Gaia’s Gifts


Inspiration Through Nature’s Bounty

This page is dedicated to photographs and videos depicting the beauty and soul of Gaia, our beloved earth.  I am blessed to live on one part of her surface in Colorado, USA where breathtaking beauty is abundant.  I have been sharing daily photos from there on the Indy Info forum under the most recent SaLuSa message, and was inspired to create a page just for those photos and videos.

Please feel free to share your own inspiring and beautiful photos or videos of Nature here.  I would suggest that the presence of humans or animals – if present at all-  be secondary to the depiction of Nature itself. Comments and photo captions or descriptions are welcome.

Here are the instructions (modified from those shared by JohnFromGFL) for posting a photo or video:

Begin with a less than symbol
Type the letters img src
Type an equal sign 
Type a beginning quotation mark
Type to URL or computer location of the photo or video
Enter the ending quotation mark
Add a space
Type the word alt
Type an equal sign
Enter a beginning quotation mark
Type a photo/video name without a space
Enter an ending quotation mark
Add a space
Type the word width
Type an equal sign
Enter a beginning quotation mark
Type the number 640
Enter an ending quotation mark
Add a space
Add a forward slash
Finish with a less than symbol

Example:  <img src=”” alt=”somepicture” width=”640″ />

Be sure to change the name of somepicture above to a name for your photo.  It’s also very important that the width be no wider than 640, so be sure to add that.

When I post photos from another site (usually my Facebook account), I simply right click on the photo, then click on Inspect Element in the menu that appears.  The HTML for the photo is highlighted, so I copy that and paste it into the Indy Info comment box.  I then add the phrase width=”640″ before the ending less than symbol.

Good luck posting!  I look forward to seeing your contributions!

In Light and Love – Janet

38 thoughts on “Gaia’s Gifts

  1. …Hi Janet!…i was Missing Seeing Ur Daily Dose of Gaia Photos on the CampSite…then i ReMembered Ya had a Page!…so Here i Am,just Feeling the GrandNess of the Flowing River Shot!!…There’s an Extra-Special Energy from Your Photos that Pops Out from my Screen…Like a Direct Infusion of the Miraculous Vibrations that Our Mother Earth ImParts….Thank Ya for Sharing!!… :)

  2. …Howdy,Janet!…i was Wondering where Ya Were!…The Photos are Exquisite 😀 the 2 that Stand Out to me that Ya Posted 2day,Dec 16,are the Bent Elbow Tree & the Last Photo Above…ReFreshing!…i Can Almost Smell the Sap from the Tree’s Needles…Hapi HolyDay 2 Ya and Ur Loved Ones… :)

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