Pyramids of Glass Part II: Atlantis Rising – Apparently Apparel – A New Style of Coverage!



                                                                by Zach RoyerFrom the canyons of the mind
We wander on and stumble blind
Through the awful entangled maze
Of starless nights and sunless days
While asking for some kind of clue
A road to lead us to the truth

As all of you know by now, the infamous Bermuda Triangle is the area where ships and planes have been disappearing, compasses have been malfunctioning, and it was the subject of the first Pyramids of Glass Submerged in the Bermuda Triangle article I wrote, which has made its way around the internet, to say the least. This is a follow up to that article and will hopefully answer some of your questions that have been asked in the recent days.

The Power of the Bermuda Triangle

The power within the Bermuda Triangle has a very important connection to earth’s past, present, and future. A part of the sunken continent of Atlantis lies beneath the Bermuda Triangle. There is a huge pyramid beneath the waters and within this pyramid is a ‘Needle’ which generated all the power needed on the continent of Atlantis. When the continent submerged, this great pyramid with it’s huge storehouse of power, was lowered into a huge crater. From time to time, due to certain atmospheric and other conditions, such as wind currents, sun spots, positions of planets, and so on, the power of the needle is activated and moved into position which causes ships and aircraft to be pulled into a vortex. There are three such places on this earth, where these needles of power are hidden. The other two places are in the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Devil’s Sea off Japan.

I cannot believe why people do not believe in Atlantis. There is so much evidence to prove that this continent did indeed exist! For instance, sightings from aircraft of undersea buildings and cities have been reported around Bimini and the Azores. The Azore mountain range was once above water and was attached to the lost continent. News reports from the Bahamas show that there have been stones and other artifacts found to prove that Atlantis extended all the way down the Eastern Coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

An excellent article by the Post-Tribune entitled “Pursuits of Atlantis Lead to Pyramids of Egypt” corroborates this information.

The article reads: “Is it possible the great pyramids of Egypt are guarding clues to the “lost continent of Atlantis?” Dr. Maxine Asher, director of the Ancient Mediterranean Research Association in Los Angeles, believes there is a good chance that this idea may be true. She has already made a preliminary investigation of the pyramid complexes near the Sphinx of Giza. She has pursued the Atlantis legend from Central America to the Bahamas, Ireland, Spain, and now Egypt. She is undaunted by many other researchers that claim Atlantis is a myth perpetrated on the world by the Greek philosopher, Plato. In an interview, Asher said she was “convinced that Atlantis was a super-civilization that existed about 10,500 – 10,000 B.C. and was overwhelmed with a catastrophe, possibly the great flood of Noah“. The trouble is she says, is that they cannot find anything that is labeled “Atlantis”. “I admit the evidence for Atlantis is skimpy, consisting mainly of large stone structures found under the sea at places like Bimini Island in the Bahamas, and off Cadiz, Spain. Dr. Asher believes that the survivors of the flooded Atlantis spread out to plant new seeds of civilization in such places as Malta, Algeria, Crete, Greece, Central America, and even Egypt. Furthermore, she noted that there are megalithic structures in the valley temple west of the Sphinx that seem to be akin to those same stone structures found beneath the sea at Bimini, Cadiz, and other places.

How Can the Pyramids be Made of Glass?

First of all, the Atlantean Pyramids weren’t made of the flimsy glass which we currently use as windows today. You have to think a little bit harder about that. What is clear like glass, and very strong? The answer is crystal. Or rather, crystallite, a mineral found today in places such as the shores of Gibraltar. The base of the pyramid was made of this crystallite mineral, much like the diamonds we love today, and very strong indeed. This structure lies beneath the Atlantic in the area we know as the Bermuda Triangle, and just like crystals, attracts a lot of cosmic energy to it’s location, causing some of the disappearances and strange occurrences we know of today.

Great discoveries are in store. Man stands upon the threshold of a future too gigantic to comprehend at the present time. The future will give birth to a “superman” race. It will be an age when man will once again come face to face with the Prime Creator. It will be an age when the Master Spirits will again return to the planet Earth, either by process of reincarnation or simply to walk with and teach mankind. There will be no more room for secrets. The Great Pyramids of the world were left as a reminder of who we are and what we are to become. A new age of Atlanteans will again rule the world. Man once more will become a physical and spiritual giant capable of amazing feats! Child prodigies, Indigo Children, will be commonplace, for children will walk and talk from birth and possess great wisdom at an early age. Many new spirits will incarnate and assist in the final establishment of a new age. They will not only have the knowledge of cosmic free energy, radio and infrared waves, ultraviolet, X, and gamma rays and laser beams, but they will also understand the power of solar energy, atomic energy, aetheric energy, and electromagnetism. They will have the wisdom to use this knowledge properly.

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Pyramids of Glass Part II: Atlantis Rising – Apparently Apparel – A New Style of Coverage!.

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