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Photo of crashed UFO released by Japanese Navy

OKINAWA, JAPAN- Japanese Navy officials have released the first ever photo of the UFO that crashed off the coast of Okinawa yesterday. The photo appears grainy and somewhat unclear since the vessel is submerged underwater but clearly shows a power source still glowing brightly atop the aircraft’s dome.

“We wanted to release this photo to the world and confirm the reports issued yesterday,” said Japanese Navy spokesman Yoshido Hari. “This picture will give credence to what some of our citizens living on Okinawa witnessed yesterday. We clearly still have many days of salvaging ahead of us but we will take our time and bring the aircraft up in one piece. We must preserve the object as much as possible.”

Numerous reports began to circulate around the globe yesterday about a possible UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa. Many people, including the mainstream media, believed the reports to be false or an elaborate prank. The picture snapped by Japanese Navy divers will put those thoughts of falsity to rest.

“This is not a joke,” said Hari, speaking candidly to reporters. “We have clear evidence at the bottom of the ocean that indicates UFO presence. What the world once thought virtually impossible is now a reality. It is up to us to preserve that reality in order to study the structure of the vessel and perhaps even the alien lifeforms inhabiting it.”

Several scientists from the United States have already been dispatched by the U.S. government and will arrive in Tokyo sometime today. It is unclear, however, if the vessel will be moved to the capital city for further study and research or if it will remain housed in a hangar on Okinawa.

“At this early junction, we can’t say for sure where we will be conducting our studies,” said Hari. “Our main objective at the moment is salvaging the giant aircraft in one piece. We must get it out of the water before saltwater eats away critical pieces. Obviously, keeping the structure intact would be optimal.”

Asked if the Japanese Navy had any intentions of releasing future photos of the downed UFO, Hari commented, “At this time we have no other photos to release. The water is somewhat murky and the picture released to the world this morning is the best quality available at this time. We will try to produce other photos of the vessel as conditions improve.”

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is expected to arrive on the small island sometime tomorrow to speak with Navy representatives regarding the salvaging of the UFO. Needless to say, the Japanese government has a huge interest in preserving the aircraft as it will be used for future research endeavors.

Please keep checking back for further updates as they become available.

***UPDATE posted December 10, 2012

Inothernewz.com has learned from sources inside the Japanese government that the Prime Minister’s office has restricted any and all media coverage of the UFO salvage operation. The tight secrecy has led to several media outlets protesting this decision, claiming the Japanese public and the world have a right to know about the crash.

Inothernewz.com will post a full article on these developments as we continue to gather facts regarding the UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa. Please check back for further updates as they become available.

Japanese Navy Releases First Photo Of Downed UFO Off The Coast Of Okinawa | In Other Newz.

6 thoughts on “2 Articles on Japanese Navy Releases First Photo Of Downed UFO Off The Coast Of Okinawa | In Other Newz

  1. steve. says:

    sorry laura, it looks like a hoax, like the tablet – end of the world posting and a dr a zing.
    there are no links, not even to the nippon tv news, just a photo.

    it would be amazing if true.

    1. Laura says:

      i guess we will see if more comes from it. Alfred Webre thnks it is genuine, I guess he is well informed :)

  2. steve. says:

    be nice if it is true, it all went quiet over the norway ufo, they seem to have buried that one, submarine trap from ww2, do not think so.

    one day we will find out.

    if alfred has links to the news article, or tv news cast recording, perhaps you could get it from him.
    without links to verify it, it becomes just another possible hoax, it damages real events that get lost amid the millions of you tube fakers.

  3. Debra says:

    “The Japanese Navy Destroyer JS Kurama shown here during UFO recovery efforts” FALSE. Destroyer ships DO NOT recovery apparatus, ship in pic is moving and Inothernewz.com must have a helicopter because pic is from the air and centered perfectly. Size of Japanese apt? Same size as ship? Use discernment with everything. Just sayin…

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