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(By Richard C. Hoagland | The Enterprise Mission)


On Sunday, May 20, 2012, the first annular solar eclipse visible in the continental United States for 18 years — after crossing the entire Pacific Ocean, and then, the North American coastline at the Oregon/California boundary — ends at sunset in the “Great American Southwest” … just east of Lubbock, Texas.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – home of The Enterprise Mission — will be exactly in line with the eclipse path of “maximum annularity” (image – above) – allowing an unprecedented opportunity for both spectacular visual observations, as well as a unique “field test” of its long-controversial “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Physics” Model – first televised nationally in November, 2010, in NBC/SyFy’s “2012: Startling New Secrets.”

Based on decades of theoretical and experimental research, by scores of physicists around the world, and dozens of globally-spanning field tests carried out by The Enterprise Mission itself, on May 20th Enterprise will be testing LIVE for the first time – during this “annular solar eclipse” — the core concept of the entire “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Model”:

That, geometric alignments — of ROTATING planetary/stellar objects — are crucial in creating scientifically observable changes in the underlying “torsion field Physics” … across the entire solar system … and, during solar eclipses, are capable of affecting a wide range of diverse phenomenon across this entire planet – ranging from altering actual “physical constants” … to altering “geophysical and meteorological phenomenon” … to dramatically affecting biology… and even “consciousness” itself.

The Enterprise Mission plans to televise – via an Internet “livestream” webcast on May 20th (details to be posted shortly here …) – the real-time acquisition of this unprecedented HD/Torsion solar eclipse data. During this dramatic telecast, in addition to the LIVE “Enterprise Accutron measurements” of the eclipse, the much broader technological, sociological and historical implications of these data – from the availability of “free energy,” to the feasibility of “anti-gravity” … to the accumulating evidence that “a Prior, High-Tech Civilization” USED this same HD Physics and Technology thousands of years ago to construct “ancient, sacred sites” around the world — will also be presented and discussed.


What these eclipse observations mean for a follow-on field-experiment Enterprise is, even now, planning to carry out … just days after the eclipse … in Egypt, at the Pyramids!

To use them as gigantic “torsion amplifiers”–

Measuring the dramatically changing torsion field at Giza — literally, the “Ancient Center of the World” — as it is fundamentally affected by the last (in this Century …) “Venus Transit of the Sun!”

Stay tuned.


A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes directly between Earth and the Sun — and the Moon’s darkened hemisphere “eclipses” (covers – because of the matching optical diameters – see diagram, below) the much more distant (though 400 times larger!) solar surface … 93 million miles beyond.

Total eclipse of the sun

This remarkable “coincidence of optical diameters” (above) gives us the extraordinary solar system spectacle of a “total solar eclipse” (below).

Total lunar eclipse

An “annular solar eclipse, by striking contrast,” occurs when the Moon is slightly farther from the Earth in its elliptical orbit than it is during a total eclipse (below), and its darkened hemispheric silhouette “doesn’t quite cover the sun …” as seen from Earth.

Annualar eclipse geometry

Resulting in a totally different visual eclipse experience (below) ….

Read the entire article here (there’s much, much more including a bunch of cool images)…

A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse … and Final Venus Transit by Richard C. Hoagland | Conscious Life News.

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