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[Hello dear friends. Today, I saw again how careful we have to be with our thoughts because it seems that some of the more intense ones may have a kind of tangible impact to our environment. Let me tell you what happened to me on a specific past date of this year and also, what I experienced today.

On October 20th 2012, something happened at that night and I allowed it to make me feel angry. I was feeling anger constantly with much intense for some minutes. At 10:37 pm I imagined myself breaking a glass into pieces and RIGHT at that time I heard a crash…the waitress in front of me fell down and broke the glasses. Later, while I was walking, I recalled the incident that made me angry and at that time 2 cars were ready to crash on each other but fortunately this didn’t happen and the drivers reacted on each other. The time that this happened was 12:20 am.

Today, I sat at a cafeteria. Some seconds later, I thought of something that made me stressful. I allowed the feeling to affect me and my reaction to it was an inner but very strong ‘no’. Instantly, while I was feeling myself reacting, the glass that the waiter in front of me was carrying on his disk, fell  and his clothes got wet. At  least it wasn’t something serious or harmful.

I got the confirmation that I caused this with that specific thought of reaction. It seems for some time now, that our thoughts can react on our environment faster than ever. A little later, I asked Iltheos for a message.]

Greetings dear ones.

Energetic adjustments are happening to all of you without interruptions. Each one of you handles them with his/her own pace and way. The energetic adjustment is happening everywhere. You view one part of its manifestations to locations of your solar system.

The most sensitive of you are able to feel them. The ones who have in mind the simultaneous adjustment of their bodies, not only of their physical ones, are also able to feel this readjustment and improvement of their ‘inner’ universe.

The response of each one of you to the incentives and reactions of his/her body is variable. Remember that there is not a particular, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, way of response from your side, since that every kind of response will be adjusted ‘automatically’ in a way that it will offer you those experiences that will contribute to your further growth.

This energetic adjustment is happening to everyone. Regardless of the final decision of each one of you, regarding your wish to move on to the next vibrational level or not, no one stays unaffected from the waves of the high vibrational energies. It is part of the universal process of evolution and rebirth.

Acceptance and repose are some of the main ‘keys’ that help to the beneficial handling of this current situation, from your side. Also, do not forget the work that you do on the Astral Level. Nothing is left by chance. As much as it is possible for you, try to remain calm, to stay tuned with your Heart and do things that give you Joy or meet with people who are able to uplift you with their presence.

Furthermore, listen to the voice of your Higher Self. The upgrade that you experience helps you also to (re)unite with your True, Divine Self  and also, to balance out the bodies that each one of you carries. All are going well and as they have to be. But all these seem ‘throbbing’ to someone who feel that he/she lacks of Love. This energy is the necessary component for your alchemical transubstantiation and without it, nothing would be able to exist and be in motion.

Embrace yourself and the blessings that you accept on individual and collective level, regardless the way they seem to appear. All happens for your own benefit and in the remaining period of this year of yours, this will be more noticeable from all of you, irrespective of the interpretation that each one of you will choose to give to this that he/she is going to feel.

Blessings, Love and Compassion from the Highest Fields of Light and your Families…and me.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.
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  1. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    As you may note from what I have been posting I have been having pretty emotional reactions to all the violence lately(and implied violence ala US Civil War II). I have found personally that if I immediately take a positive action such as pray, meditate, post/share online, sign petitions etc the negative aspect of the feeling is replaced by a still intense but different feeling.
    I cried when I saw the wonderful picture Laura posted earlier of the Israeli police shielding the Arab children with their bodies-it was partly the horror of children being in that situation but even more it was an unusual feeling of love, relief, solidarity/unity where I see and recognize the actions in another that come from this same place of Love, compassion and Unity and it draws out my emotions often in uncomfortable ways but not ,I think, in negative ways.
    Another important thing to remember is whenever faced with negativity, or strong emotional reactions that seem intractable to our own efforts to redirect, we can always pray for help and receive it immediately.
    When I was taught as a child that the elders/ancestors prayed all the time or all day I wondered why and how they could get anything done;-) I’m finally starting to understand what my Mom was telling me-in order to stay in the best frame of mind when faced with all sorts of challenges(which living in a colonized society presents us with constantly!) the only way to do it is to be in a state of constant prayer and inner awareness.
    They were not as I was when very young, on my knees in front of a bank of candles in a church, but much more like the Shaolin priests who you see in old kung fu movies silently moving their lips in prayer or even holding the prayers beads in one hand while in the middle of a kung fu fight;-)
    At a certain point it seems our entire life becomes a prayer, but then we are all the way awake.

  2. Your words are very resonating dear friend and I wish to thank you deeply for your sharing. I remember the day I’ve encountered a series of photos to an article where you could see very beautiful and touching actions from people…the purpose of that post was for us to gain our faith to humanity..that there is still hope for good thing to arise from the human race of this planet. I am sending you much Love and Gratitude for your so needed presence and work.

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