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One thought on “Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 22DEC2012

  1. Suzuki33 says:

    I have great need and desire to meet with ‘non humanoid’ beings in their true forms. yes thats just a visual. but its important to me.its not from curiosity of ‘appearance’ but to heal a heartache I perceive inside of me. which in this world stems from judgement and fears based on physical appearances… and not the hearts. as we do not even know right now, walking this earth now in ‘human form’ what their true or other form is. ironically it would feel more ‘familiar’ to me, so perhaps it is hidden from me for some purpose while here on earth even my own true form. I cannot tell. but I am interested of course. because I feel I miss my family and it hurts. because I have an earthly one right here,humans.. and I do not feel as connected to them sadly.sometimes I just feel lost and up for adoption and not adopted,or forgotten somehow or in a time warp. wrong place wrong time and calling for help.thats why I come to great sites like these to connect. I miss my child self as well. I feel ‘she’ actually went off somewhere else ..and im supposed to get back or connect again. as im multi dimensional and im an adult… but I have an eternally (hopefully) preserved child like spirit elsewhere.. and this adult state honestly pains her. I know maybe this sounds more like information for a therapist,but I truly am having tons of astral experiences, that my therapist (yes im seeing one) dismisses. she means well. so in this two (at least) dimensional state ill have to carry on as a ‘normal adult human in this ‘real world’ with its ‘wordly ways’ while painfully denying my other self calling me to another way. which is why im interested in salusa ascension articles. and a new reality, so I dont have to keep denying my truth. our truth. that there is more to this world and life than many have accepted in complacency.

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