Your people have a right to an open, honest reporting – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn April 22, 2012 | Isas Lechfeld Tales II

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Much has been said about the upcoming changes. Your media refuse to report on it yet, but this will change soon. The restructuring in this area are a major focus of our efforts.

Your people have a right to an open, honest reporting. Moreover, we need a new media landscape in order to send out our educational programs. Your media is still dominated by a few families, which prescribe exactly what issues are reported and in what form. Journalists who are against these targets are threatened or lose their jobs.

Open reporting is currently only taking place through alternative media and your internet. There have been many attempts to prevent this, but all failed. Unfortunately, these media are also used in order to sow distrust and fear against us. Therefore, please read everything through your heart. Feel the truth or lie via your heart. It tells you the truth. Learn to trust it. It is the best source of truth, you can find.

Once your public media such as television or newspapers are reformed, you will also find reports on current events there. Journalists who have lost their job due to their honest job will then find a new assignment with open arms. Still sustain a little. The changes take place. Everything is going according to plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on board our ships preparations are already running for the first landings and a great reunion with our family members and our great family on your beautiful Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa

Your people have a right to an open, honest reporting – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn April 22, 2012 | Isas Lechfeld Tales II.

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  1. pweeky,
    Exactly. Over and over and over we’ve heard this.
    Recently I read a channeled post that seemed familiar. I looked back through my archives and found that it was an exact copy of a message from a year ago. It was regurgitated information.
    Trust only what lives inside your heart.

  2. We the people have faced this issue of media control for centuries. I only know UK history and that in the 19th century there were many printing presses publishing newspapers which expressed the views of people on the ground . They were persecuted, arrested, their printing presses destroyed but they moved them around they were sold on the street wherever possible. Many people could not read so they organised reading groups. Eventually there was legislation for a free press so that you can publish, print and sell your ‘alternative’ paper on the street, on public property or sell it through specialised or sympathetic outlets.
    I do it all the time with my housing paper. In the Eastern Bloc many people risked their lives to meet in secret and publish little news sheets distributed secretly as part of an underground movement. The president of Czechoslovakia who died recently was many time arrested for this. All the marginilised people have done this since for ever. As women, as people of colour – whatever. C’mon people stop bleating about why dont the galactics bust the media. Do your own thing. You pay out of your own pocket so what? Its worth it to get the truth out there. What do you think people did before the Internet came in? Most people in the world dont have access to the internet or have a cell phone. Freedom of expression is a customary right in my part of the world (uk) fought for by those who were fed up of being jerked around by the monarchs. We get it out any way we can. As for methods not long ago the post box was the only method or the (tapped) house phone, before that it was either horseback or foot slogging. Ancient people speak to us down the centuries by scratching on stones. Where theres a will theres a way.

  3. It is up tu us to make these changes happen. How often and how long are you, the doubters, focussing on visions full of Light and Love and how often are you looking, acting and believing on the old paradigm of 3D, every day? That would be like searching a certain frequency on the radio, but always turning the button in a direction of a frequency, that we don’t like. If you choose and really want believe in a wonderful world of 5D, then I suggest you, to act in that conscious and lightful way, as often and intensive, as you can! You are the creator of your experience,
    no one else!!!
    Love, Light and Blessings!!!
    Eva, Germany

  4. Well one of the biggest change’s of the beginning of the 21 Century was Last year on October 15. 2011 where the Occupy Movement went worldwide ; that was one of the biggest consciousness identity shifts to happen in the over all history of the Human race where all cultures came together ; thanks to the internet..WOWEEEEEEEEEEE and the Media screw up big time . So hold onto your Hats the occupy movement will be firing up in May all the way to the first snow fall of 2012…… THIS IS THE YEAR OF BIG CHANGE’S COMING FROM OUR HEARTS IN HOW WE WILL BE CHANGING THE WORLD ; WHERE THE 99% WILL SET THE STAGE FOR CHANGE . Down to earth people are becoming at Wits end with all the unjust crime from the Top down….. So Like minded people will Link up all over the earth to form a New world ; and that will be the glue for the Golden Age and there is No turning back to the old ways……. THE GIG IS OVER FOR THE ONES RAPING MOTHER EARTH AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS WE HAVE BEEN SEEING IN THE NEWS LIKE……over all sufferings do to WARS and they have No where to Run too . GOD Bless everyone who is waking up the best is yet to come.

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