Laura – Aurora Crew Update – AuroraDreamflight Going Private 5 Nov. 2012


Ok, I am setting AuroraDreamflight blog on private settings now :)

There are currently over 300 crew members!! we are going towards 400, including the people still waiting for me to email their confirmation for a few weeks. Please bear with me, as time is a rare commodity for me :). So if you have not interacted on the blog before, and are sending a request, I would have no idea who you are, therefore I will ignore your request. You need to email me the 3 points info from below, unless I know you VERY WELL from chatting on the blog regularly ! :)

You will need to ask for permission to join the blog from now on. WordPress will prompt you to request permission to the site automatically when you look for the blog :)

People would need to set up a wordpress blog first i think though if you have not done so already and click request access. Or send me an email and I can send you an ivite to the blog.

If you have not been posting on the blog for 2 months already, i will need this info from you:

Here is my email address:

1- copy of email from me confirming you are part of the Auroracrew already. The blog from now on will be for crew members only I am afraid, public posts will be published here are usual or on my personal blog Multidimensional OceanIncluding what blogs you follow or where you are at in your journey.

2- An email about yourself and what are your interests in Auroradreamflights

3- the username you will send the blog request from. All is done automatically by wordpress, once you register with them and look for aurorablog. It is not up to me to send you a password.

Love and light, Laura

ps: public Aurora/ Adrial posts and channelings will be posted as usual on Here and Now and on Multidimensional Ocean blogs. Auroradreamflights from now on is for crew and confirmed crew only.

If you have not yet been confirmed, you need to be confirmed by me and Adrial. Email me, including point 2 and last point in 1. The reply may take several weeks, as I have exams for the next 5 to 6 weeks.. so.. I am sorry, but you may have to wait till exams are over for me. In the meantime regular public posts, even concerning Aurora will be posted on my personal blog: Multidimensional Ocean.

:) Hugs and love, Laura

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