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Reminder – Donations for May Welcome

Just as a way of expressing gratitude for my work and channeled messages, a donation, even if small, would be much appreciated at the moment for May. I am only asking those of you who can afford to help. Please also help the smaller websites, such as mine....
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Available for Readings – Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody! Just a quick note to say that I am available for readings should you have a few questions to ask ! Here is the new website set up especially to that intent: http://multidimensionalreadings.wordpress.com/ Or just click on the blue flower in the blog’s sidebar The site...
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Love and Joy by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody! I have received a short message from Source/ Higher Self yesterday evening. Messages clearly said: “Fill in your lungs with air, with all the atoms, particles and molecules of this world. Let them penetrate your being, let them penetrate your soul. Allow them to increase your...
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Laura – Light Sonic Shower

Hope u guys have a super holiday!! Had a nice day myself with friends and family Did a wonderful meditation this morning and tonight with my partner! Very nice to do this with a few like minded folks, like we do in my spiritual work group Then during...
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How Was Your 21st December 2012?

Hi guys, just popping over for a few minutes to ask you if you would like to share your experience of the 21st Dec. below in comments? I personally have been sleeping it off for most of these pas 3 days. Feeling super tired. My dreams have also...
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