Hoax – Teleportation In china captured by Surveillance Camera – YouTube


UPDATE: Mark D.W just pointed out that the video orginated on this Chinese video games website however… so.. you decide whether it is real or fake, I however believe it is a fake now (-_-) … Here is the link for the website: http://x.wanmei.com/

Here is the video:

Teleportation In china captured by Surveillance Camera – YouTube | AuroraDreamflight with Adrial.

17 thoughts on “Hoax – Teleportation In china captured by Surveillance Camera – YouTube

  1. very strange that in the site there are hard subs that cannot be removed and on youtube there are vids that dont have a hard sub what simply means that this site is not the autor of the videos

  2. On the web site you provided once translated the very comment on the post says its source on ware the footage came from simply monitoring head photographed i believe to mean remote over head monitoring , and then the very comment says 16 seconds do not blink i prefer to believe vertigo too exiting !! this is not ware it first came from

  3. To me looks pretty authentic: the behaviour of the truck driver and the motorbiker is coherent with the teleportation effect. Everything in the video is coherent.

  4. Time stamps can be faked. It isn’t difficult. What doesn’t change is the metadata. Even with it being reposted, an expert could show you what happened. The flash is unnatural. It isn’t part of the original video file. All you need is something like Adobe Premier to do something like that. I’ve done some video editing and I know friends who have.

  5. Why would a superhero just save one person and not become a hero like superman.
    Why would an alien risk getting caught for one life.
    Still looks sweet and will fool many.

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  7. To the one whom started this posting yes this video is diplayed on the Asian website but however did u translate what was writtin at the top of the video it reads (监控头拍下的灵异事件 第16秒千万不要眨眼) which means ” Monitoring head photographed supernatural events do not blink first 16 seconds” and at the bottom it reads (我宁愿相信我眼花了,太刺激了!) which means ” I prefer to believe my vertigo, so exciting!” so it means they just used the video on their site not that they made the video so word of advice no disrepect and to all thats so quick to yell fake fake not possible hoax ect do better research next time before you go calling things fake and hoax the Chinese are very intelligent people i wouldnt put it passed them if they have somehow mastered this ability of techmology and are using it to help their own people in their own communities hey just a comment

  8. Theoretic it is possible to teleport. Einstein theorized that by creating a big enough electromagnetic field around a object you could teleport it through space and time. Einstein and other scientists tried to put this theory in practice. It was called the Philadelphia experiment, performed by the us military, we all know how that went.
    We don’t actually have the the technology to create a big enough electromagnetic field around the object. But we are talking about china here.

  9. Watch it in HD, in full screen, and focus on the roof of the truck, you can see where it is spliced between two different passes, one with the trike, and one without. There is an impossible movement of the truck that can only be accounted for by the splice. Anyone who has done this in video editing can spot that right away.
    They would not have been able to do this fifty times to get a perfect match of the lines, and probably only did the two passes and hoped for the best.

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