DL Zeta – April’s Cardinal Grand Cross Triggers a Quickening across Timelines and Dimensions


April’s Cardinal Grand Cross Triggers a Quickening across Timelines and Dimensions In case there is still any doubt, we are standing inside a moment that is seeding extreme change in human consciousness. The extraordinary shifts we are experiencing now are the most powerful and transformative yet. This is true not just for this timeframe or…


HILARION April 20-27, 2014 – The Rainbow Scribe


April 20-27, 2014 Beloved Ones, Many downloads of energy and recalibrations are occurring within you during these times. This can create discomfort within your physical bodies in many ways such as soreness and stiffness of the joints, ringing in the ears, pain and tenderness in various points of the spine, feelings of irritability, fleeting moments…


Message from Multidimensional Ocean’s Twin Flame Higher Self (Usakhar) about Twin Flames and Ascension of the Planet – 19 April 2014


Laura: Hi folks! Back already! J well Usakhar was around this afternoon, so I took it that he definitively wanted to give me a message, which he did, and I also asked him if he had a message for the blog readers… and he did!! J _________________________________________ Laura: Hi Usakhar how nice to­ sense you…


What did Edgar Cayce say about Jesus? | AngelicView


What did Edgar Cayce say about Jesus? Nov22 AngelicView: Well, Edgar Cayce actually said a lot of things about Jesus. He did because when people came to him for a “reading”, they would often ask about Jesus. And did you know that Edgar Cayce did about 14,000 recorded readings? That’s a lot! Thanks to Near-Death.com for…

Sacred School of OmNa| A Year of Intense Illumination by Master Jesus | Channeled Wisdom and Channelled Message | Natalie Glasson


A Year of Intense Illumination by Master Jesus Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 16th April 2014- www.omna.org HYPERLINK “http://www.omna.org” Deeply loved and beloved souls upon the Earth, I bring forth to you my love, truth and consciousness to share openly with you as I exist here as a loving brother to your soul. I am Master…


Heaven Opening Gates and Twin Soul Energies – Multidimensional Ocean with Higher Self – 18 April 2014


Dear all, After having had a few particular difficult moments yesterday and in particular last night, I had a breakthrough last night and this morning the whole world and grant scheme of things in the universe finally made sense. I could see beyond the energy of my loved ones, and literally see their angelic energies…


Selacia’s Article: Have a Breakthrough – 17 April 2014


Blue Banner from Aaron Inside This Issue Selacia’s Article: Have a Breakthrough with invitation to upcoming (details below article): Council of 12 Global Meditation – Eclipse 4/19 Your Past Lives & You – Mystic Journey 5/17 Divine Changemaker Course – Global 6/8 to 7/26 red heart small Have a Breakthrough during April’s Crossroads by Selacia…


Sheldan Nidle PAO – Update for April 15, 2014


13 Ben, 3 Kank’in, 10 Caban Dratzo! Your world is caught in an immense hidden struggle between the dark cabal and the Light. The Light has won many legal battles and gathered numerous powerful allies. These allies are now diligently completing a strategy that is to manifest your abundance. Prosperity funds are to signal the…


Force is How NOT to Experience Creation | Welcome to Brenda’s Blog


Home About Brenda Subscribe Force is How NOT to Experience Creation April 15, 2014 at 12:16 pm 23 comments cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations – Brenda Black Photo Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com Summary of Brenda’s April 12, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You’re of the stars – including the sun and…

Energetic Influences and Free Will > Dana Mrkich


Energetic Influences and Free Will Dana Mrkich a message from Dana Mrkich Wednesday, 16 April, 2014 529 views, 2 comments – login or register to comment Some people don’t like the idea, or don’t believe, that we are subject to planetary or energetic influences. Just as the tide ebbs and flows with the phases of…


On Twin Souls – Message from SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – 16 April 2014


  Laura: I asked SaLuSa a few questions about twin souls/ twin flames, and I decided to share part of the message with my readers, —hoping that it will help some of you also. Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________________ Laura: thank you Matt for the youtube video ! wonderful !! 1-    You are connected via the higher realms…


The End Times – Message from Higher Self and Guides by Multidimensional Ocean – 15 April 2014 | Multidimensional Ocean


At the end of times such as are about to hit us large and wide, it is common for love to reign over the planet for all live beings, such as animals, humans on many levels. This end time is a period where all is revealed to all souls that inhabit the Earth, big and…


4/15 Full Moon Eclipse Process – Selacia


4/15 Full Moon Eclipse Process a message from Selacia Friday, 11 April, 2014  (posted 14 April, 2014) 550 views, no comments – login or register to comment April’s energies become even more intense over the next several days leading up to the 4/15 full moon eclipse. Full moons on lunar eclipses typically amplify feelings, inner…


the Arcturian Group 4/13/14


APRIL 13, 2014 Greetings from the Arcturian Group We are observing ever more light pouring from the hearts of mankind–ever increasing in accord with the unfolding consciousness of every individual. There are some who were previously unable to offer even a smile to a stranger but who are now feeling comfortable and enjoying doing it…these…

Messages from Ann and the Angels – 04/12/2014


The Roses do not doubt their ability to Bloom We humans are the only species that doubts the creator supports out divine design. Without doubt, we can bloom too! Photo Photo taken in Phoenix, AZ ©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved Visit Ann’s Photo Site for more MESSAGE FROM THE ANGELS Angels My dear friends, we…