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Laura: I have accumulated a collection of opinions, vidoes and photos what in my opinion was the one event designed in order to prevent our global Ascension by keeping us into fear and angry vibrations. Many of us fell for this event, and our vibrations lowered. I know personally I was extremely pained and shocked by this story.  But how does the story stand scrutiny 3 weeks later? Please spread the information presented here, in order to restore inner peace, love and to resume our light work. This has also created much division, much diversion also, which are well known cabal delay tactics to keep us away from the truth and from working together. We send our love to all those who were truly affected by this story, not to the con artists with an agenda for chaos and money making.



Laura: This video shows that day before the shooting, there was a website set up asking for donations for the dead children, how can one explain this? also the page for emilie parker on facebook was set up on the day of the shooting, date which has been changed to the 14th since. It also shows a picture of Emilie in president Obama’s arms, when she was supposed to be dead. Interesting stuff, would you not say?



Sandy Hook Actors
Here is Victoria Soto, one of the teachers supposedly shot in the “Sandy Hook” event. She has been portrayed as the one who “heroically” protected her students from the lone gunman. This picture was featured in the actual CNN footage that you can see on youtube and elsewhere. Note the man in the back giving the famed Masonic hand symbol while looking directly into the camera.

Here is a pic of what appears to be Victoria Soto, also taken from the CNN website, supposedly mourning “her sister” who was shot in the school.

In this video, you will see her trying out for an acting part, which shows that she is, in fact, an actor. Note that she puts her arm in the same folded position in this video, as in the picture above. Her audition begins at 5.50 in the video

Next actor is Dr H Wayne Carver II, the CT State Chief Medical Examiner. Here is a picture of the real person, taken of him in 2004, when he turned 60 years old.

That would make him 68 years old as of the year 2012. Now, here is a picture of the actor playing him during the news coverage of Sandy Hook. If you watch the actual interview with this actor, you will see him acting extremely strangely, very unprofessionally, and evading questions that he should obviously have a straight answer for.
It should be clear, looking at these 2 pictures, that this is not the same person, as he looks much younger than even this 8 year old picture above, and certainly does not look 68 years old. Also, he has a longer forehead, a wider face, and a longer neck.

and… here is the same guy (or sure looks like him), directing traffic in another news clip from the same day. Strange thing for a chief medical examiner to be doing, don’t you think?

Here, we have the “Phelps” family, here in another interview, who supposedly lost their children in the Sandy Hook shooting, also doing bad character acting. Note the “costumes” they wear, such as a hat, scarf, hair drawn over eyes/neck, eyes looking down, etc. Interview is , along with pictures of them from Picasa showing their real names and identity, and clips from them in other media staged events.

Also, some people have pointed out the striking resemblance between this woman above (real name Jennifer Sexton), and the Attorney for James Holmes. Is it the same person, acting another role? Take a look…

Sandy Hook Actors links:


3- Have a good look at this photo, where you can see Emilie with president Obama after the shooting in which Emilie was supposedly shot dead.



4- It appears that James Holmes attorney was also one of the parents of the shooting. Notice that that woman, posing as a parent does not speak at all, so that a voice authentication would not  be possible.  She also purposely keeps her profile and her head low, so that the angles and shots are different.

200546_465829936807681_148916666_n 298947_322058744577180_1579468543_n

Also I have added here 2 videos: One of the attorney and one of the parent interview for you to view better than a photo shot. Interestingly enough, in the video of the attorney, the same woman looks very different when she gives her interview and when she sits next to James Holmes. I am pointing out the fact that with professional make up, the same person can look older, more wrinkled, fatter, older etc… minute 5:30 for the two split screens on James Holmes video and the same woman appears @ minute 9 on the Newtown video.

Also notice when the woman speaks as James Holmes attorney, she has a nervous twitch. Perhaps she is nervous and scared when she gives the interview. Also some people cannot hide when they lie, and automatically have a nervous twitch when they are lying. Or perhaps is the continuous half suggestive lip movements meant to distract  from what she is saying? Here are the 2 videos:

James Holmes Attorney speach posing:

minute 5:30 for the two split screens on James Holmes

Newtown parent posing:

the same woman appears @ minute 9 on the Newtown video.

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