A stream of consciousness about the first cause of creation. | Conscious Media Network


My hand is steady as I brush my eyelashes upward with the mascara wand.
Out of the corner of my eye the flashing, geometric bleed-through to another place continues expanding.
Every color in the rainbow in a tetrahedral glass like mosaic of light, forming a semi-circle partially obscuring the vision in my right eye.
The flashing and twinkling of the pieces of colored glass begin to frame my face as I see my reflection in the mirror, now combing my hair and painting my lips a fleshy pink.
I am contemplating the dreams of the last few nights.
A circular labyrinth, mother-board like, is pulsing.
It could be a universe or an atom, but it is part of the creation.
An explanation comes telling of the “First Cause” in the process of all creation.
It doesn’t matter if individuated or communal, higher dimension or lower, there is a “First Cause” at the root of all creation, I am being told.
Then comes Mind.
Once the whisper of creation is seeded, the Mind, Imagination and Will carry the rest forward into our creation.
It’s all so clear in the dream and I am told the same things again and again until I can rouse myself to wakefulness and record them.
Only a shard of the information remains, but it is the kernel.
I climb into my car to drive to my spot for writing today, The Flower Farm.
The sky is clear and blue, puffy clouds drift overhead, the grass is vibrant dotted with mustard weed, daffodils and iris. Cows and goats graze.
The string section in the music I am listening to is coming to a crescendo.
The human race’s future is uncertain in this cut from the soundtrack from Battlestar Gallactica.
The chaos framed by pastoral beauty feels right.
I feel change coming, chaos all about us.
Peeling off another layer of the onion, beneath that is perfection.
There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
To stand up straight, under the sun, feeling everything while remaining quiet at the center of the mounting storm is powerful.
It has been said the Mind is the final frontier.
A steady and disciplined mind gives guidance to the emotions.
Steady emotions bring Peace and Power.
I am standing somewhere near the center of my onion.
Everything is perfect.


A stream of consciousness about the first cause of creation. | Conscious Media Network.

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