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NOTE:  THIS IS NOT THE LIVE INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT BUT AN EDITED VERSION OF ZIRIA’S WRITTEN ANSWERS THAT SHE PREPARED IN ADVANCE.  Translation assistance was provided by two Russian translators who assisted with grammar and continuity.

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Note:  Ziria will be interviewed on her own because since the interview with Stewart Swerdlow her husband, Radium, has been imprisoned in a mental institution in Russia (something about a 30 day court ordered imprisonment).  Needless to say, this will be so the Russian government can investigate him.

Additional note:  It has come to my notice that some people have chosen to misinterpret what is written in the paragraph above.  

For those that pay attention to the interview and read the pdf “real story” available above, it is clearly a result of the criminal proceedings that started back in May 2012, due to the Russian authorities charging Radium with purchase and storage of radioactive materials (specifically Plutonium, Americium 241) that they then went as far, on December 19th, to imprison him for 30 days in a mental institution.  Obviously, this has nothing to do with the interview done by Stewart Swerdlow.  I apologize if anyone has misread the word “since” above as implying anything other than what was meant. –Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, 1/8/2013

Please note that Ziria and Radium would like to continue their scientific research into who they are and their capabilities.  If you wish to assist them please contact Ziria via email : irradia1986@yahoo.com

Please only send serious and considerate emails to them.  This is my request.  Their lives are not easy and they are experiencing a great deal of difficulty at the present time.  

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Moscow, Skakovaya street, house  34, building 3, apartment 186

NAME: Bershetskiy Radiy Yurievich


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THE FOLLOWING IS THE WRITTEN INTERVIEW WITH ANSWERS WRITTEN BY ZIRIA (this was prepared in advance and not the live audio transcription — Live transcript coming soon!)

PROJECT CAMELOT: Interview with Ziria from Irradia Couple of Russia

Conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

on Monday, January 7, 2013

English answers written by Zira (prior to the live interview) with assisted English translation improvement done by Luba Yesipovich and Victoriya Nemzer

Note: this is not a transcript of the audio interview and may contain some differences.

Kerry Cassidy’s questions to Ziria:

1.  Please talk about your birth as you remember it and whether you recall any childhood dealings with other beings, discarnate entities or hidden presences.  Include how old you are and date of birth.

Regarding my husband’s childhood, I only know that he was born in Moscow on September 26, 1984. His mother, by all accounts, was not able to have children. Therefore, there is some uncertainty as to whether he is her true biological son or not … I do not know these details. Let me tell you more about myself …

My childhood is full of secrets and mysteries.

I have two birthdays. One date (the first one) is real, the other date is the one written in my passport. The first date of birth is April 26, 1986 (Wikipedia: The Chernobyl disaster began during a systems test on April 26, 1986 at reactor number four of the Chernobyl plant). The second date of birth (official, but not biological) is June 9, 1989.

I remember being born in Chernobyl, Ukraine. I am somehow connected to the reactor number four of the Chernobyl nuclear plant via reincarnation. I had an experience of moving back in time (a few big jumps in time). But then, one day, some very bad people did something to me, they stole me … and they moved me to a strange city in Ukraine, far from Chernobyl. They gave me to a so-called “foster care” family for adoption, where the bastards abused me for twenty one years! I went through hell, suffering constant physical injuries, beatings, torture and mental violence and abuse. Everybody around me, at the time, treated me in a very hostile way. My life was constantly under the threat of death. I was very different from all people from birth.

I never knew my real biological parents … to this day, the question of my origin is a mystery to me. I would love to know more …

These so-called foster parents told me that when I was little, my skin was blue, and I had big blue eyes without pupils. They always called me a freak (mental and physical) due to the fact that I was so different from all people physically, psychologically and spiritually. As a result, they were constantly beating me up. Besides, my so-called foster father was a complete drug addict and alcoholic. For any manifestation of my personality and my will, I was beaten. If I did not carry out their orders, I was beaten again. I’ve always resisted their intentions, so I had to suffer … Out of necessity, I had to learn tricks and deception. I’ve always lived in a fraud, I had to constantly lie to survive.

How do I know that the first date of birth is my real birth date? Because I remember very well my entire past from the beginning of birth in the body… my body was undergoing major physical changes after the birth on Earth … This memory came back to me after my contact with alien beings on November 13, 2000 (they were my very close friends from my past life on the planet Erios, which is located in another dimension and in another universe.) These beings have saved my life twice. The first time was when they restored my memory and pure consciousness. The second time was when, as a result of another trauma to me by these so-called foster parents, I was delivered to the intensive care with severe bleeding and 80% loss of blood! The doctors said that with such loss of blood no one survives, but I survived. I had a blood transfusion, after which great changes began to occur in me … I know that these beings saved me, otherwise I would have died … During our first contact, I asked them to take me with them, because I felt very bad… But they said that it was not the time for me to leave this planet. I have a great future and I have to do something very important … They told me to wait, be patient and be tricky. To be able to pretend and lie in order to survive, until I can make an escape. From that moment on, I began to plan an escape. In 2008 I met my husband on the Internet on one esoteric forum. We found each other and we immediately made a decision for me to move in with him. I was planning to escape in advance. I managed to escape from the Ukraine on May 9, 2009 and to move to live with my husband in Moscow.

There is still a lot of information I would like to tell, but it’s too much data. Therefore, this is so far all I wanted to say about this subject.

2.  Please talk about your early upbringing and when you first realized you couldn’t digest food and when you first started encountering radiant materials that would “feed” you.

As I said earlier, I had a very difficult childhood with the so-called foster parents who are not my biological family. They always tried to do everything to make me be like all other people. They tried to “break” me on the psychological level, the physical level and the physiological level. Of course, they made me eat the food that all people eat. From an early age, they began to notice that I refused the food, but they did not pay attention to it and continued to make me eat it and beat me up. As a result, when I was eating this food, my body would get sick. I was sick very often. Doctors were explaining this like it was a common cold and I had a poor immune system. In reality, this was my reaction to the food which was given to me …

Since childhood, I had an instinctive attraction to any source of radiation. I remember when I was 3 years old, I loved to come to the old tube TV (CRT) and to cuddle with it with my naked body … These bastards have noticed my passion and they forbade me to do so; they beat me up for the fact that I ran to radiant energy … Besides, I remember my experience with a quartz lamp in my childhood … I instinctively felt the high content of radioactive isotopes everywhere – in the soil, in food. I unknowingly ate soil as a child, the soil which had a high content of radioisotopes. I also ate berries, mushrooms with a high content of radioisotopes. My body does not get energy from organic food, but it is able to completely absorb all the radioactive isotopes from food!

I also remember how I got acquainted with the power lines when I was 8 y.o. I realized that I was instinctively drawn to stand under power lines and get exposed to electromagnetic waves from them. It is a great feeling. With that, the most interesting thing I noticed is that the power lines with a pyramidal structure have the most powerful effects on the body. Within such structures, electromagnetic energy is concentrated in a special way. I go inside these structures, get to the very center and begin to get irradiated. It’s a very strong interaction! I was always looking for an opportunity to stand under such power lines again and again and get energized. This energy charges me very much! This is unbelievably powerful!

I first got access to the man-made sources of radiation in Ukraine, when I was studying at the Institute of the Department of Environmental Engineering. I admit that my behavior was not nice, but I had no choice because my body needed radiation.

There were dosimeters and radiation sources at that Department. There was one source based on Strontium 90 and two sources of Cobalt 60. The control source of Strontium 90 was in a separate container, but the sources of Cobalt 60 were incorporated into the dosimeters. I acted in a very clever way. I was able to steal these sources of radiation and I used them for food. I’ve done everything so that no one thought that it was me who stole them. No one knew what happened to these radiation sources. But, please understand me, too – I had no choice! My body was very much in need of radioisotopes, I had to steal them!

During the period between 2004 and 2007, I had the opportunity to visit Chernobyl and Slavutych. While being there, I was able to restore my biological resources of the body, I ate radioactive soil and I obtained Radioisotopes in different ways. When I first came to Chernobyl, I finally was able to remember all my past … I got there and realized that I was born there. All my memories, which my friends from another planet helped me to restore, were fully recovered after I was able to come to Chernobyl for the first time after such a long break …

Then in 2009, I went to live with my husband in Moscow. We began to think about how we can find food for ourselves and we started to learn about everything that may contain radioactive isotopes. We have taken a great interest in mineralogy and learned all about radioactive minerals. We began to attend mineral exhibitions in Moscow and started to find radioactive minerals through our senses (without dosimeters). We just felt the sensations, which minerals have radioactive substances and in what quantity.

We encountered the first man-made sources of radiation in June 2009, when we took secret trips to the territory of a military unit in Moscow. We have always been attracted to the theme of “stalking” and to the opportunity to visit secret facilities, to explore and learn. (Wikipedia: Stalker (man) – a person engaged in the study of dangerous objects and areas of risk to health or life. Stalker (film) – feature film based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers «Roadside Picnic», Russia. Director – Andrei Tarkovsky).This is our secret passion! My husband had a passion for it since childhood. Me too. From an early age, I loved to penetrate the protected areas, I was always attracted to it for some reason. It’s like a drug … The constant desire to explore what is hidden from the rest of people …

Then, in June of 2009, my husband and I came to one such military unit, which our girlfriend told us about (she said that there may be radioactive substances there). We came there and began to look for food. This military unit has been partially abandoned, but it was still operating. Therefore, there was a high risk of “getting caught” when we were there … We did not have dosimeters, we had nothing. Only our own feelings. We found a man-made source of radiation, which was a smoke detector with two sources of Plutonium 239 inside! Since there were only two radiation sources, we decided to keep one source for external exposure of the body (to wear it as a pendant) and we broke the other source of radiation in half and we ate it. That gave us a huge boost of energy, and we felt that our body needed that very much.

In the future, we continued to visit mineral exhibitions and to look for radioactive mineral stones, some of which we ate at home, and some we kept for the external exposure of the body, to wear as a pendant or just to communicate with them. We hear the will of Radiation from every source and we are able to communicate with the stones, man-made sources of radiation and the like.

Once, at the mineral exhibition, we met one person who sells radioactive minerals. Later, he was able to supply us with uranium ore and with a large quantity of man-made sources of radiation. Thus, our food supply has become replenished and we were able to recover physically during these three years, we were able to fully restore all the damage that had been done to our bodies as a result of our unfortunate past.

Then, we were able to take trips within Moscow and the Moscow region to strategic objects and places with high levels of radiation. We looked for the sources of radiation and confiscated them (you can say, we cleaned Moscow from radioactive sources). The most common site of our visits, was the territory behind the park Kolomenskoye (so called Kolomna radiation anomaly). There are so many sources of radiation there, as a result of an accident at the metal plant there. The most interesting thing is that my husband, even before we met, was strongly attracted to this place, but he was afraid to get into the territory of the plant and to explore what was there that attracted him so much. Only when we moved in together, I made him go there, because I felt that we needed to get there! I’m not afraid of difficulties, so I initiated that we get into that territory for exploration. It turned out that I insisted on it not in vain. It turned out that this place had food for us! Radioactive soil and clay, and many radioactive isotopes! We were able to eat enough.

But, you know … it turned out that Kolomenskoye had an unusual aura and unusual history. This place has always been an anomaly, even before the accident at the metal plant. I became very interested in it. What was the cause of the anomaly in Kolomna? You’ll laugh, but it turned out that the cause of the anomaly has found us in Kolomna!

At the time when we took trips to this area for excavation of new food, the radiation monitoring service MOS NPO Radon worked in this area. They were engaged in transporting radioactive materials out of this area. They have found something … It was meteoric matter. A large mineral of blue color. These idiots did not understand what it was, and they put it into a general pile for all the radioactive materials, which they piled up to take out later. I saw this mineral and I knew immediately that it had an extraterrestrial origin. I knew immediately that it had been sitting in this land for a long time .. This mineral was the main reason for the anomalies in Kolomenskoye. We took this mineral home. It was very heavy, it weighed 26 kilograms! I think we could talk about this mineral some other time, because it is a separate topic. I do not want to get away from the main topic now.

There were so many funny moments when we took trips to the area of radioactivity in Kolomenskoye, because we frankly robbed MOS NPO Radon of their radioactive isotopes! They left the bags with radioactive rocks, we came at night and opened them and took away the most radioactive rocks. Once, it was in winter 2011, we were very enthusiastic on the so-called “piles”, where the workers temporarily stored everything radioactive for further exports out of there. That day, they were working there. We came to this place, while they were leaving. We started digging up radioactive materials, but suddenly there was a car. They noticed us. We had to quickly get away from that place. These people rushed to pursue us, but they could not catch up with us! You can imagine the street was cold and icy, and there was a steep slope. It was the only way by which we could get away from these people. We rushed towards this slope with a big spade and four sacks of radioactive substances in our hands! We were running up a steep hill which was very slippery! These people were in shock, we playfully ran from them, they were just not physically able to catch up. It was very funny to watch from the sidelines as they swore at us as we ran away! LOL Again, our experience in “stalking” helped us)))))

In general, all of this is a long and fascinating story, which we can talk about for hours. Our time is limited, so let’s get to the next question.

3.  Please talk about your relationship with animals and plants… including wild animals, if you have any experiences as a child or adult with them.

With animals, my husband and I have always had very positive relationships and harmony. My husband had an experience of living in the forest in his childhood and at one time he lived with the wild wolves. He talked to them and they used to come near him, when he was 8 years old. I have an experience with birds, I can speak bird’s language and they understand me. Besides, all reptiles understand me very well. I feel the greatest connection with birds and reptiles. With mammals, I never had a connection for some reason, I do not know why…

My husband and I have different energies of an aura. This is very well illustrated by the reaction of dogs. Many dogs react to me with hostility, since my childhood. I want to point out that dogs were artificially bred by man. Wild beasts and wolves react positively to me.

Regarding dogs … Almost all dogs have damages in their DNA structure. These damages make them extremely susceptible to electromagnetic fields. The more damages a dog has, the more it is susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Dogs start to go crazy because of that. This causes unconscious aggression in them. Due to that, many dogs react negatively to me, they throw themselves at me all of a sudden, for no reason.

My husband has the opposite energy. He is able to calm a dog, if the dog shows aggression. His energy is sobering and the dog loses the desire to attack.

There is also a difference between my energy field and the energy field of my husband in terms of how we affect equipment. My energy is capable of disabling any equipment, computers, radio. I can unknowingly carry out cyber attacks without even understanding it myself…

My husband is the opposite. He can unconsciously repair/adjust any equipment, computers, by using contact or non-contact methods.

Simply put, I find it easier to make a mess in the operation of technical devices, and for my husband it’s easier to adjust it.

4.  How much exposure to radiant materials do you need and how does ionizing radiant material differ from non-ionizing material?  How does it “feel” to you and how do you tell the difference?

I do not need much for the proper functioning of my body. I need just one important chemical reagent – uranium oxide 235. This is the nuclear fuel on which my body works perfectly, without a hitch. I need a pound of uranium oxide per month for an ideal body condition. And ordinary water. And, basically, I don’t need anything else! I can have nothing more than uranium oxide and ordinary water!

We also have a vital need for chemical reagents of rare earth and alkali metals. Our genetics works on other chemical elements. Let me draw an analogy:

Instead of calcium – we need Strontium.

Instead of potassium – we need Cesium.

Instead of iron – we need uranium and plutonium.

Instead of oxygen – we need Radon and all other noble gases (especially, krypton and xenon).

For normal operation of the central nervous system, we need Europium and Lu.

I could give you much more examples. But this are the basics for you to understand the essence.

As for oxygen, we have a problem with oxygen from birth. It is very hard for us to breathe oxygen. Our lungs are receptive to all inert gases. I can easily breathe 100% concentration of radon, krypton and xenon, as well as other inert gases, if necessary. The greatest physiological need is, of course, radon.

When I first breathed in radon in high concentration, I felt that my lungs straightened! I can say for sure that, in the ordinary air, my lungs are spread only 10%. I almost do not feel that I breathe. And only when there is an elevated concentration of radon in the air, I feel that my lungs start to come alive and I really begin to breathe!

As for feelings of ionizing radiation, it is all easy. I can feel radiation with all the known senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. I see flashes in my eyes. At the hearing level, I can hear high frequencies. The sensation I feel is the momentum of each particle which hits my palm. By taste, I can determine the exact composition of the material radioisotope with the percentage ratio of its specific types of radioisotopes. All these feelings I have are directly proportional to the radiation power from the source of radiation, as well as the type of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma radiation).

I spoke in more detail about this in my blog.

5.  After consuming Radiant Material or IR, how long does it last before you need more?  Has it changed over time?  Is it the same for Radium and for you or different?  Please explain.

Kerry, it all depends on what kind of stuff we eat: the concentration of a radioisotope in the substance and the type of a radioisotope. The lower the concentration of radioisotopes, the more of this substance we need to absorb to satisfy our hunger. More important, it depends on the energy output of this radioisotope. For example, I can eat five tablespoons of powdered uranium 235 per day and not feel hungry for 24 hours.

At the same time, I could drink twenty milliliters of polonium chloride 210 with 99% concentration and not feel hungry for a day or even two days. Because the radiant energy of polonium 210 is very powerful, its alpha radiation gives energy very fast if swallowed and it interacts instantaneously.

As for the external exposure … There are no limits on the radiation dose. I can constantly wear a radiation source of 150 roentgen/per hour, or 1000 roentgens/per hour, but it will not be safe for people around me, you should understand this. Therefore, I can contact with such sources of radiation only when I do not have contact with other people. I have a constant need in external radiation. I need to wear on my body at least a weak radiation source which has a gamma-radiation. Gamma radiation is very important for my body as an external radiator.

6.  Do you have any friends or people who have contacted you with similar abilities to digest radiant materials?  

You mean people who eat radioactive isotopes the same way and who are irradiated from external radiation sources and who are able to get life energy out of this? No, I have never met such people in my entire life … But all is possible in this world …

7.  Do you know who BORISKA is?  Have you met him?  Have you seen my interview with him?  If not, please watch:


Yes, we know about this Indigo child, but we’ve never met him in person and we never corresponded via the Internet. Personally, I would love to get to know him, because I feel that he is used for communication with people. I know the Martians very well. Their intention is to collect information about further actions of people. The Martians are most concerned about the people’s desire to live on Mars. People will have to explore this topic more. This is still ahead.

8.  Are you familiar with the movie THE MATRIX?  Have you seen it?

Of course, we have seen this movie (more than once). Hahaha! This is one of my favorite movies! My inner world and my vision of the world is very similar to this movie. I always see with the eyes of Radiation, I see “through”. I see not what is outside but what is hidden inside.

I know that our world is multidimensional. We came from the dimension of Radiation, and I understand this point as no one else could. People are constantly staying in several dimensions, but they are not able to perceive it, if their thinking is less than three-dimensional.

You can never trust everything that surrounds you. As they say in my favorite expression «NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS».

This is what my world view is based since my birth on this planet.

9.  Have you watched any of my video interviews on Project Camelothttp://projectcamelot.org  ?

Thank you. I’m just starting to get acquainted with your site, since I just recently met you. I did not know anything about you until now, alas! You have a lot of interesting information. I need some time to analyze it. But it is very nice to see that projects such as yours, are taking place now. This is a very hot topic. I wish you to continue to develop this project!

10.  Do you know who the Illuminati are?  Do you understand anything about the various ET races and the alliances they have made with humans?

Ohhh … the Illuminati – the most sore subject for all people now.

People on Facebook keep asking me the same questions: Why do I say in my profile that my political views are the Illuminati? Besides, all are wondering why in our video with Stewart Sverdlov, both of us are wearing pendants on the neck with Illuminati symbols (all-seeing eye)?

My attitude to the Illuminati is very non-standard. Excuse me, but I can not say that I treat them negatively. By no means. They have not done anything bad or evil to me personally. I have no right to judge them negatively, if they have not done anything bad to me personally.

That is my position. This is the consciousness of Radiation, consciousness of the elements of nature. How you relate to the elements, the same way the elements will relate to you.

If nothing wrong has been done to me, then my attitude can not be bad towards someone else. And it does not matter to what extent other people express their dislike and disgust for them.

It’s amazing how much Illuminati are hated and name-called around the world. For Radiation this is not a fact. For Radiation the fact is only what she sees herself, personally.

My opinion is unshakable, it is based on the consciousness of Radiation. I only see the facts. For me, it is a fact that they have not done me any harm. That to me is a fact.

I honestly do not care what the Illuminati are doing in the political arena, I do not want to go into the details, what political activities they do in the world! I see in them what is hidden inside. I am attracted by that what other people do not see. I have a very well developed empathy from birth, I can feel and empathize with those to whom I feel an inner attraction. This is an internal response within my heart and soul. I always listen to what my heart tells me. It never fails me.

I know that many people may not like what I say .. But we need to find something good and bright in everything. There is light in their soul too, but they never show it …

I know that negativity can be changed into light and love … This is real, it’s possible to express their inner light out by the will of Radiation. And you know, that Light is beautiful, if you look them in the soul with the eyes of Radiation …

As for the symbolism of the “All-seeing eye”, it just so happens that this is the only symbol among all symbols, which were invented by mankind, to which we have awakened an inner response of the Soul. I always listen to what responds inside of me. This is the only symbol that can awaken a response in me.

I am not talking now about the Radiation symbol, because the Radiation symbol was not invented by man, it has an extraterrestrial origin outside this Absolute.

The All-seeing eye is of great importance to me. The concept of the Trinity is a very kindred concept for Radiation. The symbol of a triangle is following me through life constantly, these signs show up to me since birth, I feel mutual resonance with them. Even at my palm, I have a lot of triangles shown. My husband has a birthmark on his shoulder which looks like number three. So the concept of the trinity is following us through life constantly.

An Eye in the Triangle means one very important thing to me – the ability to see … to see beyond reality. To see all that is hidden. To be an observer.

This is very akin to my character and my inner world. This is my inner essence.

As for hybrids and extraterrestrial races …

All people are hybrids of only one extraterrestrial race: the race from the planet Sirius. People are hybrid creatures of Sirius and dolphins. All other “mixes” from other extraterrestrial races are only the result of genetic experiments on human beings by the inhabitants of Sirius.

I know the Siriusians very well. My husband Radium and I, in the past life, were on their planet, although we did not have a good relationship with them, for some reason. It is better to skip “why”. So, these pranksters are watching humanity from the beginning of the creation of mankind as a race, since they first arrived on Earth. They developed the project together with the race from the planet Pluto, which are completely mad and insane scientists, they are crazy about their experiments and tests. The Siriusians collaborated with the residents of Pluto to develop an experimental program on humanity. This program still exists. The only difference is that the population of people of Pluto, to date, almost all died as a result of some significant event, in which we also participated and witnessed in the past.

Dolphins are the only creatures on our planet that have a direct genetic link to people. Therefore it is vital to humanity to establish a rapport with the dolphins. People have one character trait from the dolphins, which is excessive credulity and naivete. This is your weakness. The Siriusians took advantage of this weakness to conduct their experimentation on people. They took advantage of people’s sincerity and trust. The Siriusians themselves are extremely clever and quirky creatures. Oh, I know them!

I am most amused by one physiological trait that has been passed genetically from Siriusians to people. The planet Sirius has very high ammonia content. Siriusians live in a tough ammonia environment. I personally watched what bad “drug addicts” they can be when they abuse ammonia. I can certainly say that the tendency to bad habits, preferences (alcohol, drugs, etc.) is passed on to the people from Siriusians.

There is a distinctive feature. Those people who are most strongly dominated by the Siriusian DNA have an addiction to ammonia. It’s funny, but it’s true! LOL

11.  Please talk about why you need to leave Russia and what kind of working and living situation you are looking for…

Oh … this is our sore subject. We are in a desperate need to leave.

As I said earlier, Radium and I started to live together and stock up on radioactive isotopes in any way we could. They give us life and energy, and restore our bodies and our health. Our life started to turn around, we started to really feel awake and alive. But, unfortunately, the person who was supplying us with our radioactive isotopes, was not able to “keep his mouth shut” and told some of his friends about us. As a result a lot of people in Russia learned about us. Then, some people witnessed us consuming radioactive isotopes and started spreading crazy rumors about us. After that some bizarre people decided to mimic us, which did not end well for them…. A lot of people wanted to make money by selling us radioactive elements. We were forced to buy them, because we had to eat.

Then we became a subject of a strange envy. A wicked man from Pyatigorsk came into our lives. He lived near uranium mines in the Mount Beshtau. He knew about us and was extremely jealous of our unique abilities. With the intention to tease us he opened an Internet business, auctioning the uranium ore that he collected from Mount Beshtau mines. As a result of this very stupid move, he triggered the attention of Russian Federal Security Service. They “caught him in action” during the next transaction with the buyer. During an interrogation he told Russian secret services about us (no doubt with great pleasure).

This happened in February 2012. Russian special services took us under their surveillance. They waited for the moment when they could “catch us in action”. This moment came on May 11, 2012. One of our trusted suppliers offered us food. As it turned out, he stole these radiation sources from an active military base. On the day when my husband met with the supplier, the Russian special services carried out their capture operation. The Federal Security Service arrested both of them, caught during the transaction (sale and purchase of radioactive substances. These events are described in an Internet article, which was leaked to the Russian media in October 2012, due to leaks from the prosecutor’s office. ). The next day our life turned to hell…

The apartment where we lived was visited by all sorts of different agencies: the Federal Security Service, the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, office of radiation control MOS NPO RADON, the Ministry of Health, social services and so on. I do not remember all how many of them had come that day. At this point all hell broke loose.

They confiscated all sources of radiation that we kept in our bedroom, even though outside the bedroom levels of radiation did not exceed a safe limit, because of the shielding effect of the thick concrete walls. This was confirmed by the office of radiation control.

We are sharing our apartment with the mother of my husband. She did not know about our lifestyle and our contact with sources of radiation. We never allowed her to enter our bedroom, locked the door when we had to leave the apartment. This caused her unnecessary suspicion. But we had to do it for her own protection, we could not put her at risk.

On May 12, 2012, all three of us were violently forced to leave the apartment. We were kicked out and placed in a so-called social housing. It was a complete nightmare! We moved into a completely destroyed apartment with bare floors, bare walls, no heat, no gas, and sometimes even without water! We were forced to live there for almost a month! We were allowed to move back to the old apartment only on June 2! But, it’s not the whole nightmare. As it turned out, the whole procedure of removal of radioactive substances from the apartment only took three days. Hence, a logical question arises – if that only took three days, then what were they doing in our apartment for the rest of the month? We now know what they were doing … the Federal Security Service/Bureau (FSB) did their job quickly, checked all the data, collected the information, they did not hamper the process. It was somebody else… I will come to that.

Initially, the FSB did not know of our existence, or who we are, so they thought that we are some sort of terrorists. But what they saw when they got to know us better blew their minds. Their hair stood on end (I personally witnessed it with my own eyes when they walked into the bedroom!). Imagine your first reaction, when you walk into a room, breath heavily ionized air, the first thing that catches your eye – the entire room is painted with strange cryptic writings and a lot of signs of radiation! There are open-quartz lamps everywhere, instead of conventional lamps, on the table there are plates of uranium ore, a cup filled with liquid uranium nitrate, on the shelves is a large number of different chemicals, alkalis, and all that – for use as a meal!

Can you imagine their first impression? But I can guarantee you; at that point they gave up on an idea that we are terrorists. LOL

On that day, the FSB made a deal with us. They promised us that if we voluntarily agreed to disclose all our sources of radiation materials, they would not prosecute us, and my husband will not face a criminal charge. They also promised a further meeting, but after that day they have disappeared and never returned.

Of course, they did not keep their promise – Radium faced two criminal charges (one for purchase of radioactive materials, and another one for storage of radioactive substances). We disclosed to them all our sources of radioactive material, all our food, which gave us life, and these pathetic liars used and betrayed us! Damn! Let them go to hell! Sorry …

Now I want to return to the topic of what was happening in our apartment for a month … while we were placed into a social housing. During that month the Office of Radiation Control was doing their “research” there. I think these people are nuts, especially – their boss. On the day of the incident, May 12, 2012, this sick man approached us and started asking strange questions. He started by saying that we are very interesting and very unique. I suspect he had his alternative motives … Then he hacked our account in a social network. He then wrote and harassed us on the internet … When we got back to the apartment after a long absence, I was shocked by what I saw. Eighty percent of all non-radioactive items were blatantly stolen! All of expensive machinery, equipment, valuables, money, mobile phones – all was gone. Another stolen thing was clothes. If this sounds strange, then one would find really perverted that someone stole all my underwear (panties)! Yes, it sounds very funny, but, cowards, nobody touched my husband’s underwear! All my underwear (clean, just laundered) was stolen! I can guess who did it, he showed us an unhealthy interest … Besides underwear, other clothing was stolen. I do not know why, but most of my clothes were stolen. My husband’s clothes were almost completely untouched! I do not know why! We both had the same type of clothes and it was all clean! They are real perverts!

Wait, that’s not the whole story. Now I’ll tell you what happened next…

As a result of this incident, we have experienced a strong traumatic shock and stress. It began to manifest through physical symptoms in a very strange way. Since the incident, to the present, I have been through six cases of near death experience (clinical deaths with temporary stopping of the heart) caused by the nervous overload. I do not know, maybe it was something else that caused it …

In moments of near death, I felt out-of-body experience. From that point on inexplicable things, that still astonish me, began to take place in my life. I do not know why, for what reason? But, when I first left the body, I found myself in one particular place, with which I have established a strong mental connection. I can feel it inside myself now. Then during all subsequent out-of-body near death experiences I would just go again to this same place. It feels like I left a part of myself there and now this place has a very strong resonance with me inside.

Also, during one of my NDE I have seen my future. In the past no matter how much I tried I could not see my future, and now I understand why. In all my previous attempts I tried to envision my future in Russia, and that’s probably why my attempts failed. During my NDE, I saw my future in America.

From that point on my mind began to change. I will not go into personal details, but I will describe the overall picture of what happened next. My first five NDE cases took place between May 20 and June 15, 2012. Then there was more or less calm period, and then the last (sixth) clinical death happened on October 10, 2012, as a result of another high stress.

As I said earlier, I live in an apartment with my mother-in-law, who has always been very hostile towards me and was against our marriage from the very beginning. But, it was more or less tolerable until the May 12 incident took place, when our room was opened and raided by the agencies and she saw what we were hiding there … After she’d learned the truth she accused me of all that had happened to us. I could not handle the added stress. I think that’s what sent me over the top and triggered a number of clinical deaths. We called an ambulance many times, but no doctor can help.

The relationship between me and my mother-in-law deteriorated so badly that my existence in this apartment was threatened. She wanted to deport me back to Ukraine, from where I escaped in 2009. Let me mention that in August 2009 as a result of legal proceedings, my husband and his mother took a loan. As a result we now in debt and owe $10, 000! My mother-in-law blames the debt on me. She hates me and is looking for any way to kick me out of the apartment, because she is the legal owner of the home and has the right to do with me whatever she wants. It’s a miracle that I am still here, and it’s only because my husband was able to negotiate a temporary compromise with her.

In August 2012, she filed a complaint with the police against me. A policeman came and warned me that if he receives another complaint I will be deported to Ukraine against my will. For me – it’s worse than death. Under no circumstances I’m going there!

But then, there is hope… One of our friends introduced us to Stewart Sverdlow, when he came to Moscow for a seminar. For us, it was like a ray of hope in the darkness. He wanted to do an interview with us and to learn our story. Thus, in November 2012, we recorded this interview with Stewart Sverdlow. Many thanks and our sincere gratitude to him!

But it was not smooth sailing after that. The relationship with my mother-in-law became even worse. After another huge fight she decided that she will make sure I get deported to Ukraine. And that finally sealed my fate. My husband, thanks to his great efforts, struck a deal with his mother. She allows me, for now, to stay in her apartment until I make enough money to fly away to the United States for permanent residence.

In December 2012 I got a job, but I have a tiny salary of $500 per month! This is barely enough to cover life expenses, plus my mother-in-law wants to take some of this money to cover the loan payments. She says it’s my fault they took this loan. But I have nothing to do with this debt!

Currently my husband is at a mental hospital for examination by court order. He was placed in the hospital on December 19, 2012 for 30 days. After January 18, he has to be released. Unfortunately, Radium, as a defendant by court order is banned from leaving the territory of Moscow and Moscow region over the year and a half! I, on the other hand, am legally free to leave the country and have my international passport in order. The only reason Radium agreed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation is because this is his chance to be officially recognized as “insane” and be released from any criminal liability. In this case, he would be able to leave the territory of Russia.

My time is running out. My mother in law agreed to let me stay in her apartment only till May 2013 after that she is arranging for my deportation to Ukraine. The situation seems hopeless. I have to leave Russia. Why do I want to go to America? Because I see my future there and a special place that is calling me. I feel with all my heart and soul that this place really needs me, there is something I need to do there. It happens to be my destiny.

From a practical standpoint, I am currently concerned about two issues.

1. I need to find money for my US visa and tickets, as well as the initial expenses until I can get a job and earn money on my own.

2. I need to find a roommate from America, who would be able to accommodate me, at least for a while. It does not matter what city. In the beginning, I would like to adapt to life in the US and start making my own money. Then I’ll move to the place I want to live in.

If there are people from the state of VIRGINIA, who are willing to help me with providing an apartment – it would be by far the best option for me!New York or Washington DC is the next preferable option. But overall, it doesn’t really matter – any starting place in the US would work. Thank you very much!

12.  Please give people a way to donate money to you!!  Do you have a BANK ACCOUNT where they can WIRE MONEY?

Unfortunately, my bank account does not accept international transfers. PayPal is not yet available; I will have to open a bank credit card in the near future!

So far, the only feasible way for you to donate is a system of money transfer WESTERN UNION. For this you will need to specify the name of the payee in Russian. All information is provided on Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot site. This system works well in the United States and other countries. Therefore, please use WESTERN UNION system until we make some better arrangements. Thank you. All your donations are greatly appreciated!

13.  Please talk about the different kinds of radiation and elements that you use and others you don’t use and why?  

All radioisotopes suit us; just not all of radioisotopes can be easily obtained. The strongest physiological need I have is for trans-plutonium elements. And three biogenic elements: radium, plutonium and uranium constitute the basis of life for us.

14.  Please talk about your special writing and drawing and where it came from and how you created it.

These symbols are a part of our cipher-language which both of us knew from birth. Somehow it was just there in our heads. We can say it is the “language of Radiation” in some sense. These characters are a reflection of our consciousness and thinking patterns, they come from the depths of our being, from the dimension of Radiation.

I decided to develop an encryption system based on these characters that allow you to encrypt strategic data in a most efficient way. There are three levels of encryption – a simple, an intuitive and a combined. I wrote more about this in our blog. When I create a cipher, I take into account all the facts of color, shape, location, structure, purpose of the message (related to the specific information encoded in it) and so on. All three types of encryption produce not just a visual effect, but also a mental effect, even if the person does not possess special abilities to understand this code. But I can train a person to work with these codes and to fully understand it. It is quite possible, if I see in his mind a good predisposition to accept the information.

15.  Please explain if you use Cell Phones for their radiation and if not why not?  Do you go near cell phone towers to get the radiation there?

Radiation from cell phones is too weak for us. But we do not mind it. The more powerful radiation – the better we feel. We are able to get more energy from a working microwave oven, than from a cell phone. Also we get a charge from the pyramidal power lines and powerful radio towers.

16.  Please share the experience of the power of pyramids and whether you have visited the pyramids they built near St. Petersburg.  Do you know who Valery Uvarov is?  Have you seen our interview with him?  If not please watch:


Unfortunately, we have never been to St. Petersburg and did not see the pyramids. We did not have enough practical experience with the pyramids, alas. But we have the experience of practice with pyramidal structure of power lines. And also, when I find myself inside a pyramidal structure, I feel very powerful resonant energy with the environment.

17.  What is your understanding about 2012 and the shift we are in?  Have you experienced “pre cog” or dreams of future events on Earth?  Would you share this with us?

Earth is now in a time of transition between the dimensions, as well as physical rearrangements inside the core of the Earth. This process is also strongly influenced by the activity of the Sun, which is now beginning to awaken. I know only one fact: 2013 will be a year of a drastic alteration of human consciousness. Lucifer will manifest on Earth. Lucifer, not in the religious sense of the word, but the real, true meaning, which means “light bringer.”

18.  What are your psi abilities? and also for Radium.  Telepathy, precognition, clairaudient, levitation, remote influencing, moving objects and more?  Are they different or the same?  Please include information about how you affect computers and so on….

I just wrote a detailed blog about our abilities. They include the following:

Dowsing (radiation monitoring), hypnosis, programming and de-programming of consciousness, remote viewing, remote crypto-analysis, non-standard encryption and decryption of data, telepathy, remote vision, scanning an object in the distance, non-standard methods of exploration, the contact and non-contact method of interaction with computers, encryption and decryption, interception of frequencies and signals strategic and military frequencies. And more … I possess all of the above skills, so does Radium. The only difference is I appear to have a destructive effect on computers, I can take them down. And Radium – on the contrary, he makes computers function better.

The most developed skills at the moment are related to non-standard methods of obtaining information and developing methods of exploration. This is my personal initiative to date.

19.  Do you remote view the planet and various countries and events?  Would you describe one such viewing?  Is this accurate?

Unfortunately, your question sounds to me too obscure. I need a specific purpose and a connection to a place, here and now. At the moment I am connected to a place, with which I have a strong mental connection. But I can’t talk about this place.

Or if you are interested in the current weather on Mars, I will tell you that I think it is very boring. I need facts and data. I need a specific task to perform. Analysis. I know that many who are now sitting and listening to this interview and some people (who I will not name) are now experiencing a very strong emotion within the energy that I clearly get from him, regardless of whether I want to or not. LOL

You are also somewhat anxious, especially based on what you’ve heard from me. You are in a room with a dimmed natural light; you have a little quickened pulse and ringing in your head. And for some reason you smell like flowers. And also there a little fear present in you based on what you are hearing and what you are feeling. Perhaps this is from my vibration.

20.  If you work with governments in the future, will you be working for the benefit of the human race?

My personal desire is that my research findings and abilities to be applied for the interests of national security. My investigations in the field of non-standard methods of obtaining information for intelligence are a unique and relevant for the entire intelligence community. These skills can prove invaluable for conducting anti-terrorist activities. I have some experience in pre-establishing and identifying these terrorist individuals. And much more. I can’t cover everything.

Much of what I mentioned must be tested empirically through practice. Otherwise, it’s just a theory. I see a great potential for development and application of many of my projects and skills. I am by nature a hands-on experimentator. I cannot live only a theory. I always need practice and practical application of my skills. My projects and skills become completely useless if they are not of any practical use. So for me, the practice – is my greatest life’s fulfillment. I believe, it could be invaluable for all mankind. All my projects – they are real. They are real only in my presence. Without me, they are, in principle, impossible.

Most of all, I would like to help the world in the fight against terrorism, as this topic is the most relevant in our times. Real methods can be developed that would quickly identify potential enemies and eliminate their activities long before they have a chance to act. This could help all mankind and save millions of lives.

Because the traditional methods of fighting with terrorism have proven time and time again to be ineffective (as can be seen by the current state of events in the world), my non-standard methods can become invaluable.

Therefore, I’m always ready to cooperate and provide my abilities in the interest of national security and protection of the government. Again, I want to remind you, I’m not talking about the Russian government, and you know why…

Of course, all this is to be applied for the benefit of the mankind.

21.  What is your experience with Dolphins and Water?  Can you describe this?  Do you swim?  How do you react to the sea?   Can you communicate with dolphins?

I love to swim and swim well. I respond very well to the water, and I feel very comfortable in the water. Unfortunately, I was never near the ocean, and saw the dolphins only in the dolphinarium. This is pathetic … I would love to talk to them in a more free-form. They are the ancestors of the people on Earth, they are very pure, soulful and very intelligent creatures.

22.  As an intuitive do you think you can use your ability to navigate the world?  Has it helped you stay alive?  

It just so happened that all my abilities appeared by from birth. Yes, they are the result of the cruel past, and they helped me all the time to survive. It works instinctively. Over time, I realized that these abilities can find much wider applications, which could benefit of mankind.

23.  Are you familiar with security electronics, mind control, scaler waves and such?  Canyouaffectthem?

We can affect anything we chose to, as long as there is a reason and desire to do so. I never do anything for no good reason. I will not create an influence unless I have a specific task. For me, same applies to talking – if I say something, it means that there is always a reason.

Mind control topic is certainly interesting. Our research areas have a lot in common with the project MK-Ultra. I am very interested in this project and the methods used. This topic receives an extensive feedback on the blog. The topics of the Radiation research, as well as mental (mind) development – all that interests me greatly and totally consumes me!

24.  Are you familiar with HAARP and its affects?  Is it positive or negative for you?  Can you affect it?

HAARP – this is one of my favorite topics! This is a great project, I have great respect for people who are involved in the project HAARP. These developments have contributed significantly to the change in the magnetosphere and ionosphere of the planet Earth. Now it is imperative that more cosmic rays penetrate the earth and all living things began to gradually adapt to the increased levels of radiation! This project is gradually able to prepare humanity for the new stage of development.

As far as I am concerned, personally, I would very much enjoy standing in the midst of HAARP’s installation, as there is a very powerful electromagnetic radiation – for me it would be great fun! Best of all – it is the interaction with such facilities. For me it would be bliss!

25.  Are you familiar with CERN Large Hadron Collider?  Are you familiar with the discovery of what they call the “God Particle” or higgs boson particle… Do you understand this and what do you think of this?    http://public.web.cern.ch/public/en/lhc/lhc-en.html    see here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higgs_boson

You know… Higgs boson particle… My husband and I have personally interacted with this type of particles. I know what it is. Very soon these particles will have a significant impact on all living and non-living things of this planet. Higgs boson particle to us feels like a family member, it’s probably a sister particle to us. It is most akin to the dimensions of radiation.

CERN Large Hadron Collider’s design is amazing. I would have loved to stand under a particle accelerator and get a boost of energy through the entire body!

26.  Are you aware of Ley Lines and grid lines around the planet?  Vortexesandstargates? 

Yes, ofcourse. These power lines are vital to the functioning of the planet. Through these lines, you can connect to the core of the earth and read information from the core, as well as the biosphere of the Earth.

27.  Have you ever time traveled?  or done out of body travel?  tootherplanets?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I had multiple near-death experiences accompanied by the out-of-body experiences. I moved in real time and had contact with one special place, so that was out-of-body space travel. I also did time travel and have seen some of the events from the future. And also, as I said earlier, at birth back in Chernobyl, I remember moving back in time. There were several significant jumps back in time at the Chernobyl Polesie territory.

28.  Are you aware of the underground bases in Russia and around the world?  Haveyoubeeninone?

Yes, I am aware. But what’s the use of talking about them? Anyway, all the information is stored inside my head. I cannot just disclose strategic information to the public, I’m sure you understand that.

29.  Are you aware of the AI (artificial intelligence) that may be running this planet?  Do you know about the Annunaki and the dark side such as the Vatican dark magicians?

You know, to me it’s a very funny question because I have been very often confused with Reptilians. Also when people look at our strange drawing and writing symbols, they jump to conclusions and associate us with black magic! LOL So, I do not even know what to say. Yes, I possess certain traits that are common to reptilian, I can’t argue that. For example, I can say that I am always cold and I’m almost completely cold blooded. I cannot stand the cold temperatures, because frankly I start to fall into a state of stupor. If there is no source of radiation around, and the surrounding temperature is low I can fall into a stupor, not unlike short-term hibernation. And vice versa. I am very well equipped to withstand very high temperatures. For me, the most comfortable temperature is plus sixty degrees Celsius. On a personal note, Reptilians are very cute and adorable creatures, really. LOL

30.  Are you aware of intelligence agencies in your country, their remote viewers and others.  Areyouawarewhentheyremoteviewyou?

Oh … this is a topic for a separate long conversation. Damn, these perverts have frankly ticked me off! Hahaha. Once they connect to me, they immediately get scared and run away. So, usually they never go for a close contact anymore. I myself am knocking into their heads when I register their presence near me. They say, my energy is “too aggressive”… In short – they are very gentle and affectionate, and they do not want to deal with the aggressive energy of radiation! LOL

31.  Are you susceptible to mind control and if not why not, how do you suggest people protect themselves from this?

The usual mind control techniques do not affect us. Our will is the will of radiation. Radiation is the only force that can control our minds. We are not susceptible to anything other than the radioactive exposure. That is our unique feature and our identity. I can help a person to free himself from the mind control, but I need to work with him physically, not remotely. This is an important fact.

32.  If you go to live with others who are not as friendly to radiation how do you plan to protect them from exposure if you want to interact and live with them?

I believe that there is nothing to worry about. People just need to follow basic rules of radiation safety and avoid eating radioactive sources with capacity one thousand roentgens per hour! And if I need to eat, then I would go into a temporary isolation from people until the radio-activity of the body becomes reduced to a safe level for surrounding humans. Then all will be well!

33.  What are some final statements or message you would like to get to the WORLD at this critical time?

Humanity must now learn to live with radiation, before it is too late. Otherwise, people are doomed to extinction. I see the future. But once you know the future, any events can always be changed. Everything can be changed.

Additional questions:

Why is your hair so short?

My short hair is not related to the effects of radiation!!!

This is my personal style. I’m comfortable this way and nothing interferes with me.

Besides, the way my brain is designed, when there is hair on my head, I cannot adequately perceive the full range of frequencies inside my head. Hair gives a strong resistance and greatly hinder my ability to fully perceive the world. I feel stiffness, discomfort and pressure on the head. With hair, I cannot normally perceive the entire frequency spectrum which I am capable to perceive.

Do you have any dreams or visions about the future, and what do you see there?

I see big shifts in the Earth’s crust, high tides and tsunamis. This year there will be an activation of the gravitational effects of the moon on the Earth. This activity is planned for the spring of 2013, the activity of the element of water. In the summer of 2013, we will have the activity of the element of fire: drought and rising temperatures in summer, strong activity of the Sun and increased level of cosmic radiation. Three large volcanoes on the planet are going to become active, in three different locations around the world.

Cosmic phenomena will begin in August 2013: there will be a large number of meteors, as well as large celestial bodies will approach the Earth. Severe storms (active element – air) in the tropical regions will cause the death of many people.

I also see yet another accident at a nuclear facility in Iran.

As for the military-political situation in the world, there will be is a strong intensification of the conflict in the Middle East, as well as the use of chemical weapons by Syria on civilians. Activation of a new terrorist group (which is formed from the old known terrorist groups).

I also see a world revolution and the collapse of religion in the world. This process will gain momentum in 2013 and by the end of 2013 it will reach its “peak.”

And the most important … Staring in the summer of 2013, this planet is expecting a shock. A direct information channel with the Earth’s biosphere is going to open up. This will start events which will inevitably lead to a revolution in the world (revolution in all meanings of this word), but the revolution itself will reach its “peak” in 2015.

Do you know about Chemtrails?

Yes. This technology is intended solely to influence the weather (to bring rain, snow, drought, etc.). There is nothing here related to the control of people and their consciousness by means of “unknown substances”. This is complete nonsense. This technology is designed solely to influence the weather. For example, this technology is used when it’s needed to have good weather in a specific location.

Can you remotely view the moon and what do you see there (buildings, construction, underground bases, creatures)? What creatures?

There are no people there now. There are no humanoids there, except the race from the planet Pluto (they do not look like humans, although they do have a body with 2 arms and 2 legs), it is a small group of about 15,000 creatures. They live and work on the dark side of the moon. There are 3 major and 15 intermediate bases on the moon, which they own, along with the race of Sirius.

Tell us about your opinion on religion. Do you believe in God?

This is, frankly, a very loaded question LOL. ))))) I will answer it clearly and firmly.

My husband and I have nothing to do with ANY religion in the world. Our religious views are agnostic / atheist.

From the birth on this planet, I do not know what faith is and what is “to trust anyone”. I lived in a very hostile environment and I know exactly what the lack of trust in everything that surrounds you is. I look only at the facts, all my life. To me, only facts, statistics and data are reality.

Most of all we despise illusion, distortion of reality. Illusion is completely against the Consciousness of Radiation. Radiation sees the truth as it is.

I do not believe in anything, and I do not know such a thing as “faith, believe.”

I know and see only facts. Facts proven by practice. I can see a lot of facts that are “beyond reality” because of my ability and non-standard perception of the world. In order for some knowledge to become a real fact to me, I need to get what I see or feel confirmed in practice. If I see this confirmation, to me it becomes an existing and irrefutable fact.

Every religion of the world is based on faith, it has no proof and is not a fact. It is an illusion, which is deliberately designed to control humanity. When people perceive religion literally, their minds are completely absorbed by illusions. Such a person will not be able to see the reality as it is.

It’s a different story when a person uses a religious term for something, but he means something different (different perception of reality). That is, without referring specifically to that nonsense that they mean, but simply using a religious term, to follow his heart and soul. That I can understand …

Can you describe what the aliens from the planet Erios look like?

They are 1.1 – 1.3 meters tall, they have blue skin, big violet slanting eyes with small pupils, they have 2 arms and 2 legs with 4 fingers, the knees are turned inside. They have a big round skull, no nose and no ears (only openings instead of a nose and ears),a small mouth with teeth (the teeth look like a plate which is as sharp as a razor blade). They have a strong athletic body, the body is somewhat similar to a human body.

In our past life, my husband and I were brother and sister and we lived on the planet Erios. Even in this life, we look alike (even though we are not related by blood in this life). We are still brother and sister to each other in spirit, even though we are husband and wife in this life.

Can you describe what the aliens from the planet Pluto look like?

They are 2.2 – 2.5 meters tall, they have pale dark-grey skin with a bluish tint, big black slanting eyes without pupils. In total darkness, their skin looks luminescent white (this way they can find each other in darkness). They have a long ellipse-shaped skull, no nose and no ears (many openings instead of a nose),an average-size mouth with very sharp teeth (2 rows of teeth), they have 2 arms and 2 legs with 3 fingers, they can easily move using all four extremities (both legs and arms) and they can climb up vertical surfaces. They have sharp claws on their fingers. Their spine is protruding a lot. They do not look like humans, they don’t have any human traits at all. They look kind of “ghostly”.

I could draw a picture of the inhabitants of Erios and Pluto, if needed.



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