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Laura: Update 6 June 2013. This is an interesting short video aired on mainstram tv, where 2 scientists discuss a mermaid filmed in Greenland. A doctor who has previously met mermaids outside South Africa, and who is a doctor confirms the viewing. ENJOY !!! I thought you guys would enjoy to have this confirmed :) I wonder what everybody thinks of this?

Laura: deeply resonating documentary, well worth watching. I had the chills for the entire show ! Highly recommended if you have time to watch. No worries, they speak english! Scientists speaking about them finding mermaid bones, and being stopped by the navy from continuing.. one hour and a half almost but watch small clips from it and last 5 mimutes.. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L !!     

I think for security reasons the scientists here are not themselves, but we are seing actors impersonating them. Also, some of the names of scientists and institutions are not real, for security and employment reasons I guess. This docu was aired on animal planet nevertheless.. so I guess no smoke without fire!

For those of you who are skeptics, here is Homeland security shutting off those NOAA scientists website:


After checking in a little more, as a few people are thinking that this is fiction, here is what I have found on project Avalon:

Here’s the actor who played “Dr. Paul Robertson”:

Here’s the actress who played “Dr. Rebecca Davis” (aka Dr. Becky Davis):

There is no “NOAA Fisheries Dept”, where both the above supposedly worked. There is a NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service within the United States Department of Commerce (note that the word “Department” applies to a much larger, encompassing institution.

I cannot locate a Sr. Stephen Peasall, Smithsonian Institute or a Dr. Rodney Webster, University of South Florida.

I suspect that the disclaimers at the end of this movie are truely stated:

Quote though certain events in this film are fictional
navy sonar tests have been directly
implicated in whale beachings
“The Bloop” is a real phenomenon
there is still debate about what it may be
none of the institutions or agencies that
appear in the film are affiliated or associated with it
in any way, nor have they approved its contents
any similarities in the film to actual persons
living or dead is entirely coincidental

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  2. well its just not that hard to believe that they would exsist… I mean big brother isn’t going to tell you… they hide everything from us.. I live in big foot country.. i know tons of people that have seen including my husband.. and the goverment knows full well there here to… so if the goverment won’t admit it… then there real trust me… just like the ufos all over the place… thousands of siteings… united states and canada are the worst countrys for cover ups… don’t believe the goverments.. or reverse what the goverment says… they hide everything from us.. including poisening are food!!! They don’t want us to know who we are..and check out there link.. homeland security locked it up… How bloody tipical of big brother… (illuminati) its a big picture of why they do these things.. do your research people on ufo’s.. and the lilluminati.. and you will find out the whole big picture…

  3. I can only hope the government is stepping in because they are protecting these creatures. Perhaps its better if we dont know, people would never leave them alone if they knew. Then the religous people would freak out and scientists would want to study…eventually they would be dead or in zoo’s..or hunted down as a trophy. I hope they stay hidden. We kill everything we touch.

    • You are right, that’s why I think things like this are real. They would hide it so we don’t get religious people to claim it’s demons or the end of the world. You see things like that every day. The government hides things so we don’t freak out. They do it for the benefits of society

  4. Jennifer Champlin: while i would love to believe so, i doubt that the government would protect them. it is not so much the religious right i fear–they would merely run from us, screaming of demons and evil creatures (for the most part). I fear fundamental atheists who view the Universe as an object, a thing, to be controlled and exploited, and if they cannot profit from it then they destroy it in the name of “science”. I was raised by one of those kinds of people, and it was about as awful as you can imagine. As for the government–they want the populace to think of us as mythical creatures, far less plausible than Bigfoot or UFOs…my belief in UFOs and ghosts and the Bermuda Triangle have not gotten as much verbal poison as my belief in Merfolk. I can only hope that things will change, but i doubt it.

  5. I dated one in college. She swam on the University swimming team.I thought there something fishy about her. She was fun in the water but had a difficult time at the freshmen mixers.She left school under suspicious circumstances.

  6. You guys are silly. It’s been stated they are actors. If it were real they wouldnt be actors but scientists. Also, did you not read the disclaimer? There may be nuggets of truth to the story but just because I caught a fish last summer doesnt mean it was thiiiiiis biiiiiig. I reiterate my intial statement- you guys are silly.

  7. What is the goal of this hoax. To stop navy sonar testing that is thought to harm whales. So they put out all this false bs about mermaids. The first video evidence with the to kids on the beach with the camera phone. The program claims it to be real. Bull. When the kid starts running away the camera is aimed at his feet as he runs. This was no camera phone held in a running kids hand. It was way to stable. If that video is a lie then the hole program is. How can we then believe the rest of there info about whales and sonar. The end does not justify the means.

  8. just shut up and speak the truth, quit going around the bush about things…we can all argue about it. we can all hide things…its time to stop hiding can come out. no one or words can hide for ever, even big brother!

  9. people there is a noaa its called the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and they do have a fisheries department and there the ones that go out when the whales and dolphins become beached because the us navy does test sonic and sonar weapons under water. yes i do believe the us navy covered up things

  10. Even tho the actors represented the actual scientists involved, no official government will admit to its people that they have evidence of an intelligent huminoid lifeform in our oceans. Considering what our kind does to new and old species, I whole heartedly pray that the mermaids stay hidden. Mankind is known to destroy. We kill more species of animals and plants then nature herself does. So much has been lost already. Is it neccessary to loss our only living huminoid relatives? I believe mermaids are out there and I believe that MAN should NOT interfer with their ecology anymore than we already have.

  11. real or not real…doesn’t matter….the message here is that we have no idea what’s in the ocean that we are allowing big business and government to destroy…we the people need to take back our government and earth and oceans

  12. I can not even count how many times that I rolled my eyes during this “documentary”. Most of this program is obviously fiction! The only thing that is real in this program is the beachings. It continually talk about what and how this thing behave, and they have never even been seen. I’m not saying that there can’t be something out there that we don’t know about, but this show is crap!

  13. athiests arent all like that i am atheist and i was deeply touched by this program. it makes perfect sence that actors would play the roles of the real scientists but why lie about it tho? the beginning said that these scientists are being filmed for the first time. or something like that. the story its self is not hard to believe. and the science behind it seems reasonable. the only thing i did not like about the show was when they showed the video of the kid finding the mermaid on the beach. it looked VERY similar to the cg created mermaids in the pretend cut scenes. i doubt the evidence of that particular video. but i do agree that the government hides things from us bc they think they r helping. the truth is that they probably did more harm than good even showing the video. some pple take this stuff so seriously they would try to go find one. and i would hate to think what some pple would do to a mermaid if they ever found one…if these creatures are in fact real they are in danger as long as we kno they exist. like other pple posted humans destroy everything they touch. even the possibility that mermaids might exist stirs feelings in me of hoping that they can survive. that we do not harm them. that we do not drive them to extenction just like neanderthals. it is truly astounding to learn that mermaids might possibly exist.

  14. Wow Leah, way to group all atheists into one group. In case you didn’t know, an atheist is just a person that does not believe in a deity. That’s like grouping everyone that does not believe in unicorns together in a group and saying if one person does something that the rest must do the same thing.

  15. are you people serious? we basically proved that the documentary was a fake. why would you go on thinking that any of the information provided was valid? heres is some more further food for thought. living creatures went from water to land. our ancestors were land beings, why would they suddenly evolve and adapt themselves to be aquatic creatures when they spent their time hunting on land. you guys are fools

  16. So the suspiscious is not that this is ‘blair witch style’ project but that the disclaimer ‘might’ be true. I read a great review of this piece of theater stating ‘bigfoot was unavailabe for comment.’ I’ve also spent more time laughing at people who are buying into this than I did watching this travesty of a mockumentary. Has no one heard of the origonal War of the Worlds radio broadcast? There were actually gullible idiots out there that packed up their families half-way through the broadcast and started ‘heading for the hills’ in fear of a real martian invasion, never actually making it to the end to hear the disclaimer that it was false. I guess its true, if you dont learn history you are doomed to repeat it; at least in the form of idiocy. Go H. G. Wells! By the way I love how my first comment was not posted as I called people silly? Come on moderators, dont hamper this conversation by stiffling reality.

  17. The fact that the federal government found it necessary to lock up their websites is, in of itself, lending credibility to their claims. I think we, as a population, would be SHOCKED at how many times the department of defense has probably covered up an accident with a new “weapon” they are testing.

  18. I can see how they may actually be real…I believe in God and I am not freaking out….Why do you idiots always think any scientific discovery will drive the “religious” people crazy? You are truly stupid to bring religion into the discussion. I may not believe their theory on the evolution of the “mermaids” because if you go back and watch the program every species of whale, bear etc. etc., everything that now lives in the water was originally a land mammal and everything on land today evolved from a water species.

  19. If you read the TV guide or have satellite and read the info for the program it is blatantly billed as “Science Fiction.” I agree and there is fact that we find new species every single day and there are probably thousands of species yet to be found, but give me a break. If you want to believe something that is billed in black and white as “Science Fiction” then our society is in real trouble.

  20. I am convinced that there are mirmaids living amongst the ocean. And I also believe we might have evolved from them to live on land. People who are skeptics have a right to be but in the documentary, which I personally found rivetting, I thought that it was lagitamite–especially since they did not make them look like characters from “The Little Mirmaid”. Also, if they are real they need to stay hidden. We DO destroy species, so we should not be going out of our way to find this one.

  21. Very cute Mockumentary, although I’m not sure the point of it, however, I wonder if Homeland security will be upset when they realize Discovery created a website and claimed it was operated by NOAA people and then “seized” by Homeland Security? It’s not hard to do a whois search…
    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2011-10-13
    Registration Date…. 2011-10-13
    Expiry Date………. 2012-10-13
    Organisation Name…. Discovery Communications, LLC
    Organisation Address. One Discovery Place
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Silver Spring
    Organisation Address. 20910
    Organisation Address. MD
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

  22. There is a marine mammal endangerment act of 1972 (USA) that would in effect prevent the Navy from using sonar testing if it did damage marine mammals and/or their habitat and environments. If proven that sonar testing was being conducted, then the Navy would be acting against our own laws…hmmm.

  23. I’d just like to make a point that whales evolved from land mammals. There’s scientific proof for that in fossils. So my question now is, why is it so hard to believe that it can’t happen to early humans? I’m not saying that mermaids are definitively real, but there’s always the possibility of it happening. Besides, until the whole ocean is explored (which won’t happen for a while) nothing can be known for sure. New species pop up every now and then. Why is that? It’s because they’ve hidden in the depths of the ocean, in the darkness where our technology cannot reach. So it’s not unreasonable to say that these “mermaids” don’t exist.

    Even if the documentary as a whole is mostly fake, why would they put it up in the first place? Entertainment and ratings is one thing, but I feel like the whole show would be pointless if they provided all these facts and in the end it’s revealed as a fake.

    For example, the thing with the babies and how they can hold their breaths. The layer of fat only dolphins and seals etc, have. Monkeys (our closest relative) cannot do this. If they were of the same branch that humans came from, they would be able to do this. So, if you please, think on that.

    Personally, I’d liked to believe that mermaids existed, because there is a real possibility that they do. There’s some evidence that no other conspiracy has provided. It’d be nice if they do. It would be the one time where accounts of these creatures would be proven right for once. :)

  24. I agree with Luna! If you look at the Properties of the webpage shown as you will find out that the website belongs to Discovery Communications. ( When you Google who is Discovery Communications——–you will find that Voila! It owns………………….you guessed it…………….Animal Planet!! (see in this link: ) I do believe some of the info might be true………..but I think the page on the believeinmermaids site is ficticious. Anyone can make a photo to upload to the site to “appear” like it was shut down by Homeland Security. Do you REALLY think Homeland Security would advertise that they shut down a website??? Not in a million years. I do believe there probably is some aquatic ancestry, perhaps……………but I don’t believe this entire show is true. It’s made to make us think………..about the possibilities……….and increase the ratings for Animal Planet. As it did!!!! So……….great job Animal Planet!! You have us all guessing!

  25. This episode on animal planet was so insulting. I don’t even know where to start with how absurd this all is. Especially the websites that have fake seals on them saying they have been shut down by homeland security… Of course the people who came up with all this nonsense put those messages on their fake websites further perpetraiting their false claims that big brother is hiding their message. Wake up everyone. All the so called Doctors were actors and the physical evidence conveniently was taken by the african government. All there is is a sound bloop. Again, I’m insulted and very disappointed in animal planet for airing this crap for people without common sense to believe in

  26. well i do believe they exist now that ive seen this and it is strange that now u cant find the video. honestly wish for the sake of mermaids the government will stop hiding their existence because if they are on the verge of extinction due to the expanse of human civilization n the things we may do to harm them, we should treat them like any other endangered species n help them to live on like we would any other critter.

  27. It’s a shame that anyone would put this much work into a lie. The reason they do it is because people will watch. Serving up possible fairy tales means that Animal Planet will have better ratings than they did by just talking about Animals. Car companies are trying to sell you crap and they are paying for this program with it. This is why you have mermaids in a “documentary”. If there are mermaids they sure as hell aren’t watching a TV documentary about you at the bottom of the ocean. They’re to busy swimming & hunting to eat Fast food or buy an Ipod. Really what this means is that the general public is reading less and less. Stop watching Television. We are being turned into mindless sitting slaves. Regardless of any truth there may be in it people are starving and dead on the streets outside the house where people watch this shitty program and even now they are still sitting here reading what I am saying. Get out of your house, go for a walk, help people and give a crap about each other. Stop watching TV. Eat your damn vegetables and go camping. Stop reading this response. Get outside and throw a damn ball around with your kids. Stop watching TV, it’s no longer News. Stop watching, The End.

  28. Did anyone not notice how the boy with phone camera was pointing the phone at his feet???
    If you are scared and running away your arms would pumping instead of focuseing on your feet. Enough said.

  29. I’m shaking my head in disbelief at some of you people who think this is real. How stupid can you be? I never believed in evolution but some of you seem to have the same IQ as an ape, unable to use logic, reasoning, common sense, and for the love of god THE DISCLAIMER at the end of the show blatantly exposing this as a mockumentary. I mean really? It’s bad enough that you couldn’t piece together that it wasn’t real by watching the show. Please don’t have kids you are poisoning the gene pool with your, for a lack of a better word, retardedness. YOU ARE DUMB.

  30. Hannah May Schmidt wrote: “People who are skeptics have a right to be but in the documentary, which I personally found rivetting, I thought that it was lagitamite–especially since they did not make them look like characters from “The Little Mirmaid”. ”

    lagitamite? is that pronounced lag-it-ah-mite? you must mean legitimate? so you thought it was legitimate because the mermaids didn’t look like the ones from the little mermaid? How old are you 7? Go back to watching disney cartoons you retard.

    Dustin Hodo wrote: “well i do believe they exist now that ive seen this and it is strange that now u cant find the video. honestly wish for the sake of mermaids the government will stop hiding their existence because if they are on the verge of extinction due to the expanse of human civilization n the things we may do to harm”

    do you just repeat anything you hear? there is no proof of mermaids. Maybe they do exist but this is not a factual documentary, it is a fake and doesn’t prove they exist. You my friend are retarded. How are you still alive, how did you manage to make it this far in life without walking into traffic or falling off a cliff? I am just in shock about how stupid some people are. You people are proof that americans are dumb as shit. We sit in front of the tv and are brainwashed and believe anything that is presented as fact without any critical thinking. Its really a shame. I am speechless. America is going down soon and you people are going to be the reason why cause you are so fucking stupid

    • Dan Lempa everyone has the right to believe what they want. You are rude, and telling people they are retarded. Shame on you! Didn’t your momma teach you “if you aint got nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all!”

  31. The government’s fucking us over big time on everything we do. I’m pretty sure it’s real. Were all here, so how the fuck can’t something else be in the sea? Think about the amazing creatures we encounter each day. You believe them when they say dinosaurs are real so why can’t mermaids be real. Who are you to say their not? How do we have so many drawings from different cultures? People normally draw what the eye see’s…not imagines. The government hides everything from us. I’m not so sure that’s something we should be proud and content with,

  32. Okay, I haven’t made up my mind, so I hope that even you who feel this is all a lie will read what I’m saying here, because I think there are a few things that people have misinterpreted, and I did some checking and can clear up at least a couple of things that seemed like rather heinous lies but now I see are not. Just hang on, please, and let me explain– now, I *did* watch the show all the way through, and I remember what people looked like. If you didn’t, then just bear with me here.

    I think many of you have misunderstood about the scientists’ being portrayed by actors: if you go to the iMDB site provided by Karl (above), you will see that the scientists have actors’ names listed as having portrayed them. BUT if you look at the two who have photos (the one who plays Dr. Brian McCormick and the one who plays Rebecca)– click on their photos and it will take you to their actors’ sites and you can see larger pictures– you will recognize those two as the ones who PLAYED THE SCIENTISTS IN THE RE-ENACTMENTS OF VARIOUS SCENES. The female doesn’t look much at all like the scientist who spoke into the camera, the real Rebecca (whom they don’t identify); the actor listed as portraying Dr Brian McCormick doesn’t look like any of the photos of him, either– but, more to the point, if you watched the whole thing, you’ll remember Dr Robertson’s saying that McCormick did not want to appear in this film (and he does not– he appears only in photos or old films of NOAA or as the actor in the reenactments of PAST events).

    So, we can’t disqualify the film on the basis of the presence of the “actors.” The real scientists were the ones talking into the camera. The actors were the ones in the scenes with the voiceover description of what happened.

    Also, someone interpreted the notice at (that the Homeland Security agency had shut down the site) as being Homeland Security’s notice. It wouldn’t be– it would be the owner of the website’s notice, i.e., whoever owns/operates Thus it would be expected that this person WOULD advertise it if indeed the government had shut down this site, because the scientists want you to know that the government is not allowing them to disseminate the visual evidence.

    If you google images “Dr Paul Robertson NOAA,” you will get a lot of photos (many from the film) and in the first row, you’ll see a studio portrait of a man with a beard– it is labelled with the name of the actor and then “actor who portrayed Dr Paul Robertson in…” But if you look about 3 or 4 rows down from there, you’ll see a closeup photo of the real Dr Paul Robertson, and this man you’ll recognize as the man who did speak to the camera to tell the stories of what happened to him through much of the film.

    So, these things don’t destroy the credibility of the film, at all.

    But I will say that I am still in the middle– what I want to know is whether the things they cited as their “evidence” (the stories about the “Bloop,” about finding the cadaver and bones in the shark’s stomach, about the South African government’s confiscation of all the evidence from those examinations) — whether any of that is made-up. FWIW, there really is a Gavin Dittmar in South Africa who went to the University of Capetown.

    And further– if any of those factual aspects (for exm, Ditmar calls and says, “I have this great white shark…”) are just made up, then I’ll no longer trust this station for ANY thing. There are, to my understanding when I watched it, no clues anywhere among the interviews and scientific descriptions that would reveal that this was a hoax. In a true “mockumentary,” the film lets you know that it can’t possibly be telling you the truth. While many aspects of the film were outrageously amazing, there was nothing (to me) that made me say, “Oh, I get it– this is all a parody of a documentary” (as in *This is Spinal Tap*). I was amazed and in some places not willing yet to believe, but I was not laughing.

    As to the disclaimer at the end– “parts of this program were fictionalized” — I think it could be that this was meant to address those passages in which we were told the “stories” about the aquatic ape’s progression throughout the millennia, and how the creature progressed, what the creature developed next and why, and so on, because all that was sheer conjecture. It is not FACT. So it has to be admitted to be fiction, I would think. Now, my husband and I argued a while this afternoon over whether “a conjecture” is the same thing as “a fiction”– I believe that a conjecture, or at least THESE conjectures (because they were done in the form of narratives, telling us what the creatures ate and thought and felt, etc.), equals fiction; that part was purely “made-up,” because we do not know and cannot know.

    So, I keep coming back to the question of whether or not the scientific “finds” and the examinations, etc., were made up or not. To me, THAT is the major question. If those things truly happened– that the Navy had one of the creatures before it died a few days after they took it away from the beach, for example, or that Gavin Dittmar in South Africa really did find these odd bones and stuff in a great white shark and so called the marine biologists in the US to ask them to look at it– if those things all really happened, it doesn’t matter whether actors or first graders played the scientists on the screen. But if they did NOT happen, then I believe that Animal Planet channel should be explaining itself.

  33. Question is: Why can dolphins get along so well with humans living on lands? What if they have seen and lived with a similar creature like human in the deep sea?

  34. so question why is it that dolphins are one of the few oceanic creatures,besides stingrays that are so friendly to humans? Is it because they are used to these “mermaids” in the ocean??? A thought to ponder….

  35. true @
    j smith.. although i think this was mostly fictional.. the idea of “mermaids” had to have came from something… whether it was a sighting or some type of audio… people in history have passed down the story of mermaid and the thought of a human like aquatic creature.. we as people enjoy the mystery of wondering if it is real! its exciting .. but the thought of not knowin drives us crazy! so we search for proof.. hard to believe anything anymore if you havent heard or seen something yourself..

  36. So I watched the documentary on Discovery. Someone told me about its airing on Animal Planet. I thought she was drunk. Anyway, I watched it. Some of it looked totally fake, some looked real. The people are actors, clearly. The scientists don’t actually exist. But for the stuff on, I looked up the registrant on It’s Discovery Communications, LLC and there are emails and phone numbers. Then I looked up their archive on, but there is NO archive. I think that website owners can choose NOT to participate in these websites, but if they participate in easywhois which would uncover their identity and such, why would they take off their information at Yes, the mermaids_web is quite amusing to me as well, but I’m kind of confused at this point. Any ideas?

  37. For those that believe this fictional crap that was aired on TV, as well as that phony ass website “seized by Homeland security” : shame on you for being such morons. Common sense apparently is harder to come by than most of us think.

  38. The first time I saw it on Animal Planet, I thought that “Dr. Rebecca Davis” seemed to be over acting and then I saw pretty much the same mermaid documentary on the Discovery Channel. “Dr. Rebecca Davis” is a different person but everybody else was the same. What irritates me if you are going to blatantly use different actors and claim they are real scientists, why bother? Just say they are actors portraying scientists. They do that when showing dramatizations. I thought the information on channels like Animal Planet and Discovery were not supposed to be fiction, but true documentries, stories or whatever. I really lost of lot of trust and respect for these two networks.

  39. Do you think that if the government shut down a website they would leave a message saying that they shut it down? It would just disappear. If it is really a conspiracy then they would not leave obvious evidence for us to find and that is what the “shut down website” shows.

  40. This show is real. As real as Batman or Harry Potter! Sonar contamination is a completely relevant topic, tho, that we as humans and fellow children of this planet should be more outraged and proactive about repairing for the preservation of many species of our oceans. And the concept of a marine ape isnt far fetched, in fact we have been labeled water primates by anthropologists for a long time… But I believe Discovery made this mockumentary with the intent to raise awareness of sonar testing by the Navy, and to provide a poster child for the audience to care about(if whales and dolphins weren’t enough already).

  41. Wonderfully done pr ogram. I watched it for three hours, after a hard working day . I am73 and have been working on a 3,100 yr old village/burials for 60 years. A worthwhile project like yours is a once in human history opportunity. Dig in and keep believing, as many of us do. As a student of physical anthropology and archaeology for 60 years and a Christian who is a serious scientist, your discoveries excite me

  42. What I can’t believe is the flip phone video. My mothers old iPhone3g could not take video. And it looked an awful lot like the people in their little made up ape things. Also what other people said: when he was running it was aimed at his feet.

  43. This may be completely off topic, I had a friend whose whole family had 1 slit on both sides of their necks running about 2 inches from their ear down. When they would squeeze it lightly, a sort of clear snotty looking stuff would come out. They didnt know why they had them but were afraid of telling any doctors. Years after they showed me them, I came to find out the High School waterpolo teacher also had them? If not shown they opened, they appeared to be just a wrinkle or crease of skin. After seeing this personally, I definetly can believe a possibility in mermaids. The videos in this do seem awefully fake though.

  44. Notice how quickly after this documentary aired so many threads all over the net popped up saying it was all fake? The government thinks they have good reason to not tell the public they are wrong. If these creatures do exist intelligent or not it is inhuman to harm or experiment on them.

  45. This 2 hour special was for entertainment only. Yes, mysterious bones have been found, but scientists find mysterious artifacts in nature all the time and don’t automatically go to inventing a new species unless its profitable. In this case It was. The events in this special, however, are all fiction. Every person on camera in the special is, in fact, an actor. Including the guy whose identity was kept secret and voice was muffled. Every word spoken into the camera was scripted. All the ‘government cover-up conspiracy’ crap is meaningless and erroneous as the government has absolutely no reason to hide that mermaids might, at one point in history, may or may not have existed. People these days are so incredulous and companies like the discovery channel cash in on your gullibility.

    Have you ever seen “The Fourth Kind”? Filmed to emulate a documentary, the entire thing was just the magic of Hollywood cinema. It was actually a great flick, but fiction, nonetheless. That’s what this Discovery “special” reminds me of.

  46. Once again, I will shake my head at those that THINK they’ve been duped. If one were to REALLY look into this you would find the same information I found, as I stated in my previous post of June 12, 2012, seen below. The posts that are “appalled by the use of actors – thinking that they’ve been deceived, that this is ALL truth” blah blah blah. YOU are the ones who create urban legends and are the very reason for websites such as Snopes.

    Here’s my post from June 12, 2012:
    Maybe everyone should look at the opening statement here… , where the Editor’s note says “This two-hour special is science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.”

    It’s meant to make you think, and believe what you will. Definitely food for thought, at least for those with open minds.

  47. I saw this on the discovery channel last and was quite enthralled. When they played the video from the kids… well… I knew it was fake right away. It was suppose to be from a cell-phone camera before they were common… meaning the quality would have to be low… the video was quite clear. Also, the zooming was clearly optical and well timed for theatrical effect… clearly not something you would find given the alleged incident.

  48. It seems so far fetched to be real. I still havent seen concrete evidence, even from the spoof video. where can I find the answer I am looking for?

  49. Does anyone remember the Animal Planet show Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real? It was on about 5 years ago. I started watching about 20 min in, and even called everyone I knew urging them to watch it. Lol. It was about a dragon they found high in the Andes I believe. Well they showed an autopsy and even had bodies of knights that were burnt to a crisp found in the same cave. Well, long story short, it was made to be real, but at the very end it said it was fiction. I believed it the whole time. It was so well done I was convinced. So, its not to far fetched to think this is the same type of thing. I want to believe it, how cool would it be to know there really are mermaids? But my logical mind says that its probably not true. Hell, I probably would have believed it, if not for the obvious CGI in the “cell phone video” and the fact that the kids were not freaking out about what they were seeing, and when they started running, the camera was trained on the kids feet. I know when I run, my arms swing, and if I were trying to film while running, it would be impossible to hold a camera steady on my feet while doing it. Nice try guys, but maybe next time you will learn from this and produce a better fake doc than this. Or maybe you shouldn’t make fake ones and stick to telling the truth, isn’t that what you built your reputation on anyway? I have now lost all faith in the discovery channel. From now on I will only watch independent documentaries made by non biased people. Its sad to think there are people who believe this. They’re probably the same people who believe that a 127 foot wide plane went through a 63 foot wide hole in the pentagon without leaving a shred of metal behind. Lol. America, you make me sad. :(

  50. If it was real we would never know I believe good things happen to good people and creatures the world wasnt ment to be figured out …….everyone on this chat you really think big bro wouldn’t do everything to so us from knowing I can find the video no were eles if its fake ,why detroy it why not let people be fools, like with ghost moves that are detected or (best example free masons) ..we will never know that video could have be maid to through us of, but im giving us all to much credit , they don’t think were that smart so would they even have to go that far.think about it friend

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  52. If you want to find out more of the ancient history surrounding this possible vestiage of a Matriarchy long gone, look up the book ‘ Triumph of the (ancient I am not sure whether this word is in the title) Sea Gods’, Take care as Ray Bradbury said to me ‘ I cannot be held responsible for what happens to you’, and then, he laughed.

  53., Enjoyed the program, It seemed like a probability but I questioned why they hadn’t been found, then I realized the size and depth of the oceans. I saw a dehydrated carcuss 40 years ago and again as recently as 3 years ago of a possible baby off spring. When I first saw it on display I assumed it was fake, took the wife to see it. If they do exist I assume I’ll hear from someone wanting to locate the remains.

  54. No, the mermaids did not look like Disneys ” The Littlest Mermaid”. They looked more like the mermaid in Disney’s mosr recent Pirates of theCarribean movie .
    Also a strong resemblance to the “Avatar creatures.
    I, too, am dissappointed in Animal Planet showing this piece as if it were fact. I no longer find them credible.
    Just as bad is the newseries called “Chasing UFO’s”.Those are the same old stories being told in a new format. It is sickening and totally unbelievable. I ought to go to hell for paying my cable provider to bring me the crap that is on tv now. All terrible!

  55. Ok people it was just entertainment. They said so not too long ago. Apparently you, I, and several housand other people thought it was real, but the news even said it.

  56. I am a student at the University of South Florida (where Dr. Rodney Webster claims to be doing his research). I have checked and, even though we do have a College of Marine Science at the university, there is no one but the name of Dr. Rodney Webster anywhere in that college or in the entire university. To do research at this university he would also have to be a professor there and so he would be somewhere in the directory system so his students could find him to contact him.
    If this was a real documentary then why would they change his name but leave where he is doing his research as a real university that has its staff lists online for anyone to check?

  57. My above post may have seemed like I am discounting that merfolk are real but I wasn’t. Scientists are discovering many new species every year. I just do not believe this documentary is at all real. Mainly because of the disclaimer at the end, “Though certain events in this film are fictional, navy sonar tests have been directly implicated in whale beachings.” The only thing this declaimer is saying to be true is the information about the whale beachings.
    We may or may not ever discover every species living on this planet. What I do know is that if we always say that something a person claims to have seen, but does not fit into a species that has been found, is fake then we will never know if it is real or not.

  58. I guess every drawing on the walls and caves over the the last 1500 years are also make-up just for this program.Man has been taking about these mermaids since being able to navigate the oceans. And I find most atheist believing in nothing but the pathway to hell.Sometimes do your own (more) research before saying something you don’t have a clue about.

  59. of course i beleve . we evolved just like everything thing else on the planet.all the other land animals that went back to the ocean.whales dolphins etc. WHY NOT US….i hope they stay hidden though we would just kill them off. hell we probably already are the way were polluting the oceans and stripping the oceans two feed 7 to 8 billion people.the way its going we will kill our selves off first and the will have a chance to recover their sure would be better for the planet.AND AS FAR AS THE GOVERMENT GOES THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO COVER THEIR ASS!!!!!!!!

  60. Wow. You would think in the year 2012 that CGI would be a lot more realistic. Terrible attempt. Everything was so scripted and dramatic. The girl Dr. says, “it had hands”, as she just stares dramatically at the screen. Everyone that believes this should watch a real scientific discovery documentary like Cave of Forgotten Dreams. You’ll see they don’t talk anything like the actors in this joke of a program. I think the people that believe this want to believe mermaids exist, and no matter how ridiculous the program – they’ll believe.

  61. Yes, the people in the re-enactments are actors. But if you research very closely, you will discover that Brian, Becky and Paul did work for NOAA.

  62. Ask anyone who works or worked for the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service as I did for 15 years and they will tell you it’s called NOAA Fisheries. They even have a NOAA Fisheries logo.

  63. It’s T.V. people!!!! I thought it was very entertaining and really fun to watch, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. I laughed through the whole thing thinking about all the people who were going to believe it. The discovery channel did a great job!!! I loved it!!!

  64. “the only thing i did not like about the show was when they showed the video of the kid finding the mermaid on the beach. it looked VERY similar to the cg created mermaids in the pretend cut scenes.”

    Well, IF the kid’s video had been real, then the producers would logically have used that as a model for the CGI. However, the one on the video looked TOO cgi to be real. Also, the video was WAY too “staged.” The camera focuses on the hand just before it moves; and just before the mermaid’s head pops up, it focuses on the blank space where it’s going to be. Then the kid carefully aims the camera at his feet while he’s running! And he also filmed his feet while he was approaching, just to create a framing device! Real videos don’t have foreshadowing.

  65. mytical creatures exists or existed once, open your mind, gorments work to keep us blind and bussy , faeries, ufo,all that its true, everyithing in this world is possible, we are the perfect creation but at the same time the worst, we only think in ourselves and desstroy the real and the important beigns on earth, this earth is full of wonder full things we just dont see it or think about it , we are to bussy with materialism and social problems…. belive everyithing is possible and nothing is like we imagine

  66. i hope there are those on the planet who can find love in their hearts for any creature created by God. i send love and compassion to the merfolk. there is no doubt that they exists. there is no doubt that our government has overstepped it’s boundaries…once again. we have a right to know and speak the truth…why did our government confiscate almost every shred of evidence…

  67. Everyone think for a moment… when early man had nothing but spears and animal skins, did they think of all the future or past – infinite possibilities with precise accuracy? Did they understand the realm of possibilities? When Gene Rodenberry showed you “communicators” in the ’60s’, or “Dick Tracy” comics even earlier than that, did you think they were mythical, unbelievable things that we would never see? No, deep inside you knew that there is an infinite universe with infinite possibilities, and that we just haven’t discovered them yet! We only use 10% of our brains – does that mean the other 90% is not there? It’s simply waiting for us to unlock it! Could there be Mermaids and Mermen? Certainly, if not here on this planet, then on some distant one. We’re just beginning to have a Global Mentality, so start unlocking your mind to the infinite possibilities.

  68. It is important to specify that the actors who played Dr.s Davis and Robertson were used in the RE-ENACTMENTS, NOT the INTERVIEWS. The people in the interviews were the real deal. I have read of people arguing that they spoke to well not to be actors. That is absurd. These scientists have spent 11+ years in college, much of which was focused on writing, language, and communication (as is any university degree). Scientists have to be skilled with language to write up their studies for journals and are almost always very articulate and well-spoken. -They also are skilled in public speaking as they must often present their research findings in symposiums and such. Even if portions of this film were fictional, one must consider that actual identities and certain information needed to be protected in the case that the scientists’ stories were true. Even the cell phone video by the boys, which I admit looks like a CGI creation, may have been a recreation of the original to protect the boys and their identities. The fact is, we simply don’t know if this is true or not, and as a highly skeptical person (among other relevant things), I am not convinced this is fake. Those of you who think you are sure shouldn’t be.

  69. The US Navy is experimenting with them for mine and other explosive perposes. If you doubt there existence ask fishermen from around the world, you will be surprised. If you knew of their existence would you want to be on film. The Navy Dept encountered a sound in the very south Pacific in 2004, look for the data. It was indicated that it was made by an unknown life form.

  70. First I would like to say I believe the government killed JFK and brought down the twin towers. This show is a horrible hoax and I simply can’t believe that a station like animal planet would do something like this!! They are not trying to simply re-create a fictional animal and letting you know its fictional. They are trying to pass this off as a real documentary with so called doctors and scientist with real credentials. If mermaids do exist and the government is covering it up the animal planet just ruined it for every one because they are as big as a fraud as them!!!

  71. ya, joe–the government pays people like you with my tax dollars to post crap. and i suppose you don’t think UFOs are real either. the government is hiding info. re. UFOs also. gee, why did england post 7000 pages about UFOs for public reading in their National Archives. because people want to know the truth–not crap.

  72. this story (wether it was acted out or not proves that mermaids r real. can anyone give proof that they r NOT real? no i dont think u can. just because u never saw it doesnt mean that its not there. and i do believe that the gov. is covering up a lot of things. like aliens and human torture. prove to me that they r not.

  73. OKAY GUYS, the movie is fake but the mermaids might be true bcz of the rich anceint stories that claiming they are real.. i wouldnt be surprise that these ppl would produce anouther documentry claiming that the flying men also are real and they might evolved from apes who jumps from tree to anouther

  74. Real or fake…believe what you will. But the two links you offer as the actress who played Dr. Rebecca Davis (Kosha Engler) are not the same person who identifies herself as Dr. Rebecca Davis on the Discovery Channel program Mermaids. That I’m 100% sure.

  75. I agree, ask the Japanese fishermen, they will kill & eat anything that swims. If we could teach a dog turd to swim in the ocean, or a human penis … they’d catch it and sell it to a resturaunt owner. Better yet, tell them the black market price for mermaid is $500 a pound and YOU WILL GET YOUR PROOF.

  76. 2 hours of pseudo science with no beginning disclaimer is really misleading. I spent my morning on the interment check the story out just to find out it there is a high chance it was fictional. I was really mermaid crazy for 2 minutes. we have certain expectations of some channel to air real stuff. If it were SyFy I would understand…….What a drag. :(

  77. This program was the biggest load of rubbish I’ve seen in years. All the ‘scientists’ are actors, and bad ones at that. And doing a google search of the scientists names doesn’t reveal much either other than links to the ‘documentary’ I am surprised Animal Planet had the nerve to actually show this heap of garbage. Was it first put out on April 1st and it’s just a huge April Fool’s joke? Animal Planet in the UK and the US should be ashamed of themselves for wasting the money to film it.

  78. Here and Now is kinda plain. You should glance at Yahoo’s home page and watch how they create news headlines to get viewers interested. You might add a related video or a related picture or two to grab readers interested about everything’ve written.
    In my opinion, it might make your posts a little livelier.

  79. If this is true that all documentry is fake then why they tried to show this is real one doc?if they have made such fake documentry should be baned like wise the website.

  80. it real most was fake it not what it look like they help fish they take care of and family they have pretty family like ever lot people god make them there a lot diffent creater it out there hidden u can catch i was say leave them alone/ homeland securty if they know what they are please stay out creater life let them go u can make earth can be destory we never have a life

  81. Hi. I helped write this. It’s fiction. We weren’t trying to scam anyone, it was written to be presented as a faux-documentary, but the production company that bought the script decided to pitch it to Discovery as factual. I’m not going to give my name, though, because I sold the script for $80,000, which will feed my kids for two years.

  82. I’m afraid that it’s not going to work outIt is not so easy as you think.What’s the weather like to day? How do you like Hong Kong?Do you accept credit cards? What’s the point of going to college? What’s the point of going to college? Time is running out.I doubt itHis boss might get angry with him.

  83. This is obviously a silly prank. Supposedly, a bipedal humanoid that walked on land returned to the sea and managed to survive long enough to evolve into such an aquatic mammal. Can you imagine an advanced creature like this surviving in the sea and evolving? What would motivate such a thing to return to the sea at this stage of evolution. It is a FAKE> , .

  84. Its all true. Look at all the facts from chris columbus , vikings,chinese ,european fisherman who never met all documented seeing the same thing. Just like egeptions mian n incan build piramids but never met… cum on people use ur brains don’t b afraid of the unknown

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  86. Gente,por favor,nadie vio ese documental completo? esta muy bien hecho,si,pero ya al principio la cosa no cierra.
    De verdad creen que luego de miles de filmaciones de migraciones de ballenas y delfines,iba a haber unas criaturas que justo nunca nadie filmo?

    El relato dejo de convencerme cuando luego de tantas evidencias,oh,”el gobierno” se las incauto.que casualidad,un evento sumamamente extraordinario pero sin pruebas,ni una,excepto ese sonido grabado,que por cierto,agarren cualquier editor de sonidos y lo sacan.

    Todo el documental sigue exactamente las lineas de cualquier relato conspiranoico.
    Hecho extraordinario,pruebas sobre ello,gobierno que incauta las pruebas,personajes que se rinden ante la figura persecutiva del organismo oficial y final con absolutamente nada probado.

    Vamos gente,pongan un poco de espiritu critico y este documental pasa a ser una de hollywood.

    La frutilla en el postre:
    cuando termina el mismo documental afirma que TODOS los hechos y personajes son ficticios,solo la grabacion del sonido y el hecho de la relacion entre pruebas de la marina y ballenas encalladas son reales.

    Una tomada de pelo similar a alienigenas ancestrales,destinado a gente que solo quiere creer sin pruebas.

  87. Un trabajo muy interesante por parte de discovery, me parece que si fuese real logicamente tratarian de incubrirlo, en este caso de una forma tal sutil que parece obvia. Aqui ahi algo muy interesante en el cual ya se estan realizando trabajos bien encaminados que solo los mas agudos en su interes por saber mas sabran. en mi pais hace ya un par de años se descubrio esto…( ) en una playa por personas humildes… poco tiempo despues represantantes del gobierno de estados unidos simplemente se lo llevaron SIN DAR MAS EXPLICACIONES. Logicamente hay conocimientos en los que la responsabilidad traciende mas que la ciencia.

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  90. ędził tenże, w lochu. Janina – Zaś owe w środku co!
    – rycerz z
    rozmachem walnął pięścią w ścianę. – Sam nie mieli odwagi
    asygnować, iż w środku tego parszywego smoka!
    poniekąd ogromny nie był.

  91. If they have to protect the identity of real folks, this should be done at the beginning because there is so much fake ish on TV. If some of you think that you government is being honest with you about mermaids and other events, you’re a moron. They don’t want you know so they give you distractions and it’s working. And also, Mermaids should be left alone because first contacts never work out when pale face is involved. Just ask the blacks of Africa, the Olmecs, Mayans, black folks in Bermuda standing there looking at that fake buster Christoper Columbus who didn’t discover America, the Indians and every other culture with people of color who were destroyed by a race bent on ethnic cleansing by way of disease, theft, insecurity, greed and jealousy. So Mermaids, stay in the water, protect the environment and safe those who fall in the water and avoid the white man.

  92. I still say like aliens, mermaids should be left alone. Here are other questions, you should be asking.

    1. Why are people covering up the fact the people of Kemet (ancient Egypt) were Black Africans?

    2. After the end of WWII, why were many Nazis allowed to come to America with full pardons in Operation Paper Clip?

    3. Why were Hitler and company, more advanced then America when it came to technology? Especially, after they found a UFO that crashed in 1936, in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) near Freiburg Germany?

    4. Why one year after the Nazi scientists start working for Nazi and the US government did the number of UFO sightings increase?

    5. Why did J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) put out a Most Wanted Poster if Hitler committed suicide?

    6. Why did the bible plagiarize the black Africans in Kemet (ancient Egypt)?

    A lot of these questions will never ever be answered because it would prove how America is just as shady as others. Plus first contact never goes well when you see something you don’t understand.

  93. I wouldn’t normally comment on a board like this under normal circumstances. I, however, chose to comment after reading all the posts. I was waiting to see if anyone would ask why any of you would bother to waste your time arguing about this topic or any other if you truly feel justified in your beliefs, either one way or the other? The idea being argued has been going on for as long as we have recorded history, but probably longer. Do mermaids exist? Who knows, maybe. If you think they do, then you think they do. No documentary, true or fabricated, is going to change your mind. Another person’s opinion should be as impressionable as a TV show, since the show is biased by the opinion of the creator. Do I believe in mermaids? I don’t really know. I believe in the possibility. Science hasn’t proven their existence, but it has also not proven the impossibility. The same goes for all the other creatures that are topics for continuous debate: aliens, ghosts, big foot, the yeti, the chupacabra, Champ, Lock Ness, how about GOD, and even places like Atlantis! There are so many unknowns about our history as a whole, the planet and what is on it. There’s no point in debating whether things are real or not, believe in what you want to believe in, there’s always going to be opposition. Just because there isn’t a website to confirm or deny, or a scientist who has or has not proven something, a conspiracy cover up or none at all doesn’t mean that something does or does not actually exist. If a person wants to believe there are creatures out there with human like intelligence, that have the ability to elude the general public, then believe it. If you don’t, we’ll simply don’t. There is no need for name calling or putting people down for what they believe in. That’s kinda what’s wrong with our world today. If you want to be concerned about something, be concerned with THAT, not whether or not unicorns and vampires are real!

  94. Really? … It must be real since the DOJ took over the website? Have we lost our brain cells? Just view the “source code” for the webpage (right click on the page) and it is instantly seen that the DOJ never did this (which would never look like this anyway). The source code has all the html code to attract internet traffic and still has the “title.” If such a seizure were to take place and a new page put up, it certainly would not have all the internet code of the original website as the “domain” was sized according to the site … which would redirect it. Hopefully we don’t lose our ability to think critically and question instead of blindly following … which history has shown gets us in plenty of trouble.

  95. Criticxtreme, your “deep” questions are very amusing.

    1. Who is disputing that ancient Egyptians were NOT Africans?!
    2. Many Nazis were brought to the US after the war because they were brilliant scientists and their research was much farther ahead of American research. If you gather brilliant minds and spare little expense, as Hitler did, you will be amazed what you can achieve. Plus we didn’t want the Russians to get them. You’ve heard of the Cold War?
    3. An alleged UFO (eye roll). Again, lots of money, intelligent scientists, etc.
    4. Sightings increase when you actually look for something expecting to see something. Doesn’t mean they’re real. We see what we want to see.
    5. Since Hitler’s body was never found, Hoover was covering his ass. Just in case.
    6. The Bible is made up of many stories and legends from pre-existing civilizations .
    Not sure why you’re fixating on ancient Egyptians in this regard. It’s like the Catholic Church modifying pagan ritual and celebrations to convert the masses.

    You do realize this “documentary” is fiction? Right? MOCKumentary. I believe is the term.

  96. To help you out, all you humans, I have personal knowledge that what you have seen on that camera phone is very much true, I have been on the ocean for over 42 years and i have seen and not only have i seen but i have been in the ocean with them, they must be left alone, and the goverments needs to do the same, they truly want to be left alone.

  97. This was a complete obvious hoax with BAD actors playing scientists. The footage was more than obviously CG. If the governement was really trying to hide this….think about who has control over the media you watch….the government.

  98. I believe mermaids exist. I just got done watching the newest documentary containing new evidence from marine biologists that have footage from 3,000 miles down. The organized governments of the modern world are so incredibly corrupt, how do any of us know that any “mythical” creatures arent very much alive; its just become the SCIENCE to hide rather than enlighten the general public. “truth hurts” “you cant handle the truth”. Well, until the general public starts really demanding to know difference between the real and the unreal, we will continue to sit in darkness. I am ENRAGED at the thought that there is another human species that very much calls this world home, that we are very much related to that is being killed, tortured, experimented on, etc. PLEASE STOP DOING THESE THINGS TO HURT THEM. LEAVE THEM IN PEACE!

  99. I worked for NOAA in the National Marine Fisheries service for 5 years from 1983 until 1988. I have SF50 forms as proof.
    I have been a scientist all my life.
    Having my ‘lil 5 year old son (cute mer-man) force me to watch this show when he saw the trailer…..I’m now glad I watched it.
    Don’t wish to give my opinion here, but email me if you want my thoughts.

  100. you missed the fact that they were trying to stop oil drilling in the areas where the mermaids are supposed to exist. that is what it is about. stopping oil production.P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute, …………….

  101. hahahahahhahahahahhaha. I wish to thank all of you people who honestly believe mermaids are real. You give the rest of us who are forced to live in the real world something to laugh at. It also is proof positive that there will always be a small percentage of the population that can be suckered into believing the most ludicrous tales of fantansy despite all evidence to the contrary (one of the reasons we ended up with Obama in the White House). Please, keep up the good work, it’s very entertaining, although the production level of the “documentary” was even lower than the cheesy made for TV movies on the Sci Fi channel.

    • What exactly does Obama have to do with this site? Or with the science involved here? If you’re unhappy about the Presidency there are websites for you comment on which are directly related to that.

  102. Many of the posters here display unfathomable credulity, atrocious grammar and horrific spelling! Their lack of communicative ability is surpassed only by their lack of logic, reasoning, critical skepticism and knowledge of evolution.

  103. The actor Andre Weideman portrays Dr. Paul Robertson in the re-enactment portions of the show, not the whole show, so who’s the other guy if noone on this show was real?

  104. Why is Obama and the US Govt. hiding this information? A find of this significance should be shared with the world. Of course we didn’t hesitate to wipe out the american indian population when they got in the way of progress. All of this so Obama and his military can have a weapon nobody else has.

    • You can bet Obama probably has no good idea about all of this, as of yet. He’s actually their only hope if they do exist. After all, can you imagine a Republican President stopping oil drilling as a result of proving mermaid life? Get real. Not a capitalist.

  105. It took an advanced search, but I was able to find this photo BIG BROTHER tried to eradicate from the internet! Thank you to the people who choose to fight the man, and bring attention to the plight of the mermaid!

  106. I am curious why my last post never appeared?

    Instead of re-writing it (it was a little long); I will just mention that when I was 18, I had a cyst removed from my neck that was filled with pathological toxins (toxic sludge that looked like tar is what my doctor said to me). According to the pathology report; the tissue of the cyst was made up of the same tissue as sea mammals (like ‘fish gills’ were his words). I never got any details about the toxic sludge. He told me it was pretty unusual; although not the first one ever discovered.

    I did see the follow up show to the original documentary. It was interesting since just the night before I was telling my teenage daughter about the cyst that was removed because she was joking with me telling me I was weird (well, maybe she wasn’t joking!!); and I said to her that she had no idea HOW WEIRD!!!

    Whether or not it was some aberration or some glitch in my DNA; it surely gives one something to think about! So needless to say, some things in life are stranger than fiction.


  107. I forgot to add that I realize sea mammals do not have gills; it was probably just the analogy the doctor gave me since I was young; and figured I would relate to that. It clearly was not a gill; but made from tissue that is found in aquatic animals….


  108. I apologize; my 1st reply that never appeared had more explanation for the idea I am presenting. Sorry for all the posts: I was a little frazzled by having to do it all over again:-)

    By making the point above, I am not claiming that I believe in ANY theory of evolution… And considering the cyst was removed over 25 years ago (almost 30); I do not know what kind of education the doctors had in regards to discerning such things. I am not sure if they would interpret it the same way today. So, it is simply something I remember because it was so “surreal” at the time. Just thought it was interesting since all this mermaid debate is going on these days….. We just don’t really know anything, do we?

    I know that all forms of life share similar DNA; we are all similar is some (many) ways; yet that does not prove (or disprove) that we were once a certain species. I have some different ideas about that; but nothing can be proven so I hold out for greater clarity some day (perhaps the day I die). For now, I think it serves us all best to hold our opinions as our own and allow room for possibilities; and not judge the ideas of others. After all, the cosmos is infinite and pretty big; so compared to that … we are quite small.

    Arrogance is a sure sign of a small mind (that is not my quote but I forget who coined that saying).


  109. Humans have the vestigial remnants of gills early in their embryonic development. Our tailbone is potentially a vestigial remnant of our relationship to other primates. In no way does it suggest that there are mermaids. These are just remnants of our evolutionary past.

    “But the movie said humans went back into the sea so blah, blah..” Right and did you happen to pay attention to this dumbassery closely? Given the garbage they were trying to feed us, the humans who returned to the sea would have been fully developed homo sapiens which appeared on timeline 60-100,000 years ago (it’s been decades since my last anthro class, so I may be a little off, but not by much). They would have had to have been forced into an aquatic environment, the survivors in possession of some mutation that selected for the ability to breed and survive into adulthood that favored the water. This would have had to happen countless times over eons to ‘evolve into mermaids” and given that modern humans are so young, there would be no realistic time frame in which this could possibly occur (even if you can get past the thousands of other reasons why this is implausible)

    Further, the idiot “researchers” who produced the show went on to speculate how mermaids would fall prey to prehistoric sealife that had been extinct for a million years prior to the appearance of modern humans. How that glaring little detail got past the geniuses responsible for the program, I’ll never know. But it would be impossible for a fully developed human to evolve into a mermaid only to be consumed by a dino-fish. The timeline doesn’t work, folks.

    Again, this is fantasy faire; it’s good fun except that there is a subset of people who actually believe it. Look what this got the world? Two thousand years of people murdered in the name of an imaginary sky wizard.

    Please stop being so gullible.

  110. nice to know im not the only gumball falling for this , years ago I watched the documentary about the aquatic ape theory and I was extremely taken in by that and still spite scientist disproving the theory feel disappointed that the facts didnt add up to support it because it seems to make alot of sense as far as the charactoristics that we share with marine mammels and the differences between our closer ancestors the monkeys lol but this mermaid show that I have still not seen seems really convincing and I find myself wanting to believe ..I guess im a fool a child whom believes in santa claus , I hope somebody prooves me right . I dont think its foolish , I think it is no more foolish than saying in our vast universe that ufo’s dont exists

  111. Dinosaur femur was found in 1676, they thought it was a giant human bone…..
    the military states there is no such things as UFO’s , but NASA sends out messages out into space in over 100 languages …..
    I cant say i do or dont believe in mermaids, BUT strange marine species have been found in the last few years… so who really knows??

  112. So, we have vestigial remnants of gills as an embryo; and a tailbone possibly linking us to primates…. so which evolutionary possibility shall we choose? Fish or Apes? Boy, the mystery just keeps going doesn’t it:-)

    I do not think it is foolish to believe in greater possibilities than what most humans can grasp at this time. No theory of evolution has ever been proven, the germ theory has never been proven; yet so many people believe them to be facts.

    We really know so little. It harms no one by remaining open to any and all possibilities. Life IS mysterious; that is the exciting part!!

    Consider that nature will NOT conform to human understanding; I think we will all be surprised at what is discovered in the years to come.


  113. No one will ever find out the real truth unless they decide to go on a journey into the sea in search of these creatures. The government hides a tremendous amount of things. I think in this case that there is too many sightings happening lately and by creating a “fake” documentary on animal planet will encourage people to go search for themselves out of their own curiosity and if this happens and they are found to be in fact real. Now the government can’t be blamed for the extinction of them. The blood will be on our hands.

  114. The government wants to have the blood on our hands. They are real. I have seen them when I lived in Florida. No one believed me and said I was nuts and a WIERDO. I know what I saw. Sad thing is that people have a “gotta see it to believe it” problem. Jeez wake up and Remember how pure and clean your young minds once were until the world got ahold of it.

  115. Now they are trying to say it is a Hoax.Well I for one do believe that the only reason that they now are yelling Hoax is because Big Brother has got someone so shook-up that the channels that carried these interviews are afraid .Someone in the higher up chain wants this story to just go away. After all if it doesn’t go away. They may not be able to drill for oil or a lot of different things.I only hope we don’t believe the government .Sounds a lot like area 51 being made go away it’s a Hoax.Yet how many people are still making sight reports. Everyone is not telling a lie or making up Hoax stories. I believe the Mermaid stories are true.

  116. Me parecio muy interesante el documental de sirenas creo en ella vi los dos documentales y no le veo nada de falso por mi parte creo en la existencia de otros seres, me resulta imposible la idea de estar solos en una galaxia tan inmenza, si nosotros podemos existir porque ellos no? Si solo los seres humanos dejaramos de destruir todo lo q tocaramos y dejaramos de tener tanto miedo a lo desconocido los gobiernos no tendrian necesidad de esconderlas no necesariamente las esconden para que no las veamos puede que escondan estos maravillosos seres para proterlos porque muchos estan listos para encontrarse con estos seres pero desafortunadamente aun hay muchas personas ignorantes las cuales le temen a lo desconocido y les harian daño.

  117. Im stunned by all this wooow..I cant believe theres really mermaids out there well im not that surprised cuz there has to be more than us.i already knew after watching the show that alot of people especially the government would shut this whole thing down cuz remember we believe what they want us to believe its there rule and they dont care what we think at all.good job u got to admit there r really smart screw ups that they screwed up to hide this from us.this is our earth too we r in titled to know whats out there even if its aliens dont matter. Unlike me ive never followed anything they habe saidy entire life.if these people r going to heaven ia rather go to hell im allset.mermaids r so real nobody really as no idea how real they r.if u believe in god then u have to believe in mermaids cuz nobodys ever died saw god and came back to tell.just think how the hell did we come about were not that special to the only mammals to be so smart and alive theres so much more.good job government u failed us once again

  118. He died in 1985 but this very personal museum is often a lasting reminder of your
    very remarkable man. A very convenient way to search for things for the web is to easily speak your search term.

    Typically, the My Documents folder may be the best anyone to use.

  119. If this is a fake show by the animal planet a show that we think is telling us the truth that suckers . it just shows we can’t believe any thing from them or on any tv show . What’s the point of making shit up if it’s fake it should be on the scifi . I will not watch the aminmal planet if that what they do to there viewers

  120. I finally got to see the 1st show (the original documentary) since I had seen the follow up show first; and I what I got from it was that it is partially based on facts; and some of it based on speculation; made the same way all shows of this nature are. To me it was pretty clear. It is merely presenting ideas and possibilities.
    I am not sure why some people are making such a big deal about it. I never for a minute assumed everything was true; nor do I assume complete truth when watching any show about dinosaurs, evolution, aliens, space, etc.
    Why are people not in an uproar about THOSE shows that are always all over the TV (well, maybe they are but I missed that).

    I did not get the impression they were trying to scam anyone; and for what purpose? It would have been so much easier to play the whale and dolphin card since most humans can relate to them already instead of going for the mermaid angle, if indeed it was about the dangers of sonar testing. That seems like a big risk; so there must have been some convincing evidence to want to go down that road.

    The show did have some very interesting information in it; and many facts that have been validated. Simply put, there is enough evidence to warrant curiosity although I do agree with some people; that humans have a bad track record at being caretakers of the earth and perhaps it is best if we turn the other way and let nature be. Human curiosity has had a terrible impact on some forms of life on the planet and some things are better left alone!!


  121. Hello, if DR. paul robertson is reading this i want to thankyou. i saw the program and i was amazed. the facts you bring up are incredibly true. like we have partial webbing between our fingers, we have no hair on our bodies for the most part because it makes drag in water, some still hunt on the ocean floor… but my mother brought up something interesting that it was a “mockumentary” i still deeply believe in the existance of mermaids. no, i dont think they are beautiful seductive women or anythin glike that. but i do belive that they are half fish half something close to human. if you read this i want you to send me a letter in the mail on your real take on the existance of mermaids. a year and a half ago i moved from weeki wachee florida to the depressing state of missouri :( i hate it here! your documentary has inspired me to become a marine biologist just like you!
    my adress is 64 percheron lane
    rocky comfort, missouri
    my name is danielle rose yates.

  122. Nope its real does anyone think that the gov. is just forcing others to be quiet…. To turn it around. What about the drawing or the advertisement from the 18th century “Freak Show’s” and those pictures the aren’t going to say those weren’t real people to are they????

  123. Ummmm, is everyone simply unaware of the fact that these actors mentioned & pictured above are the actors whom were used for the ‘dramatic reenactments,’ and NOT the actual ppl who were speaking to the camera in the program??? Not to mention the fact that neither party has a close enough resemblance to even pass for the actual scientists on the show. After reading this I looked up both of the actors, & their various respective images online – the woman shown above was pictured specifically in one of the shots from the dramatic reenactments, not the interview shots. The more I investigate, the more limited information I am digging up that proves those indivials in the interviews – the male & female scientists – are in fact REAL people, real doctors, real scientists. Those in the interviews (not the dramatic reenactments) are not actors. There’s been quite a bit done to discredit them & hide their existence. A LOT.

  124. It worries me that so many people are missing the larger point of AP’s mermaid episode. Whether there are actually mermaids or not isn’t the point…its the damage being done to our marine wildlife and therefore whole ecosystems that should be the primary focus. If the navy is working with using sonar as a weapon then we could be facing the wholesale slaughter of untold numbers of species, some that are surely already endangered. And what so many fail to understand is that one ecosystem is always, ALWAYS, linked with others. And humans, regardless of high functioning brains, are part of those ecosystems. We belong to them just as much as whales, fish, lions, cattle, and eagles do. When one is destroyed then so are we.

  125. The government always gets in the middle when there is money at stake. There are billions of dollars worth of oil in our oceans that many in power don’t want to lose out on. There have been a lot of government secrets and scandals exposed recently. Even if mermaids were not real, dead marine life washing up on our shores because of navy test is real. Hearing about the possibility of mermaids finally got people to start asking questions about destructive navy testing. Seems our government is little by little getting more and more control while people are getting comfortable not knowing the truth. Starting to seem less and less like a democracy. If people don’t stand up for themselves and the right to the truth our freedom will be lost.


    It was a show made specifically for monster week – the two true facts that it’s based on according to this article are “the Bloop” and “the beached whale effect caused by sonar testing”.
    ….Food for thought certainly but not claiming to be true…..!! Very clever presentation technique though judging by all the controversy it has caused!! Anything that encourages research, re-evaluation of beliefs and discussion is good in my book. After all most “truths” are illusions relative to perspective and these evolve, develop and change with experience……hopefully!!!!

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