Former Member of Israel IDF – Gilad Atzmon – Exposes Zionist Anti-Zionism!

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 Nov 17, 2012 |

AL. Why do the Israeli lawmakers use biblical references for their wars against Gaza?

GA: Because Israel is the Jewish State, and Biblical rage fuels Zionism and Israeli politics with ’spiritual’ meaning.

AL: We know that many of them have a secular background.

GA: Jewish secularism is a funny concept. It is a ‘spiritual-less’, Godless ‘religion’. Secular Jews don’t believe in God but, rather too often, they kill in his name.

AL. The pro-Palestinian discourse is deeply infiltrated by Zionist elements or groups, even within the second and the third Freedom Flotillas. How do you explain such a phenomenon?

GA: My latest book, The Wandering Who throws light on this peculiar phenomenon. I can think of many reasons.

1) We are dealing here with controlled opposition: according to the Jewish left, we are allowed to deal with Israel — as long as we don’t admit that this murderous state actually defines itself as the Jewish State. And we are allowed to discuss Israel — just as long as we don’t mention that its air-planes are decorated with Jewish Symbols.

2) Jewish identity is tribally driven. This applies to Zionist as well as anti Zionist identities. Though Jews didn’t invent tribalism, Jewish culture equips it followers with sophisticated exilic political survival tactics. It is hardly surprising then, that Jewish so called ‘anti’ Zionists are far more united and organized than Palestinian exiles or other opponents of Israel because it needs to be understood that Jews have been practicing exilic identity politics’ for 3000 years, whilst the Palestinians are pretty new to it all.

3) Jews are attracted to revolutionary ideologies. Look at the Bolshevik revolution: I learned recently that 25% of the International Division fighting along side the Spanish Republic army during the Spanish Civil War, were Jews.

So the crucial question we have to ask ourselves then, is whether those Jewish ‘progressiv exponents are serving a universal and a humanist cause — or do they promote Jewish self interests instead. My research has taught me that in many cases, Jewish ‘progressive ideology’ is actually still Judeo-centric, to the bone.