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Bill Ballard | Shift Frequency | April 4 2012

See David Wilcock & Drake 2012-03-28 1-3 Mass Arrests (or here)

I hope you guys take a listen to this David Wilcock interview on the links above. There are major global events already initiated and happening now that will change our planet! Through the combined efforts of many persons working together and globally, humanity is now being released from Illuminati control. Many changes beyond the imagination of most are occurring right now on Earth. It may not look good to those not knowing what is going on, but I assure you, this is wonderful and believe it or not has taken many centuries to come to this point. Please listen to this interview and to all links here to help you better understand. We WILL be having “first contact” and ET and IT disclosure soon. It is underway now!

The resignations and arrests of Global Banksters has now reached 450 and most in the past 2 months. This number grows rapidly.

Most of you know I, Bill Ballard am one of the many global news hubs reporting on the real information. My posts can be followed on my Facebook page. This page is a public information source open for all to view and share. I share the full spectrum of current global news.

Per David’s interview above I, Bill Ballard, can vouch what is stated on many points. In the last weeks I have personally witnessed the massive buildup of US Military and US Border Patrol paralleling the Arizona/Mexican border. This force is exceptionally and unusually strong at this time and from my perspective appears ready for a “lock down” as stated in the above interview. It is NOT for keeping people out but rather inside USA! That made me feel quite uncomfortable when I saw what was occurring.

Elites Constructing Underground City in Ajo, Arizona

On this same excursion I witnessed mountains of tailings of granite and other rock along the south side of Hwy 85 east of the Hwy 86 junction. It is so large I am sure it is easily viewed by satellite from Google Earth. I am told from a local living in Ajo (a town of a few hundred located 100 miles from any city of size) there is an underground city being constructed under Ajo, Arizona for the elite and Illuminati. These mountains were a hundred or more feet high, miles long and from a distance seen to be as wide. There are no rail road tracks into Ajo that I saw although there seems to be some at this site. There is neither rock quarry there nor any other reason for this debris to be there other than removal of rock from an unseen, not above ground source.

HAARP Attacks

I saw this on March 20 2012. That is the same day the “predicted” Mexico HAARP Earthquake happened. There were also 3 smaller HAARP-generated earthquakes that day that occurred more than 100 miles to the west of where we were (at the Arizona, California and Mexican borders). I knew the sensations of HAARPs ULF frequencies as I have previously experienced them.

Dutchsinse covered the man-made HAARP Mexico quake that day as well as did Alex Jones. As, for a refresher on how HAARP works click here.

Don’t Buy Gas on April 15th

Anonymous requests that everyone planet wide refrain from buying gasoline on April 15. Please observe this with us as it is a direct statement to the cabal.

North Sea Gas Leak

There is a massive North Sea Gas leak very deep into the Earth’s surface which makes the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil spill look like a cakewalk.Please pay attention to this development as this is far more serious than the Gulf Oil Spill

It appears there is no way to stop this North Sea gas leak. (See here and here)

The Senators protecting the Oil Companies have received $25 Million for their loyalty.

Bankster Wars Brewing

With the recent attacks first on Libya for selling oil for gold which was the reason Gaddafi was targeted by the Rothschilds, Iran has also done the same with India. As you may have seen those of the Illuminati American government have attacked India as well as any other countries for paying for oil in gold. For those that do not know, the Rothschilds are in control of the Federal Reserve Bank, an illegal institution which is now being brought down.

The US Dollar will collapse as it has no backing other than the illusion the Rothschilds and American Government has put behind its value. Basically it is and has always been worthless since America was taken off the Gold and later Silver standards. The fiat currency is being brought down as it is tied to the price of oil. Only those in control of the currency, the Federal Reserve as well as those other banking institutions fleecing America desire it to remain. Most Americans do not understand what is actually going on. The Dollar WILL COLLAPSE and it is doing so now. Notice the price of goods now as inflation hits.

Brics is a group of countries who are working together to make this happen. It is NOT a terrorist activity as anyone who knows the truth knows the TERRRORISTS ARE IN THE US BANKING SYSTEM, FEDERAL RESERVE, WALL STREET AND US GOVERNMENT! THIS IS A FACT! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GREATLY DECEIVED!

Brics is bringing this change as it must happen to transform this planet. Here are a few recent links on Brics activity

BRICS to change world economy 

BRICS influence in the world grows

Peter Schiff on BRICS and the demise of the dollar – IRS Insider Joe Banister Exposes Federal Reserve Coup And IRS Fraud – 4 April 2012

World Bank Nominee Tied to Monsanto Shareholder Bill Gates, Soros

And the Rest Of The News

With Fukushima and the current news from there, there is simply too much news to post links to here. It is deadly serious what is going on, and growing worse. That is unless you view this from the higher dimensional truths of the End Times and the two Earths! I post a link to view all current info going on here

And on Lighter News from Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael on those leading humanity to Ascension. Many of you know I AM one of Archangel Michael’s End Times Volunteers. I receive these same messages. You may notice similarities in our writings.

Please Stay Heart Centered at this time

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It’s happening people! Be Aware! Welcome it!


Bill Ballard


Bill Ballard ~ Mass Arrests Of US Government And Illuminati Occurring Now | | Shift FrequencyShift Frequency.

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