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22 July 2012:

Hi everybody! I would like to introduce a new Aurora Dreamflight Blog:

and also a new Aurora Dreamflight Facebook Page, since the previous one was deleted along with my previous FB account :)
Here it is:

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I will also use this section to remind you of the recommended links, and to post my own experiences and others under this page. Above is a beautiful picture Kathleen has shared with me yesterday. I hope you will all enjoy it :)


Hi everybody! I would like to introduce a new Aurora Dreamflight Blog:

and also a new Aurora Dreamflight Facebook Page, since the previous one was deleted along with my previous FB account :)
Here it is:

Please leave your comments on New Blog for 21 July 2012. dreamflights if u wish :


Laura’s Experience of the 30 June 2012

Last night my dreamflight with the Aurora started with hearing the music of the old Star Trek series, the ones with James T. Kirk. At the same time I was meeting people wearing similar uniforms, and we were greating one another. This went on for quiet some time. It certainly had a taste of reunion of loved ones, and I am sure many reading this of you were onboard! Eventhough you may not recall all or most of it.

The Aurora then reunited me with a very special loved person, who is not on Earth at this time, however my own feelings are telling me now that the experience and the feelings were real. I still can have a taste of it. I have also discussed with this person some pending matters relating to Atlantis and with members of my family in this life, which are still having an impact in my reality now. Much love and healing took place, which I am really grateful for. These scenes took place by a river, in a valley. The river valley was half dry, and I could see the river bed was made from stones. Another part of the river had built in pools of water, using the river’s waters. These were deep and safe. I was in one of them with that person who is dear to me, discussing various issues coming up for me now. There were other people around us, walking on the river bed or in similar pools of water.

The rest of the dream flight was based on intell, on a boat discussing matters going on now at the bottom of the ocean having to do with magma. I believe some extremely difficult things were discussed, which I don’t feel confident discussion here.

The Aurora has the ability to travel in time and space, in order to show us difficulties in our lives and where the origin of these is coming from. She also has the ability of holodecking, which means she can modulate the various rooms appearance to look as if one is outdoors and in open space. So if you found yourself outdoors, surrounded by normal looking people… all is well. She can also generate and create certain experiences for us during our dream flights, so that we get the chance to re-live some of the most influential experiences in our lives.

Please feel free to share with us all your experiences, the aim of this experience is to create a safe mode of exchange and help each other understand our own experiences. Many of you are emailing me in private, currently there are about 110 members of the Aurora crew and more emails are in my inbox on this matter.

I certainly don’t claim to have an answer for everything and much is for us to figure out by going within, experiencing ourselves, our inner world and by communicating here and on the other forums. If you have questions, please make sure to ask these in the Dreamtime Aurora Athabantian Comments Page, for all to see and answer. It is improtant to have an athmosphere of love and peace between ourselves. So please respect this sacred space created for everybody.

Once again, if you feel you have not experienced much, please ensure you have read the recommended links:

Recommended links before the flight:

Laura’s Dreamtime Experience of Saturday 23 June

Dreamflight Guide lines for the Athabantian

Athabantian Getting Started

Important Background Information

Previous Message from Adrial and Bashir on the mission

Important Message from Adrial and Bashir – Advice on How to Connect and Mission Briefing – 29 June 2012)


Alessandra Fadda’s Experience of the 30 June 2012

Hi Laura,

Im writing to you in private only because I felt “My mission aborted” so many times because of circumstances;-)
Im on holiday over at my mother in Law’s home at the beach and my sister in law had a big party… there was so much noise I knew I would have a hard time relaxing. After a while I had something flashing in front of my eyes and knew I couldn’t prolong further so I went to bed, did all the merkaba meditation without problems but even though I felt the contact immediately the chaos downstairs kept pulling out of my dream state quite violently. I felt they would try with me at the after lunch siesta we have here in Italy. I went to sleep really tired after lunch today  and the meditation was spot on connection, immediate lilac spiraling and I kept on switching from window images.
The first image I captured was flying still in our atmosphere and seeing different light ships passing infront of us, I was woken up abruptly by my children at least 3 times and each time the crew would try to hold on to me switching window images in my mind. The second scene I loved was watching out the light ship over some planets where it was all very bluish, felt there was lots of water. I must say at the end I was forced to get up and felt nauseous from the strain it took to keep on getting in connection with them. Im sure they had such a hard time with me, I’m so sorry about that.
I will never stop trying next week till I manage to focus perfectly.
Please share if you like and feel free to use my whole real name.


 ***** NOTE from Laura: Alessandra send me a message today after the above message was sent saying: *****

“Found out what happened… I have a terrible ear infection, can’t even walk:-))))”


From Wolfgan, who has asked me to post this

Dear Laura,
please fleel free, to post my experience, because my handy hangs up every time, I try to register for wordpress.
In my feeling, while we were all standing together, had white, floating cloths on, while we stood on the commandbridge onboard.
Love and Light


Here is from Susie

I awoke comfortably with a “hum” pulsing though my entire physical form. It is the same “hum” feeling as I hear when a Hummingbird is flying nearby.  This energy stays with me now.

Today is a landmark day for me, which is something I did not recall last night. It wasn’t until I typed the characters to form July 1 that it came to me. I will share more later regarding this.

In preparation for my visit with Aurora and her crew I read all the recommended material and wrote in my journal. My journal has the logo “Good & Plenty” on it with the pink and white candy coated licorice spilled over the rest of the cover. My journal entry contained a brief synopsis of the readings and 6 items to complete within the scope of this journey/experience.

1. Connect with Aurora, Adriel, Bashir, all Galactics on-board and with the 76 humans like me.

2. Ask Ego-Self to perch on left shoulder as she will not be needed on this experience.

3. Visualize myself in the center of my Light Pyramid.

4. Ask to be Re-Briefed on my mission on Earth and On-Board the Aurora.

5. Ask to meet my Dispatch Team.

6. Ask to use the Healing Chambers and to travel through the Ether to balance negative Karma and settle any arguments with enemy souls.

I reclined, placed my Crystals around me, put my pendulum around my neck and put my Crystal Headband¹ on.

I began with a prayer, then read aloud the six intentions above and began my meditation. I wrote the password for Aurora on my left hand just above my thumb.

I posted Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Jophiel in the four corners of my room and asked Archangel Gabrielle to be present to assist in communication as I traveled. Astral travel was made within my Light Pyramid. When I arrived at the Aurora I was warmly welcomed by Seria.  The pristine celestial energy within the Aurora sent joyful tears streaming down my face. The feeling was that of returning home after a very long, isolated exile.

Seria felt like an Aunt to me; very kind-hearted and smiling. She expressed to me how grateful and excited she was that I had made the choice to visit this night. She said we would go right to the Healing Chambers and accompanied me there. As I sat down Seria said she would be sitting right there next to me while the Chamber re-balanced and re-activated my energy centers.  She said I would feel much better afterwards and then we would be ready for a short mission. After the mission we would discuss operational changes within my role upon Gaia and my duties with the Aurora crew.

Once the Healing Chamber experience was complete, Seria and I joined a reception where I met crew members and other visitors like myself.  It was pleasant and seemed to me to be like I was a butterfly gently floating by flower blossoms of varying color, shape and size, but all quite beautiful.  The blossoms were the Galactics and people and I met and acknowledged each one with an energy-like handshake. My heart center felt to open-up like a turbine generator sending and receiving enormous amounts of energy communications in a precision-like manner.  I am still in awe at how seamless this type of communication flows.

Sometime later I was joined by what I will call a healing ops coordinator. He conducted our mission and I followed along.  The recipient of this healing mission was shown to be a member of my soul family. I observed and focused my intent on transmuting the wounds of this person pushing aside the 3D inclination to seek answers (relative to the wounds) How, When, Who, Where, Why…  In my processing of what we were about, I was instead given the feeling of the person being healed.  The source of the wounds became unimportant; only the present recycled energy from the wounds was felt by me. The feelings were self-loathing, profound sadness, disgusted, confusion, numb. Moving this energy was akin to trying to run swiftly through track with thick honey poured over it. I felt the present life of this person and was given a vision of what their future could look like once they accepted and anchored the healing. The key was bold and undeniable. The Law of Free Will allows for every individual to choose to embrace healing or continue as they are. This concept was brand new to me as I had always thought that the body/soul was on auto-pilot in accepting offers of healing. The idea of not accepting healing seems foreign and counter-intuitive to me.  Suffice it to say I learned a great deal from this mission and am imbued with an empathetic new awareness of this challenging call to heal, to mediate, to negotiate and to explore the best path to move forward.

I did not return to the Aurora, but was returned to my home after the mission. I sense that I will be marinating in this experience for a while before I am prepared to discuss operational changes within my role upon Gaia and my duties with the Aurora crew. This was confirmed telepathically by Seria.

Today, July 1st is the anniversary of the day my brother David died. His death was one day before his 2nd birthday. His departure came a day after a drowning accident where I pulled him up from the bottom of our backyard swimming pool. I was 17 years old at the time. This experience left me suicidal. The guilt of not being able to save him with the shame of my failure to bring him back to life created toxicity within every thread of my life. Healing Events have occurred in my life within the last four years. In the wake of these events, all aspects of my life have improved. The negative emotional stings of past experiences have been transmuted to emotionally neutral. Each one is accompanied by wisdom and released to my Akashic records keeper to file as lessons learned.  These once painful experiences are then completely removed from my current embodied blueprint on Gaia.

I Am in the service of Divine Mother/Heavenly Father; One. Within my present journey I Am a Healer, a Mediator, a Negotiator and a Lightholder ever-knowing there is and will always remain opportunities for improvement within all dimensions for eternity.  So Be It, Be It So and It Is Done. Blessed Be. Amen, Amen and Amen.


From Betty

Hi Laura,
Here is my dream from last night.
I went to bed with the intention to meditate, burned some sage in my room, lit a candle and with the crystal quartz in my hand, filled my bodies with a beam of Light from the Central Sun, through my chakras, to the crystal core of Mother Earth, as I always do before meditation. But my body was very tired because of exercises, work and cycling during the day. So I was needing rest. But the sleep didn’t come normally.
My night started with some falling asleep and wide awake calls back and forth, which is somewhat unusual for me.
By the 3rd of them, I fell into a deep sleep and appeared in a very bright place I knew was Aurora. She’s very alive and not a ‘space ship’ as we have ‘known’ them… She welcomes me aboard, telepathically. She is loving, conscious and knows very well all the ongoings on/in her.
A being full of Love and Light received me, stepped forward to greet me as there were others around, many. His name was Ben. He said to know me from before and was very happy to greet me here.
Somewhat, I look different. I have long red hair, I wear a long dress, I’m taller than in 3D. I’ve seen this look in me before.
There was a lot happening aboard. I was told that I had been telepathic by nature and didn’t need any preparation for this. Only practice and letting it happen like I use to do. (Some years ago I was very much more in contact with non physical beings in that way).
I was taken to a place that seemed out in the open but inside the ship as projections can be done in space, time and place and seem totally real. They are real… It was by the sea. I was told to have a lot to do with the sea, dolphins and whales. I use to be a being that could be as much under water as out of it, transport myself in the depths of oceans and be there as cosy, or more, as I seem to be out here. I’m told by Ben that whales are willing to transmit their knowledge to some of us, and us to transmit it to the ones that wish to know, listen, learn or remember. The whales, even if they leave the physicality of Mother Earth, their wisdom and knowledge, kept for eons, is passed from one to the other. Time has come to share that wisdom. I’m part of that process tho I still don’t know how and when. We were taken to the depths of the ocean and greeted by Mother Whale. It felt wonderful and very at home. We recognized each other. It was an incredible strong loving known feeling. She communicated in the same way as Ben and all upon the Aurora ship, Aurora included: by telepathy. So I could have an easy flowing conversation with Mother Whale that told me that they had been waiting for this moment a very long time, for the human being to come back to Oneness. I could feel a kind of tiredness, sadness and joy in Her. The path to this moment had been long but they knew that it was going to happen. It wasn’t the first time we were meeting and it was a reason for celebration. We were going to be in contact from now on, telepathically.
The next I remember is that we were back on the Aurora ship. Ben was so pleased with what had happened and said we would be in contact again.
There was a short ‘goodbye’ tho not a goodbye. Just a ‘until next time’.
I kind of woke up, let go of the crystal quartz, and fell asleep.
In the morning, the first thing to remember was all the night happenings and still be in contact with Ben, Mother Whale, the Aurora ship. I had slept more than normally as I’m quite a morning bird. Had a meditation and was directly back in contact. It felt ‘good to be home’ with them all, here…. There is no separation…..
I hope I didn’t forget anything. It was a wonderful feeling…



From Kevin B.

Heres th written recall! Laura. Successful dreamtime lightship invite sat 14. I was wit a few others who lookd like tourists n i figured i was wit them, we wer met by galactics known 2 us n i was given a delichious ice cream n he said that i shouldnt smok so much dope,i askd him if he was judgn me,knowing he wasnt, n he said we had 2 sort out dream parcels of earth peoples dreams.climbn down masive circular tunnels,on ground level massiv villages of light all around.met a lady from a past dream she said i was suposed 2 meet her,i couldnt recall why i experimenting wit gravity i jumpd down th tube n it was fast.train ride with countless ruins of an anchient alien city no longer operational each side of th track wit also th endless downward circular towers.nxt tiny beautiful anchient wise lady talking 2 us tourists.i had 2 jump down anothr tunnel n when i landed i thought i had forgoten my recall pad but th girl said she would go bac 4 it so i felt ok n went forward.

Now we wer playing gravity games amongst ourselves,there wer tall trees n we wer bouncing off th ground n trying 2 tip th tops of th n las bit we wer in somethn a smaller lightship n i was at th front n we wer flying thru a colourful wormhole 2 th 14century n i said, so this is whats its like 2 time travel.aldough i woke up about 3 times during th night i was thankfully returned 2 continue th astral adventure until morning v.thankful 2 my galactic friends 4 such an experience n all ways lok 4ward 2 future magic.lov n light, allways bright! Kb.


From Ara

I felt drawn to the Aeterna, so I made a connection to her before going to sleep. I don’t recall the first part of the trip and getting there (or if that was even the ship i visited), but I do remember some of the middle part of the experience. I was in a large room and I was building a machine. It was fairly large and did not have ‘normal’ gravity. I could fly up and all around the room while creating components and placing them mid-air so that I could easily put everything together without gravity working against me. At first, my flying was a little wibbly, but worked much better after I relaxed and remembered the feel of it.

This seemed to be in line with other work I’ve done in dreamtime – lots of research and engineering work. There have been times when I wake up just as I’m in the middle of noting something (in some kind of script with which I’m familiar there, but not here) and I think, “Aaagh – that was important and I’m not done yet! I hope higher dimensional me remembers where I’ve left off.” :)


From David

Dear Laura

I have made some notes re my experience, and append them here.
It was an unusual night, with no dreams at all!

But some of the words I wrote down during the night I have subsequently realised are related to Ghost Radar, so may be significant.

I am unsure of how you wish to present this, so give you permission to do whatever you think fitting, including any interpretation you may put on it.

Had a sleepy meditation aiming at 20 mins, but dozed off, so finally went to bed around 1.30am. Took crystal with me to hold. Not aware of any dreams – unusual. However, waking now and then with odd words in my head. Eventually followed advice on website and found notebook and pen. Wrote the words then as they came up… brackets […] implies sound heard, {…} implies visual impression

4 part camera
John Smallman
{red sock}
model finances
realign stick
is room
13 (or53? unclear) years ago

May all be ramblings of the subconscious, but…?
Love and Light


From marijana pontoni

dear laura,

yesterday, for meditation i’ve chosen to go and lie down in my back yard on yoga mat with my bare feet in the grass. i didn’t have peace that much as i wanted to because my hubby came and we share a few thoughts. anyway, rather quickly, i became sleepy. than, i had visions that i’m standing in space and faces of people who are passing and nodding my way to greet me. i figured it out that were earthlings who came to aurora as well as i did.
since i couldn’t control my urge to sleep, i went to bed then. it is interesting that, since it is so hot here right now, i can not fall a sleep till i ware off my eyes with reading and if my hubby wants to read after i’m done, i just can not stand the light lit up. so, i just felt comfortable just resting and fell asleep rather quickly. i remember being with people, i remember that i was doing something, but i can not remember in that much details as you do.
around 4 or 4,30 am i woke up since i had really bad feeling that several strange person were doing something that i just couldn’t agree with. i woke up and said in my head but making it really sounding out loud: anything and anybody that isn’t of light and love should leave my space right now. i repeated that 3 times in total. than i just fell to sleep again.
 in the morning, my body was pleasantly heavy, feeling was like after good pleasant massage.
i do not know if it has to do anything with whole experience but i had two bowel movements yesterday which were more like purging my body. since i’m into raw and healthy lifestyle, that surprised me with intensity and presence of bile in my stool. than just came thought: you have to go through this to be ready. and that is all.
i also have to say that several weeks ago i saw all informations about athabantian and tulya but they just didn’t “sit“ right to me. when i red invitation to join to aurora, it was something i just had to do. :-)
thank  you for sharing your experience with me and i apologize if anything in this mail was awkward but i felt that i should share with you whole story.
with love,

From Jennifer


I was somewhat surprised as I became attracted to Laura’s posts about the dreamtime flights because I originally did not feel any interest. The past couple of days I was more drawn to her posts and as I typed my email to Laura, asking if my name was on the crew list, I knew that it was. I was excited at that point.

I read all of the readings and copied some of them and reread before meditation. I expressed that I was interested in the healing chambers and I held the Aurora, Adrial, Bashir and Machom in my thoughts. I held the crystal in my non-dominant hand and began meditating. I (like another person, above) usually have a difficult time falling asleep. I go to bed quite late, but last night felt like I was ready at an earlier time. As I was meditating I felt a tap on my neck and I heard someone say to me, “Hold the crystal right here (on my neck).” I moved the crystal to the spot and fell asleep/was off and away.

I felt very busy all night long. I remember waking up in the night and reminding myself that I was supposed to write things down, but only had pictures in my mind and thought to myself that I did not feel like drawing all of those pictures, so I grabbed my crystal again and went back to sleep.

My impressions are of marks on skin, like scars. I don’t believe it was on me, but I’m not sure. I can still see one of the “scars”. I also remember islands, floating in the air. I had artwork that was mine and someone was showing me how to reframe it (very symbolic, I think). Simple children’s songs kept coming to my mind, and popped into my mind all morning. (I have worked with children and music all through my life, so this is significant to me, somehow…although as I am typing this, I am realizing the songs coming up are songs from my childhood, not songs I perform.)

I have a knowing that I communicated with many but I haven’t pulled up a picture in my mind of who they are. I feel like I worked in the night, yet I felt revitalized this morning. Waking up with energy is also unusual for me.

I am grateful for this experience and all to come. I am grateful to the Aurora and to Adrial and Bashir. Thank you, Laura.


Aurora Crew Dreamtime Update

I will post here all updates for our weekly trips, please visit the page regularly during the week. Laura

Reminder for question: please email me and allow a few days for a reply:


Laura – Quick Aurora Update – 3 July 2012-07-03

Thank you all for your wonderful participation in the Aurora’s Maiden Voyage adventure. We were over 110 3D Earth Crew members. I have received another few new emails from you asking if you are also on the crew manifesto. I will email the new potential crew members as soon as Adrial and I are available at the same time.


In the meantime, I have received a good number of more emails with your accounts of the journey and it took me a few hours to read and reply to them last night. You can read the public accounts published with permission of those who emailed me on the new Page specially dedicated to our Aurora experience. I have to ask people to refrain from making other comments in that page other than the Aurora. In order for us to be able to read in a focused manner on our experiences. I will add your comments and please leave your experiences in the comments section there. I will keep updating the page or leave messages for the Aurora Crew on that page.

Here are the links to the page:

Also for those of you on the Athabantian, there are more accounts and updates from Leslee on Spirit Train Chronicles:


I also received a few emails from people who did not recall their dreams. Please all of you, make sure that you “call” through telepathy on the Aurora, Adrial or Bashir during your meditation. There is also a list of others available on Dreamwalker’s website:

RUBINHOUT: (Yes, We know it sounds a lot like “Robin Hood”; that’s more than mere coincidence.) Serving in the energy exchange guidance field.
ADRIAL: Serving in the energetic and communicative focus field.
BREN-TON: Serving in the guidance and oversight field.
JUSTINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field.
MORAINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field, as well as the emotional development field.
LASKEVALL: (pronounced much like “Basketball”) Serving in the nourishment and sensory enjoyment field.
MINSHEHOUT: (Nickname: “Miscoot”) Serving in the nourishment and health field.
NESBEVHAR: (Nickname: “Nebs”) Serving in the health and realization field
CLURISNAN: (Nickname: “Clover”) Serving in the agriculture, horticulture, and pleasure gardening fields
ASPINGELLE: (Nickname: “Jelly”) Serving in the transportation field
NOXAMINIA: (Nickname: “Noxy”) Serving in the astral field (sometimes known as the “Explaining Nature to Humans” field)
BUSCODIS: (Nickname: “Otis”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field (otherwise known as “Music”, and yes, Otis borrows his nickname from Mr. Redding.)
AXNORAPHILIM: (Nickname: “Norim”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field and the visual collaboration (“Visual Arts”) field
MARCORUSCAVA: (Nickname: “Marco”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)
PALASDOSIA: (Nickname: “Palas”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)
AMPHEGRENE: Serving in the sensory therapy field
CALLIOSTA: (Nickname: “Calli”) Serving in the sensory therapy field
MARHAYAMYA: (Nickname: “Yamya”) Serving in the celestial liaison field


I would encourage you to read that article with the guidelines if your experience was not what you have expected. Also don’t forget to make note on the other links of the procedure to follow, here are the links:


If you encounter more disappointment after our next journey to the Aurora, on Saturday 7th July, please email me and describe everything you have done and what you have felt during the experience, and I will ask Adrial case by case what has happened. I hope light can be shed this way.


We will have our next trip next Saturday, so please keep an eye on the blog for updates, I have created a new page just for Aurora Dreamtime Updates, click here to visit the page:


There seems to be a lot happening now, much controversy, much anticipation, speculation, and attempts to threaten lightworkers. Please make sure you remain centred, and don’t allow all these mind / emotional “games” to drag us into the hamster wheel illusion. Remain calm and enjoy 3d as long as we have it!! We might even miss 3D in a few months! lol


Hope to have a message soon, Laura


22 July 2012:

Hi everybody! I would like to introduce a new Aurora Dreamflight Blog:

and also a new Aurora Dreamflight Facebook Page, since the previous one was deleted along with my previous FB account :)
Here it is:

Please leave your comments on New Blog for yest. dreamflights if u wish :

83 thoughts on “Aurora Dreamflight Experiences Comment Page

  1. My dreamtime experience – I only remember bits and pieces. The FEELING I had and still have is that I was in or surrounded by what reminded me of a carnival/sideshow type of place with different characters/people/beings. It could have been an encampment as well. Anyway, I remember being in what I took to be a many stalled bathroom with a man who was trying to kiss me but had these huge lips (LOL) and couldn’t quite get how to kiss. I pushed him away from me and left to go outside and saw snow on the ground and remember thinking it was strange for it to be there. So I started walking across this yard to I guess what was my car (Bel-Air sticks out in my head) and as I’m half-way across the yard my paternal grandmother comes running (I’m still amazed at how fast she ran)up beside me and I belted out (in surprise that she was even there) “Mom L”?! To me it was strange that she was there because I had only visited/been with her maybe 15-20 times as a young kid (my parents were divorced when I was 5) and a few times as an adult. Anyway we get in the car, or she does because I had to remove a huge amount of snow out of the drivers’ side of the car. After that we drive (I’m driving) away and remember not having any real control of the car as it’s sliding on the snow and my grandmother says she’ll handle it. Shortly thereafter, I woke up from my dream and said Thank you to her out loud. My feeling is that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be maybe and that she was there to help/guide me back to my body. Well, a bit long-winded but that’s my experience this time. This one is definitely for the therapist’s couch. I would love anyone’s thoughts about this.

  2. Wow Kim, this was fascinating! thank u for sharing! lol
    The snow made me think of some kind of learing or baggage needed to be left behind, in order to join your grand mother, who is no doubt one of your guides…
    The Aurora creates for us the experiences that we need, in order to move on and reconnects us with our loved ones :)
    xoxo thank you!! :)

  3. I woke up this morning and was so very, very disappointed. I could not remember or recall anything what so ever. The sadness stayed al morning on the ridge of crying. I read Leslie’s blog again and desided to take the advised nap this afternoon, perhaps that might bring something up. The nap took away some of the sad feelings and I actually had a dream, but can’t link it with the dreamtime meting. I found myself on what seemes to be a schoolyard, there was a car in the middle with one open door and I stood there waiting for something? A football rolled up to me but later on I realised it could have been our moon or some greyisch planet too. Then from the corner of the schoolyard a little boy came up, very shy, only looking at me. I asked of the ball was his, and to my surprise i saw the bal in the cardoor as if the door was pregnant (does that make sense?). Th elittle boy did not say a word, looked again and walked away. I stepped into the “pregnant” car but can not recall if it drove away.

  4. It’s everybody’s fav azn troll. I don’t recall much from last nite. I do know that i was somewhere. I had to go to the bathroom twice and was able to go back into dream state easily. I have a crystal wand that i had put away for almost five years and took it out for connecting my energies with the Aurora and crew. The crystal wand is for energy healing so im thinking that it served other purposes other that communications. The amazing thing is i had never let go of the crystal wand the whole entire night. I’m feeling very energized and feel very at peace. Love you all. If any of you saw me there…let me know what this azn troll look like…LOL

  5. Well. for my first time, I have to say that I have no recollection of my experience, however I do have some memories of meditating, falling a sleep and around 2 or 2:30 waking up, saying to myself “this is not working out ” and right after I heard this voice say ” we’re ready ” are you “, at the same time I was instructed to make my body comfortable, so I did….. I don’t know anything else after that, but I’m sure that one of my questions were answered, because this morning the most amazing thing happened….. you see one of my biggest concerns is my grandson he’s 3 and I still don’t know what happens to kid with all this changes, so I know I asked that question for sure……and this morning my grandson came to my bedroom and saw my crystal next to my bed pick up one and said to me..” nana crystals are very powerful “….no idea where that came from this kid is very smart, but at that moment I saw an open opportunity to teach him how to meditate…..and it worked…I had tears in my eyes, watching him close his eyes and do what I was saying…..of course the first thing he saw was a t-rex haha, but I manage to make that a friendly t-rex surrounded by white light and he was coming to hug him……so you see, I know I was there, in time I will remember all my encounters, because I’m planning on doing this every saturday… we all need help, and I’m here to do just that when and where is needed….. thank you Laura I am finally finding my way and my purpose on Earth !!!! do you recall seen me there ??? with much love and light XOXOXOX

  6. I can’t remember anything except that there were lots of people and a flurry of activity. Exciting/Animated comes to mind. I remember how colorful it was, so much color as in the uniforms from star trek.
    There were also lots of discussions/conversations going on, but I can’t recall what was being discussed. I am okay with that since I do have lots of recall from other visits to a ship
    ( New Jerusalem ) for which I am grateful. Laura I loved reading about your amazing experience while on board and the clarity of detail in which you described it. I so look forward to reading what others have to say about what they’ve experienced. Who knows, I might just pop in to visit the Aurora from time to time just to say Hi Laura!

  7. My Team is really protective of what and how much I’m allowed to remember, so it’s no surprise that my memories are a little spotty. They feel I’ll be traumatized if I take back the emotions and detailed memories of real-life, and see it in comparison to my 3D life on Earth. But here’s what I got.
    I held a large rose-quartz crystal all night, and went to bet at 11:00. I started with the meditation, and I immediately detached and saw images. It was me, standing with my luggage! A being I didn’t immediately recognize came to me. I think they were androgynous, with short, curly blonde hair, and wearing a green and white Grecian robe held at the shoulder with a round gold clasp. I knew it was time to go. I then fell asleep right away. You must understand how highly unusual this is, as I didn’t take melatonin as I usually do. (I’m a lifelong insomniac-I’m definitely what you’d call a hybrid, and the human part is constantly at odds with the Pleiadian part about my not needing sleep.) After that, I only remember a couple of things. A large group of us, all in different uniforms, were standing in a large circle. Something was in the middle, but I have no idea what. At one point, we all held hands. I remember constant chatter and laughter, also.
    When it was time to go, I found myself in one of the small 2-3 person, round shuttlecraft from my own ship (not the Aurora). A male crewmember was in the back and my friend and fellow-councilmember, Torras, was driving. I said I didn’t want to go back there (Earth). I wanted to go back to my own ship, with them. I said, to please don’t make me go back. She told me I have to go back, because of Atlantis. I have one more thing left to do. And Ryan (my son) is there. If I don’t go back, who will take care of him? Immediately I felt differently, and said I’d go back.
    Something to note is that I was conscious of a feeling of “I have to remember, I have to remember…”, but being told the whole time that it would not be good for me, it will break my heart if I do. A song was playing in the background the whole time, too, which meshes with my being advised to not remember the feelings. It just happens to be my new favorite song, and the title makes sense, in light of my feelings. It’s Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break”!

  8. Hi Laura and everyone, my dream was that I was down on the ground but watching self from above and I saw I was near some big city, but have no clue as to where. Saw stores, I was able to read the names,signs and etc clearly.
    As I kept walking I saw some type of bridge and underneath it was some type of body of water that from close looked like the sea but from far seemed like a puddle?
    Some people appeared near me including two kids, of all the people 2 adults remained, as I looked into the water I saw some blood spill :-/ I went on , saw open land and then the stores and big buildings.
    Later, I again find myself with two kids again and we enter some room where there is a pool and ends down to some wide slide that looked like a waterfall.

    Then went into stores, came back right out, entered buildings but I stayed in one for a while. Was seeing clothes, jewelry and a few of gold. Tried to grab but couldn’t , so I said it was a dream ’cause I’m unable to get anything with my hands 😀

    Got outside and kept walking and I’m trying to find a place but don’t know exactly where. Was getting frustrated. Found two people and they pointed me to a direction as to where to head and they pointed to my right and I went like oh, but then said that was way too far.
    At one point in my dream I was like scratching my eyes because my vision was going blurry and my eyes were like closing and felt as they were shrinking. That frustrated me and I sent myself to wake up and I did.

    Had many other dreams but do not recall them. Only this one.
    I didn’t go to sleep thinking of any of this dream’s details. Is this a messy dream ,does it make any sense?

    Just sharing,
    thanks Laura and all!!

    Miami, Florida

  9. Hi everyone,
    My first try at this. I don’t remember much. The only thing that was very clear was a big boat I was seeing. It peeked my interest that Laura also had a boat in her dream. Coincidence…..?

    Ystad, Sweden

    • Here is from Kevin B:
      Heres th written recall! Laura. Successful dreamtime lightship invite sat 14. I was wit a few others who lookd like tourists n i figured i was wit them, we wer met by galactics known 2 us n i was given a delichious ice cream n he said that i shouldnt smok so much dope,i askd him if he was judgn me,knowing he wasnt, n he said we had 2 sort out dream parcels of earth peoples dreams.climbn down masive circular tunnels,on ground level massiv villages of light all around.met a lady from a past dream she said i was suposed 2 meet her,i couldnt recall why i experimenting wit gravity i jumpd down th tube n it was fast.train ride with countless ruins of an anchient alien city no longer operational each side of th track wit also th endless downward circular towers.nxt tiny beautiful anchient wise lady talking 2 us tourists.i had 2 jump down anothr tunnel n when i landed i thought i had forgoten my recall pad but th girl said she would go bac 4 it so i felt ok n went forward.

  10. Hi everyone,
    This was my first dreamtime and i would like to say it was interesting. Plus i need to do this more often so that i can make myself much stronger!!
    I had started mediating for 30 minutes and when it was time i went to sleep. As soon as i was allowing myself to deeply relax i made contact instantly. A dark hand with red sleeves reached out to me and lifted me by my wrist out of my bed and took me into the air. There we rose into the sky and I recall in my peripheral vision i saw Gaia in her entirety as we left planet.(it was beautiful)
    We quickly approached the ship aurora and to me i felt like i was looking at something from the video game Final Fantasy! Once we landed i paused to look at the design and structure of the aurora and a group of individuals had called out excitedly ‘princess’. I was baffled and turned to my guide who had whisked over to the small group of three to four people (cant really recall) and he hushed them (of which i took in his appearance of a red suite dark wavy/curly long hair and mocha skin) before turning to me ( offwhich i lost all sight of him other than his hand) and he led me away from the area and into other rooms.

    this leading quickly changed into a tour and all i can recall (to the best of my knowledge) was brightly lit colors of various scenes and images of animals and people. than the scenes changed and it felt like we descended back to earth and were heading to lower earth because i remember seeing lush green vegetation in the area- And than i woke up to write it down. I was still connected so i was feeling nauseated and sick (glad laura told us to have a glass of water next to us) and than i went back to where i started to visualize the image again and than that was it. Dont recall anything else!
    This was def fun! Wish i could of smelt and tasted cause my senses feel left out.
    Sina- Canada

  11. Laura,

    When I received your email confirmation yesterday, I was excited and yet a little uncertain as to the reality of it all. However, I felt very conscious during my last dream before waking as if it was very significant. And upon reading of your “dreamflight” from last night I felt a connection.

    Before going to bed last evening I prepared myself with the conscious intention of doing everything that was asked of me in preparation for such an experience from working all day yesterday on various landscaping projects in my yard that assisted in both grounding me AND feeling tired as night time approached. I also read the various links you suggested. Before meditating I went outside and gazed up into the night sky for several minutes connecting with the energies of the cosmos. Then, upon coming inside, I meditated holding a beautiful quartz cluster, which I found at a gem fair I attended recently in SLC Utah, in my non dominate hand. I’ve meditated for several years incorporating various techniques so I allowed my intuition to guide me in connecting in a meditative state with Arial and Bashir and with Aurora herself (I don’t know if such sentient beings have gender, but that was the sense that came to me).

    After meditating I went to bed with the quartz cluster next to me as I slept. Most of the night was somewhat of a blur and I recall waking once or twice during the night with no real discernible memories. However, my last dream just before waking was most incredible and very vivid in some parts. I didn’t quite know how it related until I read your post this morning.

    During the dream I sensed that I was with a group of people that truly felt like family. I also felt I spent much time with a being that seemed to me as if she where my “twin flame”. I’ve been single virtually my entire life and have always wondered why I “chose” to remain single during this ending phase AND new beginning period at this time. Even though I’ve dated quite extensively in the past, recent relationships never came to fruition and as such I’ve chosen to remain single. So meeting another that I connected with on a seemingly deeper level was kind of comforting.

    We seemed to be with this group in more of a wooded slightly mountainous outdoor space with structures during twilight and nighttime, which I could easily perceive to being on a holodeck. For me, much of the experience almost felt more like play than anything else. I seemed to have such a fun time and connecting with this other person felt significant in some way, so much so that I was surprised upon awaking recalling the experience and wishing to continue that connection going forward.

    I am very much looking forward to our next “Dreamtime” experience…! :)



  12. Hello All,

    Saturday was a busy day:family here at home celebrating birthday of my son. 4 years old. Lot of food, some wine, Yes i know, its the worst thing to do but… well…party time you know.. lol.
    Went to bed with my mind like a wild horse, so it was almost impossible to be still in the middle of that crystal pyramid! Yes, that pyramid was moving all the time, of course!!
    I remember that i wake up a couple of times. “…its not working, to much interference from my stomach, no results….or this time frame is not ok (i live in Portugal, my night time frame is not in phase with US time frame)…”
    The last part of the night was very busy! Very vivid dreams. I was with a lot of people, we were mounting some kind of structure, like a cube metal frame. I was at on of the vertices. I remember very clerly that we were in a very dark place, like a tunnel or something similar. The image is like we have a very iluminated people against a very dark sky, no stars… a group of 4/5 people was travelling in a small car, like a mini 4×4…
    Lot of talking, a lot of ideas!! Next day my only intention was purifying my body!!!
    Until next time, over and out!!

  13. Hi everybody
    I wanna share with you my experiences with Aurora.
    I made my meditation in an pyramid with lot of light and strong feeling of love. After that I turned my head up and I saw a spacecraft above of me to take me up. Oh I was so happy. I had the feeling that I was going home after long time. In me dream I saw my family which I have now in the earth we play laugh and generaly we had very good time. Before I sleep I asked from Aurora I will have a kind of theraphy of my aura which I don’t remember it to happen but I have the feeling that this happened. In the morning when I woke up I made again meditation and after that I felt an inner happy.

  14. Hello all
    My experience started when I was meditating the 20 minutes before I went to bed. During meditation I am called to a location where there was a lot of people and waited. They sat at 4 or 5 different tables and I was told that the final table were the ones who were going to aurora. I was a little surprised there only was between 10 to 15 people, but went and greeted them.

    A little later I looked at another table where sat some uniformed people, and here I had to give my code word to Aurora tour.

    When I went to bed I lay on his back, like a dream journey. with my crystal pendulum and prepared myself to sleep. At one point I felt that something was going on above me, but woke up the whole time. I fell asleep at a time and could not really remember anything the morning when I woke up, but seems that the night seemed surprisingly short. I look forward to next trip and hope to experience something more.
    love to all Rolf Demsy

  15. For all those who felt “no connection” or little connection and no memories, please read this link, where the beings who you can contact are presented. Please chose one of them and contact that being during the meditation:

    Water seems to be a pretty much re occuring theme!! I guess, as Bella said, Atlantis is relevant here!!! lol :)

    Kevin, I had similar experience of being explained how wormholes work! i am glad u figured it out!! lol

    Yvonne, i will post a message later or tomorrow.. i hope it will help those who have no memories left.. :(

    Betty and Susie: amazing stuff!! just beautiful and powerful!!

    Thank you everybody for your help and feedback!
    Loooved all your experiences so so much!! :)

    I am moving Jennifer’s comment up in main page, at her request, and will do same in future :)
    I was also surprised to hearing the Star Trek oldest series music on the background of the beginning of dream.. i have never EVER experienced music in dreams before.. ! i see a few of us had that music thing :)

    Abigail, I was in one of the pool, by a river!!! YES!! MAKES SENSE 2 ME!! <3

    Bella! WOW!! I ALSO recalled today, while driving the people in a circle!! and also!! i think NOXY made contact with you!! I also met her / him the 1st time!! wowowo1! cannot believe how accurate a description of her kind u are giving above!! and also the circle of beings.. we wre doing healing !! :)

    Jon, I was also reunited with my twin flame, and peraps someone else was also reunited if u check here:

    I also find the symbolism of the actions or places are relevant and healing :) i was told Aurora has this ability to create any place needed, like a holideck !! in order to accomodate all the species onboard! like dolphins and whales of course!! lol

    I wonder if Laitonn is also onboard :)

    Also during the healing session, as we have seen in our dreams, we are placed in chamebers, alone or with our twin flame, with others in circle around us, reviewing the memories that need viewing or working on :). so as well as the holideck, there is also the groups ability of creation, and time and space travel when in healing chambers. And in 5 d all can be created at once of course. The healers also have access to us telepathically and communicate with images with us, which we perceive as dreams.. humm.. i will have 2 ask Adrial or Aurora to explain more on this.. or phrase it better! :)

  16. hi guys <3
    thanks for sharing these beautiful experiences.

    i am curious if any of you/ us are aware
    that 'if' we are multi-dimensional beings,
    there is, in reality, no veil to impose any limits,
    effectively allowing anyone to experience
    multiple realities simultaneously,
    while, for example,
    talking to someone in 'everyday life'.

    i remember as a child
    stepping into and out of
    multiple "fantasies" simultaneously,
    which i now believe are in fact
    much closer to 'reality'
    than my 3rd dimensional experiences.

    today i felt certain ancient 'archonical' currents being lifted
    so i feel safer and safer every day to come to the fore
    expressing my personal experience of infinity.

    on one hand i experience many lives in the future
    while on the other experience many lives in the past.
    and at the same time i experience different 'densities' of reality.
    it's like truely any limit is self-imposed.

    imagine dreaming while being awake,
    or 'remote viewing' while doing the dishes,
    as all experiences blend together
    and come into one being.

    when i read all of these beautiful experiences like i read above,
    it's like i am there, and then some.
    just like connecting to a sensation brings forth a feeling in me
    to which i can then connect.
    a sensation such as a name, a thought, an image, a feeling,
    a sound or music, a flavor or a color, a touch-sensation etc.

    I was wondering if any of you are aware of any of this.

    love forever,

  17. From Bruno (in Portuguese, please translate via Google Translate):
    Querida Laura, o que tenho a dizer desta esperiência ainda é pouco, no
    >> entanto foi e é bem presente o vivido,.
    >> Passo a explicar, no sábado passado na noite no sonho não tive
    >> oportunidade de relembrança da experiência, no entanto antes de
    >> adormecer e no dia seguinte por casa havia varias balões…o que deixa
    >> antecipar o sinal claro da sincronização…já ontem no sonho ocorreu
    >> uma viagem por via terrestre mas que não percepcionei ontem terminou,
    >> havia muita vegetação e não estava sozinho, sem que me lembre de que
    >> se encontrava ao meu lado. Talvez por não tem acompanhado e me
    >> preparado melhor não pude trazer mais do meu contributo, no entanto
    >> agradeço o carinho e a dedicação. Continuaremos em contacto.
    >> Beijos de Luz
    >> Bruno Shogun

  18. From John, (over at Spirit Train Chronicles:

    July 2, 2012 @ 4:53 pm [Edit]

    Sorry I have been absent as of late… Dealing with connectivity problems caused by little dog teeth.

    I haven’t read any of the posts yet because I though I should get this out before I di. I don’t want to color my recollection with other’s experiences.

    Last night was one of the oddest dreams I have ever had… And one of the longest.
    It was definitely some sort of training session, but based on The Simpsons. It was a bit to take finding myself a cartoon. There was lots of water activities, searching and talking to all sorts of folks. Lots of problem solving and even a bit of cartoon porn, although I cannot see how that translates into Galactic training.

    The details are a bit fuzzy… I neglected to record the experience right away, but do have the distinct feeling that I went through a huge training/orientation. I did a lot of running around in the dreamscape not only looking for stuff, information and people, but also to solve problems that were occurring.There was little stress and lots of celebration. Sort of like a day at the beach doing a treasure hunt.
    Full color but cartoon….
    I woke up feeling I fulfilled whatever I was trying to do. I don’t feel there was anything left hanging as I usually feel after such dreams.

    I apologize for the lack of detail, and will strive to more diligent at recording these right away.

    got some stuff to deal with right now so I’ll be back in a bit to read through and see what I missed.

  19. From Michael on STC (Spirit Train Chronicles)

    July 1, 2012 @ 11:25 am [Edit]

    DREAM: Night of June 30th/July 1st;
    As I was laying in bed and meditatiing before sleep, something kept coming into my head. “KODEX MISSION, or MISSION KODEX, or CODEX. That mean anything to anyone? I remember seeing an oval ship, beautiful ship, with an opening in the back, almost like a docking bay. There were narrow walkways that seem to pulse with light. I could see, feel and hear the breath of the ship. The walkways flowed like water and were textured or ribbed.. I could see a ships deck or bridge overlooking the earth. I remember a square room and one wall was glass. Any thoughts would be great here :) I woke so tired and sore. I felt like I was a bust little bee last night! I love you all and cant wait to hear some opinions! Thank you, and as always,
    your humble brother,

  20. From Cheri, on STC:
    July 1, 2012 @ 11:49 am [Edit]

    Hello to everyone – My dreamflight left me totally drained and exhausted…I don’t know my method of travel getting to the ship, or which ship I was aboard, but it was some sort of metal inside and the walls blended in with the ceiling (maybe round or dome-like). I was in a group of people (felt like sardines!). It was a tight squeeze for sure. There was a lot of hustle and bustle like we were trying to get organized for something. I don’t remember much. I slept with two crystals in my non dominate hand and woke up sometime in the early early morning with my hand sweating. I set them aside and remember reciting the words: center, spiral, wings, unity. I tell you my human body is fatigued :) Can anyone tell me what ship I may have been on? Or if I was even on a ship??

  21. Amazing, you know Laura, I can still feel the Aurora. I can feel her in my viens, in my heart and in my soul. I felt like I was finally home. I am very much looking forward to our next flight. Things have been so crazy as of late, with all the info/mis-info being posted everywhere it tends to make ones head spin! LOVE WILL GUIDE US ALL, LET LOVE GIUDE YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR HEART, YOUR CHOICES. If it is LOVE that makes our choices, what FEELS right, than we are in DEVINE light. WE ARE DEVINE CREATORS, we create out of LOVE, we follow LOVE and we emit LOVE. LOVE is the key, always has been. Some of us are just now discovering this, some have known for quite some time. I can’t wait to go HOME. I love you all so very much, your faithful brother,

  22. From Elisabath:

    Communique, dated July 3, 2012
    I am Umbro, captain of the Tulya. I know you and your companions. Your names are legendary among the Star Ships as the Ones who answered the call of Gaia so many years ago. We honor you for being on the planet during this difficult period of transition and change. And we love you because you are part of our Star Family. All of you have loved ones waiting for you on the ships, all of you.
    I am interested in inviting you on board the Tulya as you and I are related. I am your uncle. Do you remember your favorite uncle of your childhood, M—-? I am his Pleiadian self. I have watched you from afar since you were a brave little girl taking on the heavy energies of your war-torn planet. You, also, have a Pleiadian counterpart on board the Tulya, in the role of navigator. When you were a child, I smiled when I saw that you had an instinctive love for maps, as well as a love for exploring new places. These qualities were attributes that have assisted you in navigating through the turbulence and darkened energies of your current world.
    Together our crew has made many explorations of our galaxy and beyond. We are your Pleiadian counterparts and we welcome you to attend the weekly Saturday night meditations and dream walks, as well as coming on board whenever you are rested to visit us. We are gratified to make this connection with you at this time.
    We can offer you a tour of our ship, to get reacquainted, to heal heart and soul, and a connection with friends and family. We rejoice to see so many of our Star seeds waking up in these latter days. It will not be long before there is much rejoicing among our people as old connections are rebuilt, as you come aboard for a visit and when we finally can walk freely and openly among the peoples of planet Earth.
    You are the Way showers and as such you are becoming the first Terrans to experience “disclosure”. This is an ongoing process to anchor the realization of your own multidimensionality in your physical bodies so you can stand as living examples to those who know you in everyday life. When your earth-born friends see that you are not afraid or crazy, they will be encouraged and eager to also open up to the possibility of relating to people from other worlds.
    Yes, you personally are a Pleiadian Starseed and so was your father. This truth is part of your human lineage. You felt your soul connection to your father as his soul departed his body and you received a telepathic message from it. Your determination to protect him during his last years on the planet, to address the remaining karmic issues between yourselves, brought you further along your own path back to the Stars.
    We encourage you and your companions to keep journals and records of our encounters, whether through meditation, telepathy, through waking dreams or intuitive messages. Indeed, we will be offering you and to all those who wish to apply, guidance and healing, so you can learn how to conduct yourself in other dimensions. We do this in order to make your transition to higher planes a more loving and comfortable, joy-filled experience. We are sure that you will relish the process of re-opening up to the fullness of your senses, to the fullness of your Beingness, and to the fullness of your connection to the Galaxy and all life.
    We understand that the lives you have all led on Earth in this lifetime have been challenging ones. They have been lifetimes filled with difficulties, ones in which you have been stripped of many of your natural gifts. You have been reliant on inner guidance, at times feeling very lost and confused, but you have never been abandoned. We have been with you every step of the way, sometimes alongside of you in body, sometimes in your dreams and always in your heart of hearts. You have all been tested; you have all learned so much and have overcome all fear. Now you are ready to step forth as the first ones on your planet to become fully pledged Galactic Beings.
    In this intense period of change for the planet, you are here to anchor the energies and awareness of Light and Love. There will be much consternation as the dark deeds of your controllers continue to be revealed before the peoples of Earth. It is for you to stand fast, calm and serene, to give your fellow citizens, neighbors, friends and family a loving example of one who is steadfast in the face of much change. This has been a sometimes difficult undertaking for your sensitive crystalline nature; for we tell you as Starseeds you are all crystals. You were born crystals. Stripped of much of your gifts, you have walked blind through the darkness, but have persevered despite all of it and have emerged, once again, into the Light. The first wave Starseeds had a darker road to travel and they have assisted the younger generations by cutting a way through the forest of heavy energies, you who are the energetic explorers. Now as you relearn your true identity and nature, your gifts and your inheritance is slowly being revealed to you. Through the process of transmuting the darkness of ages through your own physical bodies you have made it possible for others to do the same and more.
    All the generations of starseeds, along with various kinds of walk-in souls, all of you have faced and transmuted the many difficulties in your lives and they have been many. On purpose many of you have walked into dysfunctional families and relationships, difficult jobs and careers. You have taken on these challenges like the true warriors of Light that you all are. Yes, even you who have naturally gentle natures are warriors for the Light, as you have anchored the light and in so-doing you have split apart the shards of the dark shell that has surrounded this planet for millennia.
    Understand, also, that although many of you are starseeds and have an origin far from your current home planet, you have also chosen to be born into lineages with Pleiadian and other galactic roots. Those of us who peer down at your planet are your relatives. Our races are your progenitors. You are your own fathers and mothers. We have a right to be here to assist you through this process and you have a right to participate in it. We are family. And we are eager to see your planet restored to her original breath-taking beauty and to welcome her people to the Stars, again.
    We are the Shepherds of the Stars. We guide many races through the stages leading to galactic status. We do not presume to conquer or coerce, but to gently guide those people who are ready to open to their multidimensionality, to the reality of encountering people from other planets than their own.
    Your journey has not only been one moving through your physical world, but it has been an inner journey as well. Along the way, you and your companions have discovered inner strength, a sense of balance, an ability to discern truth, to trust in your inner guidance, to listen within, to overcome fear and loneliness. You have become stronger and resilient at the same time, flexible and strong. Through gaining an understanding of your own trials, “mistakes” and tribulations, you have all grown in compassion for yourself and others. And you have learned to forgive and to remember the lessons that you have gone through. The knowledge that you have all gained through these experiences is priceless, as it can be offered to other souls and races in their journey to the stars.
    Your personal journey, Elizabeth, has taken you through more than one dark night of the soul. We have seen you blossom forth in these last years as you gained more self-awareness and assurance in your own abilities and gifts. You have instinctively understood that you could not compromise your inner growth by entering a relationship with one of dissimilar vibrations and awareness. You have stood alone, fearless and brave, proving your commitment to your as yet unknown mission. Although you early on realized that you were different than other people, you carried on, discovering the source of that difference and exploring along the way and finding wonder. For only recently you have been told categorically that you are a Starseed. You knew this in your heart but could not acknowledge it at first, but as the evidence piled up, you have, at long last, opened to the Light and truth of your being.
    This has been a long message, but we are overjoyed to establish this means of communicating with you. We will come for you in your dreams now that we sense you are unafraid. And look to the evening skies. One night you may see our ships dancing in your summer skies as you sit upon your mountain top.
    Be at peace, dear one. Your family and loved ones are close by you always. We love and honor you very much. Now we give you an energetic hug to say Aloha and Namaste.

  23. From Jolita G.:
    Hi Laura,
    Thank you so much for the work you’re doing and help. Many thanks to Adrial, Bashir and Aurora for confirmation.
    Would you mind if I share some of my experiences of Saturday night?
    Before going to bed I’ve asked Archangel Michael to look after me during my night journey. Then I layed down and took the crystal with me. The meditation wasn’t very succsessful as I couldn’t get rid of chaotic thoughts. I fell asleep, but awoke shortly after. I kep asking for a connection to Aurora and the crew. Then I fell asleep and I remember only the morning dream.
    I and some other people are standing at the entrance to some building where I know there’s some celebration (a wedding?) is about to take place. There follows some period that I don’t remember, although I somehow know that the dream continued. I know that I am inside a huge round building with many passages, steps and round lounges. I’m not alone. Next thing I remember is that the celebration is nearly over and I’m walking outside. I see that the building is surrounded by the ocean, the skies look overcast and quite dark, just like before dawn. I can see that there’s not much of a land that surrounds the building, and it looks like the building is raised high above the ocean. On my left, there’s some sort of a platform that raises from the ocean. I’m saying to someone that if repaired, this platform could be used for walks. Then I turn around and walk back to the building. I slip on the steps (covered in ice?) and my husband (there he is!:) grabs my hand and saves me from falling.
    Next, the dream transforms and I see the woman sitting under the tree by the beehive and she is preparing what seems to be propolis. Everything around is surroundeb by lush vegetation. The sun is casting its light through the trees. As I walk, I have to step over two busy ant paths on the ground.
    The end:)

    When awake in the morning, I was totally fresh and felt peaceful joy in my heart.
    Love and Light to everyone,
    Jolita G.

  24. Hi All,

    Here was my experience during dreamtime:
    I was aboard a ship (the Aurora I presume) and I was meeting with many people, some were members of our cosmic family, others our human family.

    I recall the ship was moving very fast (looked like traveling at light speed from star trek) and we were having introductions all around.

    I could feel the ship actually breathing as we were inside of it.

    I recall some of the crew mentioning the concept of re-integration of my spirit with my human self.

    That’s about all I could remember!

    Love & Light,


  25. Hi, Laura: I do not have a remembrance of whether I went on the Aurora or not. It was my intention and I did my preliminary work before falling asleep, but nothing. I have read the comments and some were pretty long. Maybe I will be able to experience it next time. I do, however, have a problem remembering my dreams. I rarely remember them.

  26. Marc! Oh my goodness! I was on the Aurora and I could FEEL the breath of the ship, in my viens, my heart and my soul! Feels AWESOME huh?!? The feeling of devinity is breath taking. To feel the source connect with your soul is something I will NEVER forget, and will relish forever! We are so close to being ONE, ONE LOVE, ONE HEART, ONE SOUL. I love you all!

  27. Ok, so I spoke too soon last time saying that dream was the most profound… This one goes way beyond profound.
    I was chatting with Babaji, (John-Paul) on skype last night and about 12:30 simply faded, so I said good night, planned to get a little bit of work finished before bed, but it all seemed so trivial I just left it and hit the sack. My quadruped friend, Rudy, was unusually quiet, but that didn’t occur to me at the time. I did a short meditation to clear out the day and fell asleep VERY easily.
    I found myself back where my awakening started. On an Organic farm called Klippers, but it was a little different. I knew I had returned, being absent for about 4 years. This farm takes on people called WWOOFERS (willing workers on organic farms) and they are usually young people from all over that look to travel and come to the farms for the experience. This group was not really any different than most, but it was a bit larger than usual, being about 20 strong. The dynamic of people spanned pretty much all personality types from meek to aggressive.
    Well, I spent some time getting settled and being the senior wwooffer, I got the private accommodations. Shortly after getting settled, I was outside meeting and greeting the crowd and noticed that many were showing little respect for privacy, personal space and the farm in general. This didn’t really upset me as I saw it as typical behavior of those that still sleep. There was some personal interaction with a few, getting to know them, and after a short time I found myself the center of attention for most. There were a couple of the men there that chose to test my power with aggressive behavior and posturing. Again, I was unfazed by this, but would not do anything to accelerate the situation. One fellow was particularly obtuse and started a chain of events that culminated in a physical conflict. He was posturing in the typical UFC manner… Dancing, stretching and cracking his neck like that is supposed to be impressive. He finally approached me and tried to push what he thought was his advantage, but very soon found that what he thought was an advantage was not. I won’t get into the gory details here, but will say that he was rendered helpless easily and with no malice or intent to harm on my part. (I am of the habit of simply tying my aggressors in a knot and holding them like a vice until they tire and give up. I have been like this for a very long time. I have no need to strike or cause damage. The opponent does the damage themselves, struggling in my holds).
    After that event, another fellow on a bicycle gave me a “Pfft” sort of attitude and refused to acknowledge his role in the damage and disrespect that was occurring. I warned him that the effects of his attitude are his choice and he may not like what he is creating. He gave me more attitude and rode off down the driveway, only to meet up with a truck travelling fast down the road. I don’t know what happened to the mess. He simply wasn’t there anymore.
    Then I had the attention of the rest of the crowd, so I suggested a walk into the orchard for a meditation and orientation. Most followed right away, but a few chose to interrupt and join after we were in a circle around one of the apple trees, holding hands and synchronizing our breathing.
    I spoke about respect, cause and effect and how we are all connected. It was a very pleasant experience but my physical body decided that it was a good time to need to pee, so I had to pull myself out of the experience and go to the bathroom. On my way down the hall, now awake, I was mulling over the dream and realized that I had experienced being far more than I believed I currently am. I realized that I was the Logos of the farm, the embodiment of the whole of the energies and thoughts left by many years of wonderful folks coming and living for a time there. The “I” that I know was dominant in my experience, but underlying that I was the energies of ALL of the people that had ever been there.
    Throughout this entire experience I felt no ego, no anger or negativity of any sort. Only feelings of acceptance and consideration for the choices of another. I am changed by this experience. I am still what I was prior, but also I am more.
    After returning to bed a minute or so later, recording the experience on my crackberry, (If anyone would like to listen to the recordings, I will get them on a server for you) I closed my eyes to return to sleep only to see a very bright little pinpoint of light in my third eye. It was a bit of a distance away, perhaps two or three arms lengths and was surrounded by a ring of very subtly colored rainbow light. I recall no actual communication from the light but said in my mind. “Certainly, come be with me”.
    The light zoomed toward me and filled my third eye vision and when it touched me I had a surge of the incredible energy I have come to know as one of the Masters entering my field. I asked to know who was visiting me and the name Seripus Bey entered my awareness instantly. Again, a wave of that energy passed over me and I thanked Seripus for the experience. Over the next few minutes I became aware of pulsing shapes and patterns in my third eye vision, but these sights were very fuzzy and indistinct. I mentioned that I still have some things in the way for really clear communication, but if there was anything that he, (and was corrected, I think, to a she, it’s not really clear) would like me to know I would try to stay focused as best I can. I saw some more pulsing patterns and fuzzy shapes, but then a shape came in very clear. It looked like a mountain of chocolate at first, but I realized that I was just too close. I allowed the view to expand and when I did, it cleared up completely and I saw a very clear image of a robe. It was made from a soft material like velvet with a silver lining. It had a long, rounded collar that reminded me of a bathrobe, and a silver colored sigil or crest over the heart. It seemed to be a deep, deep reddish brown color, and I only saw the garment from about the waist up. I have not seen anything that I recall to resemble this robe before, though I’m certain that it is what I either have worn or currently wear in the higher realms.
    I felt such peace then that I fell asleep again and woke a few hours later very refreshed and feeing wonderful.
    A good friend from a while ago mentioned that she had seen me as a builder in Luxor, creating temples and monuments, which resonated with me, though I had no recollection at the time. After I got up this morning I did some research on what is known about Seripus Bey and discovered that he is attributed to being embodied as the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III. This information dovetails very nicely with my feeling that I have been with and working with the energy I had felt last night. I felt a familiarity, a sense of family that I can’t describe.
    What a ride. Six Flags has nothing compared to these… 

  28. Hi all together,
    I am thankfull, to be partcipant in the team on the Aurora, from our side. My feeling tells me, that we were welcomed and stood together on the commandbridge onboard, to get a little intriduction. Those, who wanted or needed it, were then lead to the regeneratonchambers. For me, the flight took about 4 hours and I hardly can’t wait for our next meeting for our yourney.
    Love and Light

  29. Loved your accounts dear friends! very beautiful and pure! thank you <3
    I also have experienced this kind of thing John, sounds so familiar all you describe in detail for us… your impressions, what was going on for you, the contact with that wonderful being! so so familiar. it is so wonderful when they come out and make direct contact, one on one. Nothing compares <3, laura

  30. From Anonymous Crew Memeber:
    Hello Laura and Adrial,

    I was on the Aurora this past Saturday 6-30-12.

    I went to bed at 10:00PM Saturday after a Theta Wave meditation lasting 30 minutes.

    I arrived on the spaceship but not sure what part. Memories are a little scattered. I remember being in a dimly lit office or some kind of cubicle arrangement much like the modular offices we’re used to. First person I met was a Doctor R. (I thought it was Rima but that could’ve been a recent memory filtering in) who then introduced me to several people. One was average build, dark hair, in his 30s I would guess, another was a tall fellow with a huge ‘afro’ hairstyle like black men wore back in the 70s. I worked with such a fellow during that time. I had trouble with names and it seemed so did they. There was a constant low-pitch hum sound like engines running. It was similar to the Theta Wave meditation I had done prior to my trip to relax me.

    I later read yours or another channelers comments that past memories and images can replace unfamiliar ones like what they might be in terms of that different than what I’m used to and can shape-shift or whatever it’s called to mask their appearance to something I’m more familiar with so as not to scare me. I don’t think I was scared at all, but don’t know how I was perceived.

    Sunday 7-1-12 at 1:30AM I awoke again after an hour’s sleep with ………………..this time I had visions of a John Wayne cavalry movie scene, you know the type I’m sure, where he always plays the hero and the phrase “the Cavalry Is Coming” was imprinted in my brain. That was an ALERT phrase that our military and select ETs involved in this combined GFL-Earth Military Operation signified a Green Light had been given to be executed sometime in the next 3-4 days would know; in my pre-flight notes to them I asked them if they were participating; and their using that phrase to me signified that ‘YES’ that crew and Starship Aurora were taking part in that operation. They must’ve teleported the message to me while I slept after the first trip because I had no visual images other than that phrase.

    In each case when I awoke my heart rate was elevated as in excitement and I was short of breath so I know something happened. Just don’t know what for sure. I glanced at the clock when I awoke the first time and it was 11:30 PM. I didn’t start writing my thoughts until 12:22AM Sunday

    I was tasked with mailing three objects to myself and took them to what I supposed was the mailroom and placed them in an ‘Outbox’(?) I remember sitting in a swivel chair clutching something cylindrical that I liken to a gallon ice cream carton but it wasn’t cold and I think I nodded off up there, something that happened to me once in my work experience a long time ago; when it’s cold I get sleepy or if I’m over-tired.

    Before retiring to sleep for the night after my trip, I found that words didn’t come more easily to me and my handwriting was not my usual scrawl penmanship, but when I returned from my trips my handwriting was vastly improved, my thoughts were clearer and coherent.

    If something was mailed I didn’t receive it.


  31. I knew it was going to be long message today ♥ Was wonderful having direct link with the Aurora, her spirit is pure white light, and she manifests for me as a faint/ shadowy white humanoid being in all this white pure light energy. She has the most amazing voice! full of love, and understanding ♥ ♥ ♥
    2 seconds ago · Like

  32. Having massive headaches for a few days, specially when channeling and trying 2 focus on Aurora, Adrial and SaLuSa.. i may be getting a head cold.. or else solar flares are frying my brains out! lol
    Anybody else having similar issues?
    Anyway, I feel super happy and light hearted.. it does not bother me at all, other than having 2 break when channeling :)
    Feeling pretty awesome actually !! ♥ ♥ ♥ (no idea why??) lol
    See you all tongiht :) onboard Aurora, no need to email again, all crew members are welcome to ask to be taken onboard during your meditation.
    Some people did not go, because of personal circumstances, such as not being physically well, or not allowing themseves to such a treat, which has to do with free willl. So the Andromedeans, Sirians,Pleiadians, as you know and all others Light Beings would never take you onboard or work on you without your permission, or your Higher Self permission.
    The same thing goes for those who are nervous, nothing will happen in terms of a trip to people who are not comfortable and confident :)
    Don’t forget to ask / call for one being in particular, this being will do the mind connection with you. It is fine to ask several people also to join you and help you go onboard.
    Also of notice a facebook friend was able to describe to me the same experience I had with Adrial on my 1st trip. He described her to me, and the entire experience on facebook messages last night. I was amazed. We also both heard the name Ariel yesterday… So either we misunderstood that name for Adrial, or there might also be a being called Ariel (possibly from the mermaid realm) on board seeking to make contact also.
    Have a good trip, I will be out for most of the day, please leave comments or questions here or on email if it has not been covered by previous messages or in the recommended links. I will reply before tonight to the ones for tonight, and to the rest later on a post.
    Hugs, Laura

  33. Laura,

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one experiencing massive headaches ~ I at least have some potential perspective to understand it from vs. looking for other reasons to try to explain the cause…

    Sweet Dreams!


  34. Laura, now that’s a trip. I just wanted to pop on really quick and tell you that I feel fine today but the last few days, my head ache has been so bad I thought my head was going to pop. Such amazing pressure. But, on a lighter note, I feel amazing too!

  35. July 7, 2012
    It has been an incredible night again. Even tho I hadn’t read your post last night Laura, my dream state took me bellow waters not knowing until this morning it had been in inner Earth…

    My recalling of last night’s experience in this morning’s meditation.
    Aurora is more than just a ship and knows all of us, from within and without… She is a wonderful living being and greets me again with so much Love. I already feel totally at home among her and with our fleet companions. Ben was waiting for me and was greeted with the same Love and warmth. I was taken beneath waters as this seems to be the place I come from. I’m taken to a place named something like Anton, Athor, Aktor…, not too sure about the name. I see my family there, lovely children and husband that I left a very long time ago. I was offered this possibility to come to Mother Earth for the good of ALL. My decision was very conscious, tho my leaving was taken with sadness by my loved Ones. The waiting of my coming back was going to be long… I understand then that the purpose of these ‘experiences’ are for the learning and growth of ALL. What we do ‘individually’ in our ‘trips’ are recorded in THE ONENESS. We are all part of One and Only Consciousness. I then see that my original Being-Body is there, tho I don’t know exactly if on Aurora or in that place which name is still a little doubtful. I see that i’ll be there waiting for my Being to come back home. I recognize My-Self. I know the time is coming to this happy event of coming back together with my family…

    I come out of meditation, go on the computer, see Laura’s post, and go back in meditation to know about the gate by Norway.

    Aurora tells me she hadn’t finished showing me my dream state of the night. I go with Ben and feel Aurora’s Beingness there with us too. Luckily, the sea is a totally unexplored place and hides many marvelous surprises that we will discover soon. We go to this Light Gate at the bottom of the sea. We are greeted right as we enter it by our Brothers and Sisters from Inner Earth. This is not an unknown place at all. I have been there in other dream states and meditations. The greeting is nearly hard to explain… tears of happiness, of a very long-waiting-for-this-moment joy, we fuse as ONE in an embrace that fills me with an immense LOVE. I am told the gates are now open and there is no way back to the numbness and blindness of our Beingness. From now on, only forward to the rejoining of us all. I am greeted by so many that want to share this moment. The joy is general… I know that i’ll be back very soon, whenever I project myself there. Once the gate is open, the going back is only a question of will and projection. It will become a natural state of being from now on for many.

    The joy of the dream state is still totally present. The connection with Aurora is open, as with the Inner Earth. The communication with the whales and dolphins is becoming a natural state. As the memories are being activated, they become part of my reality in the here and now…

    Thank you Laura, Aurora, Ben and all for being there. Love you all…

  36. Thank You for a wonderful Under-Water Trip with Aurora! I remember caves and passages and portals and a magic feeling!! And not the least….HEALING!! I live in Norway, and I had this profound feeling that we traversed the waters right outside the coast here.

    I love this initiative – can´t thank you all enough!

  37. Last night’s dreamflight was not well remembered, though it did seem like in one of my dream experiences earlier in the night was with many people in a kind of teaching/classroom setting. My last of the night was in a vast city, still with lots of people, navigating it’s many streets and seeking directions. Actually, as I begin to sift through those memories of my dreams of last night, one was of being in this city at night and the last was in the bright light of day. These scenes may have been of Inner Earth as the layout and construction was different than my experiences of “surface” cities.

    My body was tired and I awoke exhaused, which tells me it wasn’t a typical nighttime experience. In addition, each time I awoke my body was vibrating as happens coming back from astral travels. All in all, it is fun to have a context with which to frame these nocturnal “dreamflights”… 😀

  38. I so enjoyed reading your most rescent adventures! I was also swimming with the dolphins all night, very cool, had lots of fun! I spent time in healing chamber and then chatting some more with my star family.. just with Earth family, all good advice, all aspects of my life were looked at (which i will keep to myself now! lol)
    I have memories of being under water for a long time, and of waiting for our Cetacean friends to come back onboard :) while I was speaking with many on the ship, for a long time. not sure did I go in healing chambers or Inner Earth also? lol hugs.

  39. Hi, Well this was my first adventure, although somehow I feel I have done it before, but have no recollection of that. Last night I woke up 2 times and struggled to remember what was happening, but did not remember too much. The only thing that stayed with me was another person, a man, who I feel had just had some type of healing experience, it seemed he had all of his blood cleansed, or exchanged, and his forearms were gleaming a iridescent green color. I wish I could remember more! Was I really onboard, does anybody remember me?
    I am so happy to hear of everyone’s experiences here, and hoping I will be able to remember and share some of my own :).
    Thank you Laura, Adrial, and all crew. See you next time ♥

  40. Hello All.

    Last night was a BIG night: almost 9 hours of sleep time!! Amazing!
    This trip was VERY personal… i spent almost all the time in a cleansing process. I had a lot of issues to take care, so this is the correct time frame to do it. I have done a LOT of things with a LOT of people. Some animals were also involved, i had to save a few… All my life i save animals, above and underwater.
    Today i am different from yesterday. This is the truth. This morning i call for help. I need some answers. This evening i received all infos i have asked for. AAM does not sleep… :))

    We are living amazing times, Love you ALL,


  41. Well things didn’t quite work out for me on the dream flight . I was not able to mediate or go to bed early .(3D) I went to bed around 12:00 and didn’t fall alsleep until 2:30 .if I had one I don’t remember and I woke up early . I remember Laura said take a nap the next day if this I took a nap. In my dream my husband and I were taking a nap . I woke up and I had a bedroom with a glass ceiling . I look up at the sky and saw two spaceship in some sort of shoot out. Then I heard what sounded like plane in trouble, and I saw a flash by my window. I heard a crash. I jump out of bed and ran to my kitchen and out the door. There was four beings. One woman and 3 males . One of males was a young man. And then one said that they needed my help. I let in them in my house. The two men went off with my husband . The young man grab a fruit off my kitchen counter and took a bite. and smile at me and said would you like to go into the healing chambers and pointed at the spaceship more like being flirthy ,playful like. I smiled at him. And that when I notice the woman . She was dress in some sort of star trek outfit. At first I thought she had five eyes and I said , wow you have five eyes . I then I realized she had star trek glasses like that guy on one of the star trek shows. And that is when I woke up. Boy I was happy to have that dream.

  42. From Elizabeth:
    Greetings from your Star Family!

    We are here to greet you and to welcome you as a part of our Ascension ground crew. You and the many other starseeds and lightworkers who are now gathering together into groups and crews are the ones who volunteered to be on the ground during the transition between cycles. As you have been told, you are the Ones you have been waiting for.

    What we do here, through the process of ascension, has ramifications for all levels of being in the Universe. You have heard this before from other reliable sources, yet we realize that it might be hard for your present human 3D awareness to comprehend a task of such far-reaching magnitude.

    Currently most of you are in the process of learning or re-discovering that all Life is interconnected, that all Life is One. From the smallest atom or particle of being to the largest sun, all Life is affected by the tiniest change. This pertains not only to the physical universe, but also to the higher dimensions where in the ascended masters, the star beings, angels and archangels exist. These worlds exist, simultaneously in the same space, within, around and above each other. The only difference is in the level of vibration. Thence, a being of a 7D vibration can stand next to one of 3D and not be seen. This also pertains to the so-called etheric and astral levels of your physical world. Your bodies are made of different levels and systems that serve one another and are affected by changes in thought and emotion. In terms of an extremely simplified explanation, think of a Russian doll set, the ones that nestle together with the tiniest one in the middle and expanding outward. Such are your own four bodies (physical, emotional / astral, mental and etheric). Even your cells follow this pattern, as organ and body systems step down to bones, muscles and sinew, then to individual cells, organelles and finally to atoms.

    As the wind shifts the spider’s web, so do shifts in vibration affect the Universe. So it happened when the Game of Polarity, as originally set up on Planet Earth or Terra (as some call her) was interrupted by an unknown quantity, an extremely negative or service-to- self race of space travelers. These beings somehow entered this Universe and set out to make it their own. Various stories describe this process in great detail; we will not explain it in its entirety here. Let it suffice for you to understand that it was in part through the misuse of atomic energy and that of crystals that brought this anomaly into your Universe and thence to your small but precious water world.

    The Game of Polarity was originally designed to assist souls in growing in wisdom and experience. Why that would be needed in a perfect Universe, you might ask. Well, think of this: water when it remains stagnant becomes stale and dirty; it loses its energy and vitality. By bringing a certain degree of competition and conflict onto the playing field, the Game was designed to give souls a training ground to stretch themselves. When the destructive Service-to-Self entities arrived on the scene, however, the difficulty of the Game exceeded all expectations of the originators.

    In the game of polarity, also known as duality, it was necessary to create two sides, two teams, the “dark” hats and the “white” hats. Both sides were from the same origin; all were Masters and co-Creators with Source. To play the game, physical bodies were created as vessels for souls volunteering as one of the players. The creation of these bodies took place over millions of years of time as measured in the physical realm. The geneticists who worked on this project belonged to many races, some related to each other, including the Lyrans, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Andromedans, as well as others. The human body was designed by its creators to embody Love, the finest energy of the Universe and the basis of all Life. The body had the capacity to assist its occupant to feel emotions and to experience physical sensations unknown to souls who existed on higher planes or as collective consciousness. In order to experience this level of physical life, there also was a certain amount of sacrifice involved, a slight drawing away from Source, in order that the individuality became more dominant in everyday life, so the ego was created.

    When the strongly negative forces entered the balanced Game of Polarity, the balance was suddenly disrupted and the effects of duality greatly enhanced to the detriment of all Life. The masters who had originally elected to play the part of the “dark” hats soon found themselves tempted by the fascinating new energy brought by the invaders. Slowly some of them became enticed into going over completely to the Dark Side. Their tempters were a new race, hitherto unknown to this Universe. Some know them as the Reptilians or Dracos, although they have more than one form. Since one side of the Game welcomed the outsiders, the whole was compelled to accept the new rules. However, the rules changed greatly, bringing a new element of experience into the Game, fear.

    Even in this relatively new Universe, there existed souls who had previously lived in other Universes. Some of these souls are the starseeds and lightworkers of today. As such, these old souls attempted to warn their brothers and sisters of the dangers in allowing the continued presence of these negative beings amongst so many young and untried souls. The warnings were weighed and it was decided to create a limitation to the Game of Polarity. It was decided by the Creators of the Game that is you, to play on, but in so doing injected tactics that would eventually carry the day for the forces of Light. Thus it was planned to use the older souls to reawaken those who were lost in duality, lost in a deep sleep of forgetfulness. These pioneer souls are the Starseeds and Lightworkers.

    When the negative forces entered the Game and tilted the game in their favor, many of the players, for the most part younger souls, began to forget their heavenly origins. For the interlopers brought with them a very special energy. This energy was fear, a very negative and dark energy that was used to lower the vibrational level of any world that the invaders encountered, in order to create a more comfortable place for them to exist. For these invaders had long lost their connection to the Light. Due to their own vibrational distancing of themselves from Source, in their denial of Light, these beings found themselves capable of committing the most heinous acts. They enjoyed the sense of power engendered in the races of the worlds they sought to conquer. Through these brutal acts, they gained control over their victims, emotional, mental, as well as physical. This negative race also discovered a more subtle means to insinuate their service-to-self energies into unsuspecting beings, in effect creating energy slaves or minions who could do their bidding for them. It was primarily this latter form of subjection that was used to bring the “dark” hat leaders of the Game of Polarity on this planet completely under the sway of the Dark Side. Yes, the story of Anakin Skywalker is a story of the shadow descending on human kind a long time ago.

    As a result of this subtle manipulation and the resulting misuse of energy in all forms, the vibrational level of the entire planet was affected. The planet as a whole “fell” from a fifth-dimensional world to that of a dense third-dimensional world. Man was thrown out of Eden by the fiery sword of his own self-judgment and self-loathing. By joining their genetics to those of their minions, the dark invaders further won over their new allies. New creation myths and legends sprang up about how the Gods visited the earth and mated with the beautiful women there. From these unions sprang the ruling races, those who carried the genes of the Gods in their bloodlines. The invaders used their minions to gain control over the entire surface of the planet, to deactivate human DNA, to conquer, control through religion, laws and fear. The rest of the population was destined to be controlled, to be used as slaves and food for their Masters. By interjecting their own genetics into the human being to bring down the vibrational level of the native population even more, the invaders felt they had accomplished establishing control over the future of the planet. They were wrong.

    Into the original DNA of the human being was placed a failsafe mechanism, one that would act as a wake-up call for the soul to respond to the Light and reach upward. Within the DNA itself the Word of God was placed, the so-called God Code, recently rediscovered by Gregg Braden. And the key to reactivate this code and thence the deactivated ten strands of DNA was and is forgiveness. Those souls who have discovered this secret on their own have made their way back, individually, to Source. Now it is time for humanity at large to ascend back to the fifth dimension. And the key to this elevation in vibration is the capacity to forgive oneself and all those who have committed acts against oneself. Yeshua-Sananda spoke similar words a long time ago in earth years and they hold true to this day. You cannot and will not ascend until you completely and fully forgive, for this is the only way to cut yourself free from the energetic chains that keep your unawakened populations still immersed within the deep sleep of forgetfulness.

    Complete acceptance of self can be a difficult undertaking for some people. With this acceptance comes the ever-expanding vistas of a new world, one that is created daily by those who are letting go and opening to the Light. This is a process that can and will bring profound change to your personal life, a process that must also be allowed to flow, for it is how you can break away from the narrow confines of the lower vibrational levels. This process of coming into a state of compassionate understanding is not one that can be taught from an intellectual point of view. It is a process that must be lived and experienced, most often through some level of suffering. So it has been that in coming into embodiment volunteer souls have walked into lives of difficulty, suffering and abuse. Some of these pioneer souls have succumbed to the darker energies and have, in turn, abused others. Still other souls have overcome their hardships and have reached for the Light, discovering within that tenuous lifeline to Source, through the presence of their guides, the intuition of their body, and the whispers of the Soul through their dreams. This path of self-discovery has led these souls to discover the key to opening the door to the secret chamber of the Heart and the Pathway home, forgiveness.

    This awareness is a vital one in this transitional time as many on this planet are now faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and changes. In an attempt to contain the populace, fear and guilt have been used in various ways to keep people caught deep in self-denial and self-hatred. It is the task of the way showers, you, to be living examples of another way, the path of forgiveness. This way leads one to self-realization, self-forgiveness and finally to begin the process of reconnection with those lost pieces of your Self, our brothers and sisters of the stars and our own multi-dimensionality.

    You see, dear ones, those of you who are starseeds have never completely lost your awareness of a connection to higher planes. Sometimes this awareness has been almost too faint to sense, but it has always been there; that one part of yourself completely unaffected by events around you. Your guides, both physical and non-physical, have always held that lifeline for you as you purposefully inserted parts of your soul into multiple time lines to act as leaven to change the outcome of the Game of Polarity and the destiny of this planet, the human race, the galaxy and, yes, the Universe. You are part of a much greater story that you can even conceive at this point. Your experience in playing the game of polarity, your understanding of the process involved in overcoming limited ways of thinking, will assist the rest of the Universe in healing and ascending to a new level of being. The capacity for compassion and love that human beings have developed by being immersed in the seemingly real game has brought creation to a whole new level.

    Where is this story taking you now? You are all moving through your next step of re-discovery, the process of becoming galactic citizens and reclaiming your multidimensionality, the ability to move through different vibrational levels at will. With this step comes the return of many of the gifts that are your natural inheritance as a human, psychic gifts, the ability to bi-locate, to walk through walls, to create abundance, to change your physical appearance, to heal your own body, to access universal knowledge as needed and many others yet unimagined. And this process is happening now while you are embodied.

    Ascension of this sort and scale has been unheard of in the life of the Galaxy. It is a new thing. You are being watched and assisted by your space families, your spiritual mentors and guides and angelic hosts. The birthing process that you are all undergoing is being observed and recorded, for this process is being studied so other races might benefit from the knowledge gained here through your very personal experiences.

    While most who may read these words are excited to be taking these steps, others hesitate, feeling desperate and confused. This degree of change which is now moving at an accelerated pace frightens those who have not yet moved into self-acceptance. Even as these ones discover the secrets of our forgotten history, of the manipulation and deceit used against our race, they naturally become angry and filled with a desire for revenge. To succumb to this anger is to fall back into the trap long ago set against human kind, the trap of fear. Now we must rise and in order to do so, we must forgive the perpetrators of these deeds and ourselves for allowing them to happen. Our scribe has lived through this process herself in this lifetime. In time she may share her personal story, but not now.

    Another stumbling block for those who are gaining in awareness is the realization that their loved ones, family, co-workers and neighbors often don’t share their enthusiasm in the degree of change necessary to move up the vibrational levels to ascension. Suddenly these ones may find themselves unable to speak to former friends, losing interest in once favorite past-times, even losing partners and loved ones. This happens when the vibrational level of a developing person no longer matches that of those who are around. It is then when it is important to realize forgiveness and detachment from judgment while continuing to climb the ladder of rediscovery. Not all people are ready or willing to go through such changes, to do things they would consider as far too radical, crazy or outlandish. As a compassionate one, who has gone through similar patterns of thinking and feeling, hopefully you have the capacity to understand and forgive, for you have stood in the place of your loved ones who are now confounded by your actions. Detachment is necessary to remove the need to seek an outcome in keeping with your current mindset, for to do so would be to place yourself back in the vibrational level of polarity. Each soul has an inner self-timer that knows when it is time to wake up. For many humans currently embodied on the planet, the time to wake up is not now, but the starseeds and lightworkers are now forging an energetic pathway that will lead these ones to ascension when it is the right time for them.

    We encourage the ascending ones to be kind to themselves and to others, to refrain from judgment, for by creating the pathway, by ascending the ladder of ascension, you bring change to your entire world. You are the wayshowers, the ones who will light the way into the fifth dimension and beyond on the return to Source. With a sense of wonder, a new acceptance of self, you will discover that life will be presenting you with all kind of possibilities. We encourage you to embrace these changes for they are your path to a new world, the New Gaia, and, for some, a return to the Stars.

    Namaste and blessings to all,
    Your family from the Stars

  43. At first I couldn’t fall asleep as I was very excited. However every time I did manage to drop off I was awoken. This happened 3 or 4 times, the last awakening was by a whistle! Then I felt a warm glow recognizable to me from my meditation and Channeling practices as the presence of my Guides or an Archangel or another Being of Light. This time the energetic signature was different as I realized this was the beckoning on to my flight. I now understand for all and any future flights what the introduction feels like energetically.
    I had written out my intentions for the flight and maybe they all happened. However as unlikely as this sounds, this is what I remember! I was beckoned by 2 happily smiling men to step onto a tippy raft on a river. Well I love adventure so I did. Our journey/mission was to “fix” the weather and we proceeded to do several tasks. Was this Lemuria? inner Earth? I don’t know. It was fun and I look forward to more flights. I awoke feeling as if I had a very busy night. And feeling very happy and satisfied! Love and blessings to all. Rosy

  44. Thank Laura , once again my experience has been wonderful in Aurora, I made ​​a sketch of Adrial send you via email do not know how to upload to the blog, light a hug for you and the crew.

    • Laura Tyco – Wolf Wolfs Down Lamb. Where is the Sheppard gone?

      Meditation is so wonderful, reconnecting to my breath, my tense face, my weird posture, trying to reconnect, finding what are the needs for my being today.
      I receive consciously my nourishment every moment in my life. The universe keeps sending all of us update, feeds us all with it undying love. Can I feel all the love around me, can you sense all the patience of our Ascended Masters meditating with us, walking by our side, beaming their constant love and energy.
      Can I feel the connection with the source energies, can I feel all those light particles entering my body through my breath, through the pores of my skin? Can I receive with my waking eyes all the goodness spread over our world at this time?
      Can I be aware of my existing in a multitude of vibrations, mingling, intertwining, interacting with beings on various realms right now as I am writing this? Can I feel my feet on the ground, my pinching in my back, my fingers hitting the keypad, while I am also receiving the Central Sun’s direct energy and generosity?
      The gentle life inside, being aware of these various dimensions and levels of existence needs peace to exist, to appreciate the beauty in shaking leaves, to appreciate the unconditional love and candour of our pets, to see the light in my friend, in my neighbour, in the grass gently pushing it’s way through. This is the Lamb.
      The Wolf is always around the corner, waiting for an opportunity to jump out, and snap the Lamb. The Wolf has hunger, is aggressive, has needs, believes himself stronger and all knowing. It does its job of preserving his belief system, of defending it, and of attacking any other predator of a similar nature.
      The Wolf in me feels threatened by others ideas, by competition, it needs to keep the Lamb under control and at arms’ reach. When other Wolves come around, it protects the Lamb, it even eats it whole for its protection. It is ready for a fight to defend its territory, its possession but also its mate and babies.
      The Wolf has a purpose in the way that it can protect with such conviction and strength. Where is your wolf now? What is it doing? Advice: never let your wolf alone with your lamb, or it will bite a chuck from it. Always have the Sheppard watching these two.
      Laura Tyco

  45. Dear brothers and sisters, dear Laura my dream was a fast one. I saw myself inside a yellow bus full of people but i could not saw their faces. Horses were running after the bus. Than i woke up.

  46. I don’t remember my dreams but each time I woke up I knew I was with other people and I was very busy. The last time I woke up I vaguely remembered my dream and then it was completely gone.

  47. two weeks ago, my wife had a dream Friday to Saturday. she dreamed she was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, where she and I discussed as I said she had not taken the pill as it should be. I was bored with it a few days and she swore she had taken the pill as well. one day I left work and got in the car to go home and suddenly out of the way and was led by a mysterious force for a floresra, where I waited alien friends. they explained to me that I should not be upset with my wife because they had canceled the effect of the pill because the children were destined to be born twins and there was nothing that would make him stop. however mysteriously came back to drive as if nothing had happened and returned home at 24. my wife was very worried because I never slowed down. I explained to her that aliens had diverted me explain to me that the twins were even born with us. my wife asked me why do not you have given the explanation to it, and I replied that perhaps they had chosen to talk to me because I had doubted her. I spent a few days per year my wife went strolling the aliens returned to divert us for an independent forest had several spacecraft which left two extraterrestrial male and female, where we called for calm and assured us everything was fine and did not want interfere with anything. my wife asked them saying “if you guys would not interfere at all why I was not asked permission?”. alien male seemed a bit bothered by so many doubts and questions raised by my wife and female alien has stepped forward, grabbed her hand and said the twins were born, and they decided that because we humans have not yet had the ability to accept and understand certain things. then she woke up.

  48. Hello everybody:)

    I did not have a dreamflight on that night (other than i saw a boat at the harbor on that same day which had the name Ariel written on the side) . Don’t know what that means.. mermaids? ;D

    But i did have an experience after the day I received a conformation letter that i am part of the Aurora crew. It is funny also that before i read the email, i noticed my mother driking out of a cup which had AURORA written on the bottom, that reminded me to check my mail. 😀
    Anyway, on that night i could not sleep – it was too damn hot and other noisy distractions.. + a different environment, other than my bed.
    Besides that, i tried to get some sleep, i do not know to this day if I really was asleep or imagioning this or between some states. My arms started buzzing, and the I heard some pressure noise, or static sound getting louder and louder, as if i was being lifted to another vibration.Then I heard someone saying 3, 2, 1 .. in a male voice, after that he asked someone else a question, like a conformation of some sorts..then the vibrational sound faded off..and i was back. Left feeling wierd. But I remember, at the time when that all started happening, excited, although it was not the dreamflight day yet. But at some point, the excitement went over to doubt and when i became conscious again I figured i had imagioned it and the sound came from outside, I can’t actually dismiss that.
    I think as if it was some kind of test, or I am at the point where my intent grows over to over-imagioning and self-illusion.

    Well, let’s see with the next dreamflight:)

  49. Thank you everybody for your wonderful comments, feedback and observations.
    I have received a few question asking what our mission is… well.. I guess contributing to our own consicousness expansion and helping others wake up is our official mission. Aurora is als0 a ship of love and healing, negociations, mentors, guides…

    However the Aurora has amazing capabilities, so we also do special missions.. like we are working on the ocean floor for a while perhaps already.. the clues, or updates regarding mission dreamtime location or operations will be posted during the week of each Saturday night dream time flight, which is every Sat night. Or even right before the mission itself…

    On my Aurora flight of 10 days ago, at the beginning of my dream, i heard the music of Star Trek being played, shortly after, I was welcome onboard Aurora by people wearing uniforms similar to the original series.

    This particular episode sounds so ture to me :)

  50. Hello Laura,

    Certainly is amazing and exciting to read all the experiences people have had. The first time i attempted connection with Aurora and the crew was June 30 and i could not recall anything from the flight so possibly my higher self was protecting me at that time. Towards the middle of the first week of July i had an experience when i tried going to sleep and i felt a tremendous amount of energy came to me (more than usual) and i felt there was someone else there. This was the first time i had brought a crystal to bed. I could not go to sleep since my heart felt like it was jumping out of my chest and was very hot. I had to get up and go to the living room where i sat and started meditating to ground myself. I then had an image come to me in my mind of me looking at myself and seeing someone sitting next to me holding me. At this time i actually had goosebumps on my right side where she was. I could tell she was very tall, at least 7 ft or more. The love and compassion was intense. I asked what her name was and what i heard in my head was the name Ariel. The image dissipated but after meditating i could still feel her energy and i felt very calm and loved. This past Saturday which was July 7 i attempted again to connect with Aurora and held a crystal to hopefully allow for clearer connection. I could not remember very much although there was progress in this. What i did remember was standing with a whole bunch of people and i could see them all facing forward in one direction as if looking at something or maybe listening to someone at the front. I’m not sure about the surroundings, only the people with me. So i feel this was a good step in the right direction. Peace to you and looking forward to hearing more experiences.

  51. From Maryla
    Thank you Aurora, Adrial and Laura,
    I havent remembered any of my journey except the one,the first one.I recall my travel by a small craft to the very big ship.It was enermous.I recall rather strange green and blue plants and many discussions but dont remember what about.Later I traveled somewhere into another planets and I remember very many detailes but I dont remember what I was doing there and the talks.I remember meeting human like and unhuman like beings.Why dont remember my trainiong or something like,its strange also I feel very tired after each saturday.

  52. dear laura,

    i thought you would be interested to hear about my second (?) trip to aurora. :-)

    the truth is that, since i joined first trip, i kept feeling that i shouldn’t wait till next saturday so i intuitively did following: almost every night between first and second trip i asked aurora to accept me for the night. result was that i do not remember anything specific, but i had feeling and blurry memory of doing something, talking, being among other people – well, i felt that i had quite job to do during those nights.

    well, i missed brief that you send about second trip and i thought that i failed to get on board, but than i red that lots of our memories were erased and i think that happened to me too since i felt i did something that night but i couldn’t remember what.

    anyway, following night, i asked aurora to accept me on board again and than i had very nice and pleasant dream. i was sitting on bench with my back on the white wall in company of my hubby. surroundings was like greek costal village but i can not claim to be it since i never went to greece. but, you know, every house was white and everything was on rather steep hill that was diving in sea. it was sunny and warm and all of sudden i noticed hundreds upon hundreds warm yellow-orange lights in various shapes flying over our heads. picture is so vivid that i can see it even now with all details and i can even feel warmth of sun on my skin. :-) i jumped and laughed and waved at lights and my hubby said to me to go to sit and to be calm since we do not know is that kind of behavior appropriate. i set and then came little light that changed shape into something that reminded me of polaroid camera and jumped on top of my head. i felt fluffy and gentle even it had some weight to it. i felt that is kid of some kind and that it is so happy to see me and it made me feel like kid again – totally happy and blissful. next image that i can remember is sitting on bench at the table (imagine something rustically like long wooden outdoor table and simple bench without back) and discussing vividly with group of people, it felt like we shared some happy memories. and that is it.

    i do not know is it my great wish that made those pictures for me, but they felt real as this life here on earth and they made me so happy. :-)

  53. From Michelle W.
    On the night that we were supposed to do this dream I dreamed that My town flooded but me and my family were safe. The next day it rained for 3 days solid and 2 towns near me got flooded and had to be evacuated. Before that we were in a severe drought. Maybe they figured it was worth warning me. A literal prophetic dream. Wow.

  54. Samareh

    Just Woke up with a thumping head and utterly tired and exhausted 😀 i do not remember much, and what i think i remember, is probably imaginings because of the description that was given about the jobs that some of us will be doing. Never the less. The only thing i remember was floating in front of the sun, i did not feel any heat radiating, just that i was protected and that i was trying to do a job. 😀 I can now say to my higher-self that this residual image, does not scare me and feel free to share more information, as i feel humbled to be of service in any way possible. Lots of bright warm shining light. I will add that i was meditating and felt so loved and light, and the thought popped into my head, ‘use your pendulum’ i do not know if that was my thought but i sat back up because i had almost fell asleep, and then asked Aurora if she was connected, and i got a ” yes” and then i asked ” do you want me to go to sleep and the response was ” yes” and that was that. I will update and add anything further if i remember. Lots of love. .

  55. Very sad ! Don’t remember much . I just know that I was talking to some people. Perhaps I was talking to my star family . There was not any water or bright sun rays, other than people or what I think were people . I know and I feel like I was busy but that it . It like you have it on the tip of your tongue , but in this case your mind. Love to my crew , Laura and Aurora. 8)

  56. I didn’t remember much either, though as per why in one of Laura’s previous comments, that’s not necessarily “bad”… I felt like I got very little sleep, so apparently I was quite busy! :)

  57. A LULABBY WITH AURORA, this was a lovely trip, all the way there were many lullabis, I know that my husband was my brother in past life, I remembered my childhood in this life, I saw many people who knew and the sea was so beautiful a meduza who could caress like a dog, very loving, I remember, passing all his energy and his love, was a different journey, full of shared emotions.

  58. I have no recollection either, not sure if I was there or not, I did what I was supposed to do….and for a little time I felt very close to Adrial, but then….I forgot all about it…maybe next time, I do keep asking to let me remember, since I’m not afraid…. well looking forward for the next one..❤ ∞ ♡ ☯ ☼ ☽ ॐ

  59. I do not have any recollection. I wish I did but have not been sleeping well have so much energy! Maybe next time I will remember since I just started since I was introduced via email from my Mom which has been wonderful. I have never felt like I belong here my whole life, which is interesting to say the least. Blessings in the Light and Love to all :)

  60. It’s great to read all of your posts and experiences! I also don’t remember anything but I know I was with a lot of people and very busy. This happened Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. It’s strange because when I woke up I remembered bits of my dream time but once I reached for my journal, the little that I remembered was gone.
    However, Friday night when I began to meditate I immediately had a vision of a sort of stone tablet with a hand flipping (like a rolodex) the tablet to the next stone. Each stone had strange symbols on it. They did not look like hieroglyphics.
    I had another vision Saturday night which is disturbing to me. I saw a man and he was in a wooded area. The man wore a baseball cap and a jacket (seemed to be a hunting jacket, maybe). He was a tall man and big but not fat. He was down on one knee and I could see a tree log next to him. He was holding a little girl in his arms. The little girl appeared to be six or seven and she had blond hair. She was lifeless and he was laying her down next to the tree log. My feeling was he had raped and killed the child.
    I have been getting these types of images for the past three years. I’ve seen an automobile accident and I knew what state it was in. I’ve also seen a man falling down a flight of stairs. I don’t know why I am seeing these things. What am I supposed to do with these visions? The good thing is when I get these random visions I am emotionally detached.

    Love, light and laughter my dear brothers and sisters

  61. DreamFlight Log 6/14/2012:
    I was in an old building like my retail store. I came outside and the building instantly was remodeled before my eyes. Walking through the store, it was apparent that it look like inside a bank with wide open space. I walk room to room..I saw a children’s room with toys and another room with a big fan sticking out from the wall fanning a empty chair…very whimsical!! Then i look down to see what i was wearing and saw i was in a snazzy get up suit and tie without the coat. Then i remember walking walk into the open space and they were letting people in. I figure out Im a Loan officer and my first client was someone who didn’t speak my language. So off i go to find my friend to help me interpret this client. As i was walking through many people to find my friend…i realized i was holding some kind of blanket…wierd. Some one came up to me and took my bundle from my hand and saw i was in a big grand ball room and sat down to watch the show. After the show…i went to my old home. There were about about 5 to seven room. Check everyroom..empty and unfurnished. Went to the living room and saw people coming home from the Ball!! I dashed back to pick a room before it was taken but was too late. I happen to find a secret room kind of called to me. I check the room out and it was the only room furnished. Then this little monster came out and i was about to run for it…hahaha. Something in my heart said i would be okay. Since i wasn’t afraid of it’s appearance…it was very friendly and i went to get it food. As i was leaving the room, someone outside was taping the room shut because of the monster inside. I have a feeling that was a galactic being. I will continue later…more to this story.. hope you enjoyed and light azn troll out!!

  62. Azn Troll: The Saga Continues…..Back to the Monster or what we would term as something grotesque but it turn out it was really friendly and sweet. We were connecting heart to heart because there was no fear whatsoever. I went to go get it some food but heard the sound of duck tape or something outside. As i was exiting, i saw an old friend trying to seal the secret door because they knew something was inside that scared them. I was laughing at the thought of that sweet being inside the secret room even though our human mind condition was program to fear something diifferent ot unque in physical features. I told my friend that it was okay and left to the back yard. I happen to see something like a latch or button in the garden. Someone or me took it out of it but decided to put ti back but it couldn’t fit. I used my finger to mold the hole back to the shape of the item to fit back in. Since i couldn’t…i decided to put item and cover it with something i can’t remember. Someone who was walking by said something to me but what caught my eye was all these beautiful space ship that had wings that were flapping like birds. I think there must have been hundreds of them. I saw a whole lot of women or fairies with long billowing clothes on or around the ship in the sky…..the rest i forgot because it was early in the morning and most of my writings were scribbles…LOL

    Thank you for taking the time to read my experiences since this was my first memory of any dreamflight. I hope you enjoyed my little adventure as much as I did. Much love and light you all my fellow crew members on the dreamflight. Thank you Adrial, Bashir, Aurora, Laura, Noxy, and All Galactic crew and 3d brothers and sisters…I love you all very deeply! Muah <3<3<3

  63. DreamFlight Saturday July 14, 2012.
    This time I waited to write about my experience during my DreamFlight, tho the memories are the same and as clear as the day after.
    I was received in our loving Aurora as the other two times. Aurora always greets with so much Love and warmth. It starts to feel like ‘going home’.
    This time it did not happen under water like the other times that I recall. I was greeted by someone else. I have the feeling it was Adrial. I asked if I had to go to the restoring chambers and he answered that there was no need and other doings were of more importance to following understanding-growth-awakening. The next thing I remember, i’m seated on a very simple chair that seemed of wood and rope, going flying on the chair towards the Sun. Adrial accompanies me all the way like standing at my side. I was seeing the Earth getting smaller and smaller as the Sun was becoming closer. There was no heat coming out of the Sun, as could be expected, but a big wave of Love and a very strong energy. The Sun welcomed me in such an incredible enormous Loving greeting that it’s always very difficult to express or explain. We have met before but it seems like a very long time ago. The Sun is a very big living-loving-conscious Being and is very aware of all the visits and ongoings that are happening in/on it. I see many different Beings, in multi aspects, colors and sizes. And all, absolutely every single One, resonates to LOVE. I understand the Sun is a big gateway to this and other universes. It’s a very busy place where only Loving Beings can be. As I understand, it’s a very secure gateway. There is a very strong energy of Universal Love that guards this gate to protect it from any other lower energies or entries of other universes that might not be invited or welcome.

    The day after, (sunday,) for some reason, I do the same trip again but this time there is a masculine friend from my present 3D life that is seated on a similar chair next to me. We are holding hands flying towards the Sun. Adrial is accompanying us, standing next to me. My friend is nervous as we get closer to the Sun but calms down receiving and seeing my calmness. He’s curious why we are here. I’m told, and answer back to him, that he is opening up to another reality and that I shall help him.

    That’s all I remember from this DreamFlight. I woke up late on sunday, which is very strange for me… Since the second trip, I have the feeling and remember occasionally, that I go often to Aurora. I wake up every single day very tired and it seems that there is a lot going on tho I can’t remember many details, just flashes of it….

    Thanking All… here and there….
    Much Love…

  64. Have a wonderful time everybody!!
    I found Dr Steven Greer detailed guided meditation for meeting Galactics. Wonderful stuff!! I feel a great connection with his work and I always get similar messages to him. Enjoy! This may also help so of those who are struggling so far… hugs. love, laura

  65. Yes, thank you so much for the You tube of Dr.Greer . I enjoyed it and I think it will help me . I really felt the love he felt for our friends. Thank You so much Laura it felt like I was doing homework, learning and getting better with your help ! Brightest Blessings, roew 8)

  66. New Aurora Dreamflight Blog and Facebook Page

    22 July 2012:
    Hi everybody! I would like to introduce a new Aurora Dreamflight Blog:

    and also a new Aurora Dreamflight Facebook Page, since the previous one was deleted along with my previous FB account :)
    Here it is:
    Please leave your comments on New Blog for yest. dreamflights if u wish :

    In the coming days or weeks I would prob. need help with running the blog and the comments section. So if you are intersted in helping with this project, if you are member of Aurora Crew and have wordpress knowledge, and if I have contact with you for a while already and know you from trusted sources, please email me at

    Love and light, Laura

  67. Hi there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was
    wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?
    I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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