Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force -SaLuSa and guides 19 April 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean


Hi everybody   At the moment my channeling is taking a different form. This is evolving into me receiving images and I type the description of the images. I can then zoom in some parts of the image or even of the scene evolving in front of my eyes. Sometimes, a written message comes as…


Tonight Live Radio Show at 4 PM Eastern Time or 9 PM GMT – What do you REALLY want?? With Laura Multidimensionaloceans


Hi guys! Tammy Super and I would like to let you know about the radio show on tonight with…. ME!  Please join in, ask questions etc !! Looking forward to it so much  . LIVE today at 4PM Eastern    

Message from Laura’s Guides – 3 Jan. 2013 | Multidimensional Ocean


telepathic-peopleHi guys! I usually receive daily updates during my day, either during meditation, or just while I do house jobs, or walk, or sometimes out of the blue in any situation. The updates are usually about a deeper question that I have wondered about, or asked my Higher Self, or my guides. Today’s message was…

As Above, as Below -SaLuSa and Multidimensional Ocean – 5 Sept 2013


Share your love, wisdom, happiness and consciousness with all those around you dear friends. Your love and joy will reach the deepest depths of Mother Earth, the sadest person on the planet, the darkest soul in the universe. The power of love and compassion is always the superior power, even if sometimes things may not…

Love and peace to all my lovely readers ! by Multidimensional Ocean


Loving all the enquring minds out there!! Those who question every thing, every received idea, especially any received idea concerning spirituality. Love you guys!! Thank you for reading between the lines and for loving me just like I am, without judgement, without preaching. Love those who receive my messages and words without prejudice or self…


Conversation with the being on the ship watching over me and my loved ones by Multidimensional Ocean 29 Aug 2013 | Multidimensional Ocean


Took a long walk outside, enjoying the air of the last few days of summer. Was feeling nostaligic and sad for having to leave the country and my loved ones behind for a while. Looking up in the night sky, the usual light ship was out, following me, flashing all the rainbow lights: red, green,…

Call for Action- Short Message from Higher Self and Multidimensional Ocean – 9 May 2013


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke Hi guys, For the 1st time in over 2 weeks, I am getting a small message from “upstairs” as it were J. There is a call to action for the lightworkers, I am told that the time…

April Donation Reminder – Laura


Hi folks, just a quick reminder that the site and my work survives on donations. Please consider making a small monthly donation, no matter how small, but only if it doesn’t leave you short. My work is entirely voluntary and depends 100% on your donations. I would like to think that providing readers with quick,…