Mermaid 3000 Feet Deep Off the Coast of Greenland Mermaid Caught on Film – YouTube


This is an interesting short video aired on mainstram tv, where 2 scientists discuss a mermaid filmed in Greenland. A doctor who has previously met mermaids outside South Africa, and who is a doctor confirms the viewing. ENJOY !!! I thought you guys would enjoy to have this confirmed :)

I wonder what everybody thinks of this?

Here is a 14 minutes that Barry recommended from the White Ibis facebook group :)

and here is the full length version:

Mermaid 3000 Feet Deep Off the Coast of Greenland Mermaid Caught on Film – YouTube.

15 thoughts on “Mermaid 3000 Feet Deep Off the Coast of Greenland Mermaid Caught on Film – YouTube

      • Hi Laura, good to hear from you! Don’t know what they’re up to at the animal planet chanel, must say i stopped watching television about a year now. But i guess when they make such a fuzz about it, there must be more going on thatthey don’t want us to know about. Greeting with love Nick.

  1. Laura,

    The mer-people are very much real. They’ve been here for a long, long time. The evidence of their existence has been suppressed, just like most of the true history of Earth.

    Part of their mission is to balance the energies of our planet while living in the seas and to help whales and dolphins in their roles.

    Mer-people have an exceedingly complex way of communicating with each other. Because of this, the militaries and governments of the world cannot decipher their language.

    More than one species of mer-people exist on Earth. I don’t know the exact numbers but I do know that some mer-people are sympathetic to humans and others are not.

    Spears and knives of coral, made by mer-people, have been found for hundreds of years but, once again, this evidence has been suppressed.

    The mer-people know when the “event” will take place. Being here for this change is also part of their mission.

    Digging deep in esoteric texts and out of print books reveals this information. I also have some personal experience with mer-people.

    In one of my incarnations on Earth I lived as one.

  2. It seems the mer-person attracted the submarine occupants attention on purpose. Could this be one way the alien races on Earth are beginning to reveal themselves to us? Namaste to All.

  3. Hey all,

    Mike0v… i cant agree more with you,

    I have believed in Mermaids since i can remember growing up in a beach town and spending a lot of time in the water but i seemed as i got older i began to believe even more! I never watched last years documentary and since being in China i learned about the “Sirus” (Alien documentary) and then it hit me there must be something on Mermaids too the day i looked was the exact day part 2 was aired on Animal Planet …

    i have a theory i would like to put to you all open for discussion:

    why is it in all the old painting, drawing, and even Disney are the Mer-People much more Human looking and more “beautiful” ..??

    Sailors were in ore of them and had these “beautiful” beings carved into the front of there ships.

    Now the Mer-People hid in the freezing depths off the coast of Greenland in an arctic environment. ( looking more alien and less human )

    Did they once live in the warmer waters / tropical environment?
    Were they perhaps forced to move north and hide deeper as we humans began to explore more of the world and then seas ??

    when they were living in the warmer climate was it then easier to hold the human appearance… did they like many animals evolve and adapt to new habitats ???

    what are your thoughts on this ?

  4. I also thought they are authentic at first and that Animal Planet would not have the audacity to produce something like that, but after a warning from someone who thoroughly researched it’s authenticity I also found out that the documentary is not authentic.
    Here is the video where you can see for sure that it is faked:
    In this video the executive producer Charlie Foley defends it’s creation.

    If you search for the names of these two scientists: they don’t exist. There is a website . If you go there you see that the site is the domain has been seized by DOJ Homeland Security Investigations. The site is owned by Discovery Channel, the owner of Animal Planet.

    Here are the full video’s:
    From these video’s you can see at the end that they are fictional productions, though there are some real facts interwoven within the storyline.

    I think these kind of productions should be outlawed because the level of deception is just beyond any acceptable norm. If Animal Planet thinks they are winning popularity by these kinds of productions, they are wrong.

    The existence of mermaids is inconclusive. They might or might not exist.

    • I would agree there, if it is fiction, there should be a warning at the bottom of it.. me wonder though is this not the only way to tell the public about the reality, without the government’s approval.. so perhaps this is necessary however… ?

  5. Laura,

    Regardless of any information that a person can find on the internet that calls into question the existence of mer-people (Judistira), mer-people most certainly exist.

    Whether Animal Planet is telling the truth or not is irrelevant. They are real and they are here.

    We could engage in a lengthy argument and debate this fact but where would that lead us? Nowhere.

    Rest assured, mer-people are here and some of them are here to help us. When all of humanity discovers this wondrous secret, I’m sure each of the people who have commented on this blog post will be grinning from ear to ear.

  6. It’s faked. It’s nazi mind control. And it’s awesome!!!!!!!

    Now the funny thing is, this tactic may very well backfire on them. People tend to become hostile when they’re told “no, you can’t see the body”.


    Uh, correction – they already HAVE become hostile… 😉

    But I’m here to tell you mermaids do indeed exist…

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  8. Good question Laura! You got a point there. It might be that the story is true, but the identities of the persons are fictitious, just to be able to air the documentary without being censored (or killed).
    Working on something fictitious for 3 years just to have stellar ratings for a few days is not logical (though there might be some crazy people who would…). So what I am saying is that the truth might be a little bit more complicated than it seems.

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