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  1. My younger sister Kim & older 1/2 sister, Babbie, did not speak for 10 yrs.
    My younger sister died 3 yrs ago of pancreatic cancer leaving a bereft husband, daughter, son & me. Each blamed the other & in fact they were mirror reflections of ech other. B 4 she died Kim tried to reunite the family she tore apart by keeping her children fr knowing their grand parents, aunts ( my older 1/2 sister & me & cousins.)After she died I spoke often w daughter, Nicole & brother, JP til Mother’s Day when a ph apt was made for the west coast family to speak w me in FL. I never got the call & phoned to ask if all was ok & said “I was sad not to speak w her”. Nicole took great offense to the word “sad” & wrote me a unexplainable nasty email – the last line complained I sounded like her mom, the great “manipulator”, (news to me)& she never wanted to hear my voice again.
    This was very upsetting & I could only attribute her outrage to grief & after 2 mo. of wrestling w an appropriate response I sent her email to her dad along w the # of a grief counselor. Nicole said I was not to have communication w her brother or his family & they would “obey her”. I had never had 1 nano sec of negativity w Nicole until the email.
    Her father Bruno, remarried last yr & asked me to the wedding. The nite I was to dine w him & his best man he had to cancel & raced to hospital for the birth of Nicole’s son. I had no idea she was pregnant.
    My deepest wish is to have a miraculous healing of this tragic rift. It bled over into my relationship w my older 1/2 sister’s adopted daughter who hasn’t spoken to me in a yr. until then we shared a warm & loving relationship. Neither she nor my older sister talk w me.

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