PressTV – Canadian police abuse aboriginal women: HRW

Canadian police abuse aboriginal women: HRW
Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:19PM GMT
In a damning report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused Canadian police of raping and abusing aboriginal women, Press TV reports.

However, the shockingly careless response of Canadian authorities to the allegations forced HRW to publish subsequent critiques of both the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Bob Paulson and the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper over their failure to address the claims.

The rights group emphasized the need for a probe into the allegations made against the RCMP.

The Harper government, which is constantly lecturing aboriginal leaders on their need for oversight, has consistently showed contempt towards both international rights observers and the United Nations that intervene in Canada.

The administration argues that since Canada, in their view, is a democracy, the government should be exempted from the kind of scrutiny that HRW and others believe is urgently required.

HRW condemned the Commissioner, who in response to the allegations of rape and abuse sent an email to all officers, stating, “My message to you today is – don’t worry about it, I’ve got your back.”

“For the RCMP to demand that the names and the allegations be brought forward to them for them to investigate themselves is just preposterous,” said Idle No More member Autumn EagleSpeaker.

“So really there should be that outside rule of law, that international body to step in to say ‘Canada this is what you need to do to reconcile with the First Peoples of Canada and make things better here’ because it’s not getting better. And again, the Canadian government is not going to fix things when they don’t really feel they’re doing anything wrong,” she added.

Indigenous leaders have called on supranational human rights organizations and supporters of aboriginal self-determination to continue calling attention to the abuse of native peoples by Canadian authorities.


PressTV – Canadian police abuse aboriginal women: HRW.

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