in a joyous harmony that will seem to last for an eternity. It is what you will come to recognize as your true home and state of being.

    At times when you bring your consciousness back to Earth it seems cold and unwelcoming, but your time is nearly up and you can begin to relax. You are now so close to leaving duality behind, after nearly having been pulled into the depths of the darkness that has existed upon Earth. It is quite an achievement to have gone through it safely, and as you might say “come out of the other end” Now that your level of consciousness has grown, your thoughts and feelings will be centered more on all that is in balance and harmony. That will allow lesser ones to fade away, and in time they will be completely forgotten. However, you are soon to learn the truth of how you have been mislead and misused for millennia of time. Your thoughts will be occupied for a time pondering the reasons, but you will soon forget those periods in your lives.

    The acknowledgement of us and our craft continues to grow, and additional proof is hardly required except for those who remain skeptics. Our involvement in your evolution is also being acknowledged, and it makes disclosure the final piece in the jigsaw of life. That will have to come so as to allow our relationship with you to blossom. We have much to do together, but beyond individual contact we cannot do more until we get official recognition. Then things will really take off and our presence will become quite commonplace. We look forward to those days that will be exciting and fulfilling. The secrets of space will open up to you, and many of you shall join us for wonderful trips in your solar system. You are after all every bit as much Space Beings as we are, except you have been led to believe otherwise.

    As your Space technology has leapt forward and the horizons pushed further afield, so your understanding of other worlds has opened up and the possibility of endless life forms has grown. You have outlived the idea that you were the only intelligent life in your part of the Universe. Quite correctly you are beginning to believe that it is in fact teeming with life, and you have yet to include the other dimensions. As many of you know much of our space travels are through inter-dimensional black holes, and that is why distance presents no problems to us. For some that idea has not been accepted, but that will change when we appear to you on Earth. In time you will become familiar with our faces that are very human in appearance, as we have much to do in addressing you on many subjects.

    A few weeks in your present time will see so much transpire that you will need to be alert, and we of the Galactic Federation are in the forefront of it. We work very closely with our allies, who have been very successful of late in speeding up the action. We do have targets for concluding each part of our activities, and we hope to make substantial progress over the next two months. At least you are now aware of our successes, and know what has now begun is leading to the eventual end of the Illuminati.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased to share these moments with you.

    Thank you SaLuSa,
    Mike Quinsey

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