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  1. i am ill educated man that has the undesirable motive to learn and iv done put myself threw knowledge to know what you peek is very true and I’m at your service to help conscience rebuild to what has been destroyed by religion and then governments that wanted control. I now know how to harness the power of the earth ,,, open vortexes ,,, I know where Atlantis is buried, I know where 3 pyramids are that has not been discovered by the new age, Quantum physics is my play ground and love is the only thing i feel. I forgive with any second thought but is the thief ok dose he need more. but I sternly advise you I grew up and took part in some of the worst actions managed with out guilt. I don’t regret them for I made peace with almighty and there’s a plan for my conscience to be great for the collective and have the will to swim in fire for the safety of any life and I need to know the plan that you did not speak of, so that I may ease your efforts just that much.and place a great stradagest at our sides.
    Enjoy your Life!!! do what ever you want ,, just don’t harm others.. Harmonic vibration is my Religion. and i live to serve life’s well being.

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