Archangel Michae channeled by Radio Ann

This is Archangel Michael. I wield a sword of protection. I symbolize the use of soft and hard power. That means I carry the sword so that I don’t have to use it, do you understand? Courage, confidence and clarity are all the weapons you need. Call on me for protection, I will help you in times of need. I will also steer you away from trouble, which is the best protection of all.You live in tumultuous times, and things are fixing to get even bumpier. Hang on to your Self. Every human life terminates at some point. Don’t worry about when or how. When the time comes, you won’t care how, you’ll just drop your body and move on to the next adventure.In the meantime, the planet needs the light of every being who is capable of shining. Do your part by shining your light as brightly as you can. Smile! Be lighthearted, especially when you have reasons to be heavy. I am here, with my sword, protecting you at all times so that you can be light of heart and mind. Your troubles are like the morning dew. Every morning the dew appears and fades. This is the transitory nature of a lifetime. Your life itself cannot be altered, damaged, diminished or eliminated. You abide, as do I. Live! Do not fear. In solidarity, AA Michael.

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