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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 09 March 2013


The small little fishing village I am in made headline news today. A couple days ago a 2 year old Colorado boy was beaten and drowned by a meth head boyfriend of the baby sitter. These things are a hard pill to swallow. The whole town is upset. I doubt if the boyfriend will ever make it to trial due to the nature of his crime. Most likely he will receive justice in another way.

We never know why these things happen until we see the big picture, past lives, karma etc. Too early to look into this matter and I don’t want to comment on it. This in no way reflects the nature of the town or its people, which has some very enlightened people, top healers and teachers. I have seen this behavior before. The drugs open the door to unthinkable behavior. Sometimes people have openings due to other reasons where Archons or negative spirits jump in. They are not even aware of what they did or why they did it until the entities are healed and they are left in the mess they created.

In the days to come we are going to see a lot of this behavior, especially with those who have traits which open the doors to this energy. Now is the time for impeccable integrity. We can no longer fool ourselves or ignore any links, connections, actions, or an unhealed past which opens the door to these influences. As the energies increase the prophecies warn us there is no turning back. These darker forces will rise to be seen, create as much chaos and negativity as possible. They feed off chaos. Their world is coming to an end and they are getting frantic.

There are two paths as the polarities increase. One is the material minded, seeking acceptance and approval outside of self, and power over others. The other is service to others, simplicity, inner awareness and unity consciousness. We have to choose a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature if we are going to continue our evolution on Earth. The old world is in chaos, it is falling away and the greatest insecurity will be attaching to it in its demise. There will be one more rise with the economy, a final fleecing then it is best to be in a position where there is no further dependency on the continuation of the status quo. Do not be misled by the mainstream press. Things are not as rosy as they would like you to be-lie-ve.

On a ligher note we are networking with some amazing doctors, meeting awesome committed people of high integrity, the ECETI family is growing.

Be well,
James Gilliland

James Gilliland ~ Mexico In The News | The Galactic Free Press.

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  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura for sharing this, and James for writing it. I am sitting here with tears running down my face after reading it, partly out of compassion for those who have just lost a child, but also because I have been experiencing a situation with a being who appears to be archontically influenced and no matter what I do, nothing has stopped the negative actions, violence etc. I have been feeling confused alternating with feeling like I am somehow not loving enough, not evolved enough etc since my acting with unconditional love seemed to simply hold open a big door for the violent individual to keep harming me and other innocent living beings.

    Reading that these polarities are now increasing *feels* like the deeper truth, in my situation and also allows me to understand a lot of the other terrible things going on that seem so at odds with my inner feeling of the changes that are going on, of the heart level connections among people growing and so much good going on beneath the surface.

    I was starting to get cognitive dissonance from my “knowing” one aspect and experiencing moment to moment the very opposite of what I know to be true.

    Just before I logged in tonight I got a vision of the white wizard, with all the forest cut down and everything so horrible and the Ents marching to stop him and I felt like that was where I was, where we all are really in this process. It LOOKS horrible, it feels horrible at times and things seem so amazingly bad-it looks on the surface like Mordor is winning, but as Tolkien so gracefully showed us in that story, as long as we stubborn little hobbits keep trudging along eventually we are going to throw the darn ring in the volcano and then the trees WILL grow back on the burned and poisoned land.

    We just can’t let the ugliness of Mordor frighten or sicken us into giving up, turning back or in any way not pressing on as hard as we possibly can. By going thru the ugliness we can end up healing it in the end, putting an end to it, finally.
    Thank you with all my heart to all of you who are pressing on and doing whatever you can in spite of the terrible ugliness like the murder of an innocent child, the poisoning of the Gulf and so many other things like those. Thank you for holding the Light in your hearts and shining it out, brightening the darkness around us.

  2. My Mom has always told me that I don’t have to be so extreme, She said you can love and accept, you can have unconditional love but at a distance. Unconditional love for those who choose service to self may have to be like the love and admiration we feel for say a Grizzly Bear momma with cubs, or a bull shark, or a big alligator in mating season;-)

    My problem was in expecting that my open heart would be met with the same if I was open and loving enough-and that is sort of a trap that one can fall into on this path it appears.

    Unconditional love I guess needs to be done from a place of common sense, rather than spiritual abandon. Recognizing that all beings are pieces of the Mother of All that Is and thus honoring and loving them can still be done while also being fully aware that at this moment a certain being is making some pretty vile and dangerous to the rest of us service-to-self choices.

    It was after all very loving to Gollum to take his precious away-even tho he did not like the idea at all. As my husband pointed out to me, standing up to the service to self beings and stopping their harm to innocents IS loving, as they are racking up mad nasty karma by what they are doing.

    I guess I just had to learn that clarity of distinction between feeling and method. 😉

    Maybe like the tough love concept where people choose to demonstrate their deep love and caring for an addict by refusing to enable their addiction any longer. The service to self folks do seem to have a major addiction to causing suffering to other living beings, and it is an awfully expensive addiction for us all.;-/

    It is harder to do, to love while learning to protect oneself and others from the harm, and at the same time allowing the clear awareness of harm and bad choices but not descending into judging and dropping one’s own self into the negative field.

    Not impossible tho, just tricky to implement!;-)

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