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Thank you again for your continued correspondence.  It makes sense that the Chen incident was a PR stunt, as they needed some cover for Clinton and Geithner being in China to grovel.  I have been paying careful attention to the news being given here in the U.S. by ‘Drake’, and he recently made a statement that corroborates what you are saying.
     I do sincerely hope that the plan to arrest these people and put an end to this is close at hand.  The recent statements made by General Nikolai Makarov in regards to the possibility of Russia using preemptive force against the U.S./NATO missile defense system, which is set to be unveiled at the NATO summit on May 20-21st, (which will follow the G8 summit at Camp David, where Putin will meet with Obama), is the most frightening talk in my lifetime.  If this is saber-rattling, then they’ve officially got my attention; and the attention of all within Oath Keepers.  This is not Ahmadinejad throwing around hollow banter; this is coming from the highest levels of the Russian leadership.  Putin himself put forth a decree today issuing the same type of warning.  On top of this, we’ve got the impending joint U.S./Russian special forces exercises on May 21-24 to “seize and hold” the Denver International Airport and the headquarters of both the CIA and the NSA.  All of this goes on while Americans are fast asleep. 

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